Top Ten Best Keeper of the Lost Cities Characters

Keeper of the Lost Cities (KOTLC) is a fantastic series filled with mystery and delightful reading experiences. It's a treat that everyone loves, encompassing elements of mystery, romance, and fantasy. The suspense is so intense that it's irresistible.
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1 Sophie Foster Sophie is a gifted elf with the unique ability to read minds and heal, a combination of talents rare among her kind. She has pale blonde hair and distinctive brown eyes, different from the typical blue of the elves, making her stand out. Despite facing numerous challenges, Sophie is resilient, often playing a central role in uncovering secrets and solving mysteries in the Lost Cities.
2 Keefe Sencen Keefe is known for his charismatic and playful personality, often using humor to cope with difficult situations. He has messy blonde hair and striking ice-blue eyes, which reflect his allure and wit. As a character, Keefe undergoes significant development, grappling with complex family dynamics and personal growth throughout the series.

Great character, with an overwhelming past. Deserves more love.

3 Biana Vacker Biana is recognized for her remarkable beauty and bravery. She has long, lustrous brown hair and striking teal eyes, embodying the classic elven elegance. Beyond her appearance, Biana is a fierce and loyal friend, often demonstrating her courage and determination in the face of danger.
4 Fitz Vacker Fitz is an elf with exceptional telepathic abilities and is known for his calm and collected demeanor. He has dark hair and striking teal eyes, often considered the epitome of elven attractiveness. Despite his composed exterior, Fitz experiences a range of emotions and challenges, contributing to his depth as a character.
5 Dex Dizznee Dex is an inventive and highly intelligent elf, skilled in the art of Technopathy. He has bright red hair and vivid teal eyes, marking him as distinctive in appearance. His ingenuity and quick thinking often prove crucial in resolving the complex predicaments faced by the group.
6 Councillor Kenric Councillor Kenric is an esteemed and wise member of the Elvin Council, known for his fairness and integrity. He has a distinguished appearance with auburn hair and warm brown eyes, exuding a sense of wisdom and authority. Kenric's decisions and actions reflect his commitment to justice and the well-being of the elven world.

He looks much better than this picture! I wish he hadn't died.

7 Councillor Oralie Councillor Oralie is recognized for her compassion and empathy, traits that make her a beloved figure among elves. She possesses a graceful demeanor, with golden hair and gentle blue eyes that mirror her kind and caring personality. Oralie often plays a pivotal role in council decisions, balancing empathy with the need for order and structure.
8 Marella Marella is a character known for her fiery spirit and strong will. She has striking red hair and bright blue eyes, which complement her bold and outspoken nature. Marella's journey in the series is marked by personal challenges and growth, making her a relatable and dynamic character.
9 Della Vacker Della is a character who combines grace and strength in her personality. She has long, silky black hair and deep blue eyes, exuding an aura of mystery and elegance. As a mother and a member of the prestigious Vacker family, Della navigates family and societal expectations with poise and resilience.
10 Alden Vacker Alden is a respected figure in the Lost Cities, known for his wisdom and leadership. He has dark hair, typically styled neatly, and penetrating blue eyes that reflect his thoughtful and analytical nature. Alden's role in the series is multifaceted, as he mentors younger characters while dealing with complex political and personal issues.
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11 Linh Hai Song
12 Tam Dai Song
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