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1 Red Bull

Red Bull. When I was small, that was the only energy drink I remember seeing. I absolutely love Red Bull; it's the only energy drink I will drink to this day. It is not too sweet, like some of the other energy drinks, which taste like your drinking carbonated water mixed with a 5 pound bag of sugar and some flavor.

I noticed there is zero warnings on Red Bull's cans. On all other energy properties it states that the FDA has yet to approve/disapprove statements and ingredients on other energy products. I love that Red Bull stuck with the 8oz can giving me sustainable energy w/o crashing. Premium product, great tasting, and superior quality!

There may not many who realized that this Red Bull Energy Drink was originated from a Pharmaceutical firm in Thailand over 40 years ago. It came from an most experimented and thorough marketing of the owner of this firm to show to the world that we, Thais, got the most expertises in food and drink for the world.

Red bull and NOS New Zealand are the best. I had an energy tasting contest and red bull was definitely the best. I had the tasting contest because I thought that all energy drinks tasted the same, I was wrong. And having a mother after a red bull mother tastes disgusting.

2 Monster

So I've tried the top 5 best selling energy drinks, Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Nos, and Amp. Of those 5, I would have picked Red Bull, but because it comes standard in small 8.4 and 12 oz cans and the 16 oz and 20 oz cans are expensive, I'm gonna go with Monster. The taste and smell is almost as addictive as the caffeine and sugar itself, and you can enjoy more of it for less money than Red Bull.

I drink Monster when I'm on the ski slopes, doing work, or even when I'm just chillin with some friends and feel tired. By far my favorite energy drink out there. Best tasting too.

It tastes way better than red bull, more variety and never gets boring. The best kind in my opinion is the absolutely zero, it's in a blue can and I highly suggest you try it. #monsterislovemonsterislife

Monster always gives me a boost when I'm skateing, and comforts my taste buds when I need a buzz. It keeps you motivated even if you're lazing around...

3 Rockstar

Tried several energy drinks out in the market (including all the one's listed here), but all failed to deliver what they promise... Red bull especially gives me a mild headache. Honestly, the best energy drink I have had is ROCKSTAR... You will truly feel its punch especially while doing any physical activity. Also, it increases mental alertness. Be careful though, these drinks should not be consumed just to keep yourself awake through the night after a days long work as they stress out the nervous system. Maintain good sleeping habits while consuming all energy drinks... ROCKSTAR ROCKS! Trust me it is simply the BEST!

Rockstar should be Rated # 1.
Not only for better results, but all the ingredients. Each can has 2 grams of Taurine, which plays a very important amino role in the cardiovascular system. It regulates your blood presure to assits the 240ml of caffein contained in the drink, It elevates insulin for carb absorbsion and muscle contraction. It also assist vision by supporting the retina of the eye. No news about anyone who have died after drinking it. Ironically is highest in caffeined Energy on the Market, compared to any other drink onz by onz..) It also contains Milk Thistle for Liver Support.

Monster is too harsh, Red Bull is okay, but its too bland and the cans are too small unless you get the 16 ounce. Rockstar, personally is my favorite bevause its like a blend of the two previous drinks better attributes

Best energy drink to give you a good rush yet it tastes good. Red Bull and NOS are good but nothing matches up to The original Rockstar.

4 Monster Assault

I have been drinking energy drinks since Red Bull first hit the market. Over the years as new products came out, I would try them. When Monster hit I knew the search was over. For what I expect out of an energy drink, Monster delivers. With the Assault, I quit trying others. I've seen where others have complained about their drinks, taste, crashes, and sugar amounts and such thing about other ingredients. When it comes to the Monster Assault, it truly delivers an awesome great tasting kick to your day. It's what works for me. Try it.

Had one yesterday, they are my favorite, can't wait to get another one because they taste so goodd!

Best energy drink there is and red bull is so overrated!

Whoever made this list is my hero... Monster assault never gets props

5 No Fear

Awesome energy drink

Normal energy drink

6 XS Energy

Best energy drink on the planet. Not only it gives a massive boost of energy, but it is much healthier than any other energy drinks. ZERO 0 Carbs & ZERO 0 Sugar. This drink also comes in 12 delicious flavors. This drink should be #1 energy drink on the market.

Way healthier then any other energy drink out there. Boosts me for work time, gym time, school time, and even private time ;). This helps you stay more focused then Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, etc. Trust me, I've tried them all, and this is the perfect one for a person with an active lifestyle like my own.

Honestly so great! Other energy drinks give me a crippling headache and a massive energy drop. But XS is a natural energy drink that taste amazing! It doesn't give me headaches and it gets me down slowly with my energy.

I tried all kind of energy drink but I never found anything as good as xs. It's 0 suagar and carb. I am so in love with this every drink.

7 AMP Energy

I started with Rock Star, after having a Monster, Rock Star taste like crap. After that I went to AMP and now Monster taste like crap. Red Bull ans AMP's has always tasted good!

I used to love Monster, but this taste like Mountain Dew with a kick. I do love Red Bull, but it's to damn expensive. In Fort Wayne,IN, I can get 4 for 16oz cans $7.50. With Red Bull I can't even get 4 8oz cans for $8.

For me it is the best. The only one that does not gives me secondary effects.

Amp has the best flavor's.

8 Full Throttle

Best tasting energy drink I've had. Gave me ZERO energy but again it tastes great especially when its super cold almost slush-like.

Best by far. Both original and blue are great. Tastes way better than monster and gives you just as much energy.

' Awesome...sums it up! !

9 Cocaine

Whenever I'm tired, I just go grab some of this, and it wakes me right up! Downsides are it only lasts about 10 minutes, costs a lot more than everything else on this list, and it's hard to find someone who sells it. However it is well worth the price. If you don't believe me, go try it! You'll want more right away!

Energy drinks are a cheaper dulled down Coke rush. They get your heart pumping and feet moving. Both can blow your heart up too! Oxy's the poor mans heroin as energy drinks are to illegal cocaine!

I had plenty of these when they were around. There were 2 flavours and they were really good, no sugary after taste.

What the hell, I've never heard of this drink nor ever seen it on shells anywhere. But I am curious.

10 Relentless

Relentless original is probably my favourite energy drink I find monster too sweet, red bull is good but it does seem to give me a mild headache. There's even a 39p original energy drink in most shops that's almost equal in my opinion to red bull and a third of the price.

Like Monster but stronger in my opinion.

Really nice energy drink

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11 NOS:Nitrous Oxide

Nos is very tasteful not something I just want to find a mouth of carbonated energy. Sometimes I just enjoy drinking it, but it does give me the kick I need to stay alert and focus as well as happy being, I'm not dragging my feet to do something throughout the day, I absolutely love it. I'm drinking right now, it's my favorite.

Doesn't leave that sharp bite on your tongue like some of the other energy drinks do. Also doesn't taste like someone dumped a bucket of sugar into it. It has a nice, smooth taste, a great drink for a road trip.

Nos is the best tasting of them all, and they usually are found on sale two for $3
Monster comes in second.

I like this drink because Its like carbonated orange juice. It tastes great and it's not to pricey.

12 Venom Energy

Truly gives you more energy for the money. Red Bull is equal in the energy provided but overly proceed in comparison. Just a shame that it's so hard to find in stores around Minneapolis metro and northern Wisconsin areas. Now I can only find it on Amazon and for a profound price...

I remember when Venom energy drinks came out they were in different size can out of the Dr Pepper machine I paid 1.75 and to my surprise it was fantastic. I've tried almost all the energy and the best bang for your buck is venom. I've drank a lot of venom. Good drink

I've been a long drinker of red bull and monster, so I was slightly hesitant to try this brand out. I'm glad I did! Very good taste, smooth, and gives you energy. And just the idea of a drink being named after the dangerous Black Mamba I cool too... Laugh out loud

I love this energy drink. Red bull and nos are my 2 favorite but this is definitely 3rd. I'm disappointed though because I have a hard time finding venom in stores.

13 Bawls

Yes! This energy drink is legit! Has such great flavor. Not even close to Rockstar but it's still up there

14 Rockstar Juiced

This drink is sweet and tasty. Glad to see this in 4th place it's in its right place. I would expect mother to be first and red bull to be second but I guess red bull is the 1st

15 Monster Energy

OMFWOW!... it tickles your throut in a AWESOME WAY!, I'm not old enough to buy this, but I get my cousins to do buy it for me, I pay them 10 dollars so walk all the way down the road and buy it, and they could have a change, I don't care about the change, I JUST WANT MY BABY!

Hey dummies! This drink is already on the list. It came in at number 2!

Make some more and sell cheaper.

16 Adrenaline Rush
17 Lucozade

Red Bull, Monster, NOS all taste like crap! Lucozade has a variety of flavours and the energy burst doesn't just last for 30 minutes before you hit the Caffeine come down (like Red Bull)... Lucozade is for longer lasting energy, Orange and Apple are awesome flavours as well...

This stuff got me through a whole lotta matches!

Lucozade actually tastes nice-even if you aren't just using it for energy purposes :P

18 Rooster Booster

Available at Quick Trip. This is the only one I drink.

This is chicken Joe I support this drank.

Never heard of this

19 Joker Mad Energy
20 5-Hour Energy

It's the best by far

21 Charge
22 Mountain Dew Adrenaline
23 V

V has the best taste compared to most of the other energy drinks in my opinion.

V is the best! Its not over priced but still tastes as good as all the others :P

Decent energy drink

24 Romanov RED

This drink is great! Should really be above Red Bull - off the scale!

25 Sobe No Fear
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