Top 10 Foods from Sweden

This list was solely inspired by Userguy44's list of "Top 10 Foods From the Netherlands", as I thought it would be nice to share some types famous foods from Sweden. With that being said, here's the list.
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1 Swedish Meatballs

For people who aren't swedish, the first things that come up when you mention Sweden is usually IKEA and meatballs. Since this is a food list, we will talk about meatballs, one of the most iconic swedish dishes out there. It's like the name suggest, meatballs, usually served with macaronis, or lingonberries. And despite how simple this dish may be, you cannot deny how iconic and delicious it truly actually is. It just has to take the top spot.

Well, since it's in the same, then it's pretty much a popular Swedish food, although I've never really been to Sweden or heard about its food.

Nice list. I actually could be inspired by the effort you put in your lists. I just wanted to try something.

2 Cinnamon Rolls

These are a classic type of bun that pretty much anyone would instantly love. Very, very addictive with lots of cinnamon and pearl sugar that perfectly tastes excellent togheter, and can be served any time of the year. It is after all one of the most addictive sweets of all time.

Thank you for cinnamon rolls, Sweden!

3 Princess Cake

Every country has their own speciality when it comes to cakes and sweets. Sweden's main sweet speciality is the princess cake filled with green marzipan and delicious layers of cream and sugar. It's delicious. Unfortunately since I'm allergic to nuts, and marzipan contains almonds, I've never actually been able to eat a classic slice of it. Still, the rest is delicious.

4 Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes, or in swedish known as "Raggmunk" (which literally translates to greaser donuts, although it has nothing to do with it) are as the name suggests, pancakes made of potatoes, although people prefer to not use newly harvested potatoes, which is why it's usually a winter dish in Sweden.

5 Jansson's Temptation

A swedish christmas dish which is basically a gratin with mashed potato and anchovies togheter. I love those two things togheter and it's certainly one of the more interesting swedish dishes in my opinion. Named after swedish guy Pelle Janzon who was a food fanatic.

6 Saffron Buns

Another sweet, and also one of the most addictive sweets. It's buns heavily consisting of saffron and raisins and are usually served at christmas, usually between December 13th and December 24th.

7 Crisp Bread

Basically in a nutshell, this is what baguettes are to France, it's an everyday food, although I actually don't eat it. Anyways, it's a classic for swedish and are served pretty much everywhere such as in school. During lunch there you can eat some crisp bread actually with your main dish. Yeah it's like the baguettes of Sweden.

8 Sour Herring

Yeah, it's "surströmming". A once infamous food usually hated by people because of the smell, but once people actually started eating it, they realized it's actually worthy enough of being a holiday food. Yeah, the surströmming, which kinda originated from northern sweden started off as infamous because people judged a book by its cover.

I've heard of Pickled Herring. Is Sour Herring the same thing with a different name?

9 Gravlax

You see, salmon is my favourite type of fish to eat. It's just so massive and soothing. Gravlax, which is dull-cured salmon actually originated from France, but Sweden is kinda what made it popular and the swedish variant seems to be the most appreciated. Usually served on crisp bread and stuff. And it's delicious.

10 Crayfish
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11 Gubbröra

This is one that I actually found out about when making this list, and it seems like it's heavily popular to the outside world. It's a seafood dish with basically an egg-anchovy salad. That sounds pretty delicious if you ask me at least.

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