Top 10 Grossest Foods in the World

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1 Bull Penis

Why? Just... why? Is this even legal? Eating something else's... Even if it's not human, it's perverted and disgusting. Chicken liver is bad, broccoli tastes bad, but it's nothing compared to this. I'd eat 3 pounds of broccoli to keep from eating this. This is just horrible.

People eat this!?!?! What! Now I am as disgusted as much as I hate when people kill animals. I like meat, but this is what makes a bull a man! No, I'm kidding, but still, this is disgusting.

I'm not trying this. I don't care what it tastes like. Just eating something's penis... it's disgusting!

2 Chicken Liver

Why in the world are broccoli and tofu here? Chicken liver? I'll puke even before I eat it because I know how this "food" tastes.

Once at a diner, I felt adventurous that day and ordered it. I regretted it later, but thank goodness my mum liked it and finished it for me. It almost made me barf because of how gross it is.

This stuff is really gross, or at least it sounds gross. I can't believe broccoli is on the list. It's an awesome food, man.

3 Haggis

Haggis is DISGUSTING. I've never had it (thank God), but it's still nasty. Sheep heart, lungs, etc. Eww, grossest food ever! I'm so happy that I don't live in Scotland. Just imagine eating some sheep's stomach with some oatmeal in it! If you like Haggis, your taste buds are obviously dead. This is just nasty.

Ew, gross! Haggis is just plain awful. I can't believe people actually like this stuff! It's disgusting. I mean, come on, sheep heart? I feel sorry for that sheep and the people who decide to try Haggis.

I know why they didn't put the Deathday Party in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Haggis is banned in America. In the Deathday Party, they had haggis. Guess what? It was full of maggots.

4 Bull Testicles

They're actually called Rocky Mountain Oysters. People are often deceived and think these are actual oysters, but yeah, this is one thing I will never feel comfortable touching with a 10-foot pole.

Also known as "Beef Balls" on the Total Drama Island episode called "The Brunch of Disgustingness."

Owen literally threw up when he ate one of those.

I remember this from Total Drama. If you haven't watched Total Drama, you should. It is great.

5 Blue Cheese

It's basically really fancy moldy cheese. The reason why this cheese is "blue" is because they put some sort of mold on it when they make it. I tried it once at a restaurant when I was younger, and BOY, it was like I was eating solidified vomit that was left in a dumpster for weeks. Every time I think of this food, it makes my stomach churn.

Blue cheese dressing is one of the greatest things on the face of the earth. Personally, I think actual slices of blue cheese are disgusting.

Anything but blue cheese. Death to blue cheese! Mushrooms are awesome, and I eat raw chives all the time. They taste just like onions.

6 Duck feet

Just the look of these two naughty, nasty words makes me feel nauseous. What's going to be even worse is that I'll see the picture... Oh please, for goodness sake, don't show me one! Please, oh please!

That's also gross. Who in their right mind would eat this?

I've never tried it, but it sounds gross.

7 Black-pudding

Trust me, in the Philippines, this is a well-known dish called "dinuguan," and I personally find it disgusting. I wonder how most of the people in my family love it. I always get something else instead of that.

Pig blood, PIG BLOOD! What kind of people would like to eat pig blood? If my family made me eat this garbage, I would hate my life. At least put this in the top 5.

I can't believe people eat blood! My dad has. It is an awful thought to have pig blood in my DNA! AH!

8 Monkey Brains

These were in Temple of Doom, and I'm not surprised people actually eat this because there are all sorts of disgusting things people eat out there. But the odd thing about the monkey brains being in India was that Indians are known to be vegetarians. I thought the fact that there were live snakes and monkey brains in India was a stereotype. No wonder they don't allow people to watch that movie in India.

One time in elementary school, my music teacher told my class that a class above us did this game where we play drums as we tell the teacher what our favorite food is. He said that one student from a grade above us said "Monkey Brains." If I ever see that teacher again, I'll tell him they actually ARE a food.

9 Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu translates to rotten cheese in English. If that's not bad enough, they put maggots in the rotten cheese, and the maggots JUMP ON YOU while you're eating it! The maggots are still alive! It's even illegal in some places!

I have never looked at a type of food and actually gagged, EVER. Until now. Holy crap. This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. I feel sick.

It is maggots that are alive on cheese. It is gross. I have had it before, and I would rather eat black pudding!

10 Mushrooms

I understand people hating them, because if there were 100 people in a survey, about 75% of them hated mushrooms. I love mushrooms, especially on pizza, but most people hate them. Sometimes people think they taste bad, and my friend is sort of allergic to them. I couldn't stop anybody.

Anyways, they are amazingly healthy, making you live longer and supporting your body systems. I hope people like mushrooms more though.

It's really just water content, though. Personally, I don't think it's awful, but there are way more interesting vegetables you could choose instead.

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11 Balut

What the hell is this? Is that supposed to be some fancy dish? Dear god, food doesn't need to be complicated and elaborate to be good.

It's actually not as gross if you taste it, although it does seem disgusting. The taste resembles that of a hard-boiled egg.

Some of my family members have eaten it, but I wouldn't dare even touch it.

12 Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts taste like used underwear in the garbage with crap in them. Broccoli tastes like heaven compared to this garbage of a food. Pickles taste wonderful, given they're not sweet. Tomatoes are amazing! NOT brussel sprouts.

The worst, and it SUCKS! It is the grossest food I have ever tasted. Many classmates hate Brussels sprouts. They call it the grossest. Do not eat that, people!

Brussel sprouts are the worst vegetables I have ever eaten. They taste like rotten cabbage mixed with leaves, and they smell like them.

13 Tomatoes

Despite my best efforts, I simply cannot tolerate the taste of tomatoes. They destroy everything they touch too. I want my sandwiches WITHOUT tomato, yet they put it on there anyway. I have to pull it off, and it leaves that mucus-like residue and its little demon seeds behind. If I'm pressed for time, I still eat the sandwich, but it does a number on the flavor. I had to start telling restaurants I was allergic to them, but they still put them on there anyway. They're probably thinking, "Who the hell doesn't like tomatoes?" Me, that's who. They are VILE.

14 Jellied Moose Nose

Ugh. It looks so gross. I do NOT want to eat this.

Okay, this is getting gross here.

15 Mouse Wine (Baby Mice Wine)

I just googled it, and it's basically like tequila with a worm in the bottle, except that in this case, there are a bunch of dead baby mice at the bottom of the bottle. I don't understand why and who would drink this...

16 Caviar

Poor fish. They have to be eaten right before they're even born. It's even grosser than eating a chicken egg.

I always wiggle away or wince at the sight of eating fish eggs. The idea is absolutely revolting, even though I love sushi.

That's so cruel! That could have been your goldfish's babies!

17 Pufferfish

This is basically a real-life version of the poison mushroom from Mario Bros. Have fun taking a bite out of it!

Blowfish aren't supposed to be food. Only their blood and some organs are safe to eat. Otherwise, it kills you.

It is poison and can kill you. In Japan, it's called fugu. They have to train chefs to prepare it just right, but I ain't taking any risk. Don't eat Miss Puff.

18 Onions

I was practicing karate all day, and my sensei told me that I have to eat two onions every day. I did it for like two months. Really gross.

I would rather put lemon juice in my eyes than eat one bite of a raw onion. But I would take a thousand raw onions over poop.

I tried raw onion when I was about 7 years old and never touched one again.

19 Raw Liver
20 Cockscomb
21 Surströmming

Looks like fish with mushy stuff in some kind of liquid. Saw a pic of some guy eating it, and it looked like a tongue.

I've never actually tried surströmming before, but it looks like puke, and it smells absolutely horrible from what I've heard. I eat a lot of seafood, but I will never try this.

22 Hákarl

I don't know what this is, but it sounds weird.

23 Sardines

My dad loves these things. He's the only one in my family who does.

24 American Cheese

When I was little, my favorite thing to eat was a turkey and cheese sandwich, and the cheese was American. I don't even know why I liked that. It's disgusting and is literally fake.

This is one of the few items that should be way higher considering it's high in sodium and unhealthy fats. Plus, it doesn't taste like real cheese, just typical, processed, artificial American crap.

Better than other items on the list, but it's literally Trump-orange plastic. More fake than the cake-faced popular girls you find at some schools.

25 Buffalo Testicle Smoothie

From liver, to a penis, to spit, to poop, to brains, and now a ball smoothie.

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