Top 10 Brilliant and Easier Ways to Eat Food

At times, we find ourselves in places where our favorite food becomes the messiest food to eat. As it turns out, there are actually smarter ways to deal with all this. Here are some tips for making foods easier to eat, or at least, less likely to end in a mess.
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1 Turn the cupcake into a sandwich

It can be a mess when eating cupcakes. The frosting could get everywhere: your nose, cheeks, and even your hair, rather than where is should be. But, there's actually a less messy way to eat a cupcake. First, twist off the bottom layer, and then after that, place it upside-down on the frosting, making it your own cupcake sandwich.

Yeah, this is a life hack that I wish I used more often. I'm always making a mess while I eat cupcakes.

Oh yeah my class did that whenever I was in fifth grade.

Crazy Russian Hacker taught me how to do this. He calls it a sammich!

2 Hold Oreos with a fork when dunking them in milk

Like anything else you dunk on milk, no one likes the sticky, messy fingers you'd most likely end up with. No one likes accidentally dropping the Oreo or it crumbling and falling apart, either. The solution? Simple. Just dunk them with a fork.

This sounds odd but I guess it could work, especially for someone like me who loves dunking Oreos in milk.

Is it just me who thinks dunking cookies in milk is a disgrace and shouldn't happen?

Wow, never thought about most of these ideas before. You're a genius!

3 Eat the burger upside-down

The top half of the bun is generally thicker and therefore stronger than the bottom half, so eating the burger upside-down would have a less likelihood of it falling apart on you.

I've tried this, and it worked, since the bun is bigger at the bottom.

I once ate a burger like this. It worked well for me.

4 Debone the chicken wing before eating them

Grab the wing's "elbow" joint and give it a twist to break it off. After that, twist and pull out the smaller bone holding the opposite end, and then do the same for the remaining bone. If done correctly, they should come out smoothly and free of any meat.

I don't eat bones, but how can you eat chicken wings without bones *insert crying emoji here*

5 Peel from the "bottom" of the banana

Not only does it make it easier for you to peel off the banana skin, it can also give you a handle to hold while eating.

6 Get a single Tic Tac using the lip of its box

Ever went to grab one Tic Tac from its box but had the contents dump all in your palm instead? Yeah, I know, it could be annoying. Thankfully, the Tic Tac box is actually designed to dispute a single breath mint. Instead of just carelessly shaking them out, shake the box upside down, grab the lip of the box, and then pull the box back. In that way, a single Tic Tac would be waiting for you on the inside of the box lid.

7 Remove strawberry stems with a straw

Place one end of the straw to the pointed end of the strawberry and carefully push the straw upwards. With that, the stem and the white bit will just pop right up.

8 Use a paper cupcake liner to keep popsicle drips contained

Popsicles are a delicious summertime treat, but as they melt, they can become a drippy, sticky mess. To prevent this, push a paper cupcake liner onto the stick of a popsicle.

9 Unroll an orange instead of peeling it

Eating an orange is messy and usually ends in peel under your fingernails. With this clever hack, it exposes the segments in seconds, and it only involves three slices of a knife. First, slice off the top and the bottom of the orange. After that, cut into one side of the orange, until the knife reaches the fruit's center, then unroll it in one accordion-like strip. With that, you're left with easy-to-grab individual slices.

10 Fold lettuce or a flour tortilla around a hard taco

Just after two bites, tacos are sure to disintegrate and have its contents fall out. To avoid this, fold lettuce or a flour tortilla over the hard taco shell.

I just usually eat the stuff out of the taco, and then eat the shell

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11 Cut your muffin into four pieces
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