Top Ten Best Drinks to Order at a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops these days have more than just your typical drip coffee. From exotic coffee blends, to teas, to food, you'll likely have plenty of choices. For instance, Starbucks is known for it's million varieties of coffee like a Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk. Add that order to something as simple as a standard house blend and you'll have as many options as you can dream up.

Below is a list of the best drinks you can order at a coffee shop. These are not meant as variations of coffees such as the Starbucks example above but rather, individual and unique drink options. Feel free to add different types of coffee or teas but let's keep the sizes and such out of the equation.
The Top Ten
1 Salted Carmel Latte

Just the right amount of salty and sweet, this drink will satisfy all your urges at the same time.

2 Neapolitan coffee
3 Chocolate Frappuccino
4 Americano

The standard in espresso drinks, mix a little water and you'll get the strength of a shot with the smoothness of a drip coffee.

5 Earl Grey & Lavender Tea

Robust for the mornings with just a hint of lavender to keep you calm and relaxed for your day ahead. This is one of the most popular morning drinks to get your day started casually.

6 Hot Chocolate

God, I just love Starbucks hot chocolate even though I know it's nothing special. Probably just the nostalgia. We used to get it all the time at the airport when I was younger.

7 Espresso Lavazza
8 Seasonal Oolong

Why not try something that changes with the seasons? You'll get a variety of flavor and effect as well as getting something hand-picked for the weather.

9 Coffee
10 Specialty Macchiato

You'll get the espresso shot along with a bit of milk, usually steamed. The beauty is that most places have some specialty flavor you can try.

The Contenders
11 Chai Latte

Perfect for when you're invited to coffee, but you don't really like coffee. You want to look like you do. It's creamy, spicy, and delicious.

And it doesn't taste like coffee because it's tea. If you do like coffee, ask for it with a shot of espresso!

Caffeine in the chai, smooth flavor in the latte. It's warm (or iced) and soothing with just the right amount of kick to wake you up.

12 Single Origin Espresso

It's like a magnifying glass on the beans directed at your tongue. You'll get more pure flavor from a single origin than a blend. As long as you like it, you can be more closely assured of a repeat performance by the drink.

13 Pumpkin Spice Latte

The taste of autumn in a cup - it may be getting a bad reputation with social media memes, but it will remain a classic seasonal treat!

14 White Hot Chocolate
15 Iced Green Tea Latte
16 Iced Coffee
17 Lavender White Mocha

Let's face it, very few things will taste better than a flavored mocha - especially one that has a calming balance with the kick-in-the-pants of a coffee drink.

18 Custom Tea Blend

Just like any specialty drink found only at your local coffee house, you can usually find a tried-and-true tea flavor. Let the barista's palette dictate what will taste best.

19 2 Day, Cold-Brewed Coffee

Who doesn't like a nice cold-brewed coffee on a hot day? Different from an iced coffee, a cold brew will have a smoother and often sweeter flavor. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

20 Vanilla Latte

Mm... I love vanilla lattes! It's like a mocha, but with vanilla!

21 Mocha
22 Tim Hortons Ginger Bread Hot Chocolate

It's a hot chocolate with ginger flavoring and whipped cream. It's amazing and comes only in winter.

23 Cotton Candy Frappuccino
24 Flat White
25 Double Latte
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