Best Healthy and Remedial Herbs and Spices

Get to know the most useful and popular remedies known over the history. Add a little spice to your food and enjoy the perfect meal for a strong disease free body. Learn what natural drinks makes you fit and beautiful.
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1 Thyme

Thyme leaves are usually dried and grinded to be eaten later. It is delicious and sometimes mixed with other spices and seeds to be added to everyday sandwiches with olive oil or egg rolls. Very good for strengthen the mind and human's memory.
Many people add fresh to their tea pots or drink its tea by pouring boiling water to it and drink it after few minutes.

2 Sage

Sage is that pretty soft velvety leaves that grow naturally in the mediterranean region. It is the perfect cure for constipation by chewing the leaves and diarrhea by drinking its tea. There are many other health benefits for this kind of herbs that helps in diet and getting rid of undesired fat in the body.
The beautiful scent of this kind of herb makes it very popular for people who like to drink tea specially in winter time, so these leaves are added to the normal black tea or the green tea to add a special flavour to it.

3 Cinnamon

Very useful in diet and losing weight. Cinnamon should be available in any kitchen, because it can be added to many kinds foods and some drinks. It has beautiful smell and sharp taste and don't forget the famous and tasty cinnamon rolls. Many recipes use this spice either sweets or not.
The hot cinnamon drink is very healthy and can be considered as the best remedy for some troubles and body pains. The powder comes originally from the coat its tree stool.

Say, a bread mixed with cinnamon is very delicious. If I ever be a chef, I will always stock cinnamon rolls in my kitchen.

4 Rosemary

The rosemary grow in mountainous areas with four seasons weather as bushes. It can be planted and watered regularly. Its leaves are very important in making natural medicines for different diseases. In general, if you make it and drink it as tea will water the human body and freshen it up. It solves stomachache and headache and very good for women in particular.
It is also used in spicing chicken before cooking it because it gives beautiful smell and taste to your daily food other than its healthy benefits.

5 Mint

Mint leaves are the most popular and most used in all over the globe, don't forget those minty gums and toothpaste. If mint leaves were boiled it will resolve into an awesome fitting solution and for that people with excess weight can try this solution to help loosing fat and more flatten stomach. There is also mint oils that are used for massaging body muscles and tension relief and sometimes for reducing pain in the neck and shoulders.

6 Oregano

Oregano is a herb that planted and naturally grown in the mediterranean region. It has been travelling with marchants long time ago. Its healthy uses consist in raising the performance of the body digest due to the enzymes it contains which help the stomach in its duties. Oregano also is a cure for diarrhea and constipation at the same time, isn't that great. It also help us to get rid of the undesired gases.
Oregano leaves are also cures flue, cuffs, and measles and it lower down cholesterol in blood veins and it is a stress and insomnia relief.
Oregano is also a spice and it can be added when your are cooking delicious recipes such as pasta, mutton, and chicken.

7 Chives

Chives are the green part of garlic that grows over the soil. Its very important to our body and health because it can protect us from many dangerous diseases. It taste like onion because it is from the same plant family. You can use those green thin leaves to add to the soup and salads and some fish dishes. This kind of herb also insect repellent.
Chives contains vitamins such as vitamin k and A which helps in stopping hair fall by rubbing and massaging your skull with its juice, very good for getting healthy hair and healthy heart and veins. Chives also moisturises skin and you can make face mask by grinding the chives and adding water drops to make a creamy substance. The vitamin C in Chives heals scratches and wounds.

8 Turmeric

The most used part of its plant is the roots, after drying them and crushing them into powder. Curcuma powder has a beautiful yellow to orange color. It is widely used as a spice added to food and in beauty.

The spice makes the food delicious and yellowish. It can be added to raw chicken and meat before cooked or rice and bread, and it will not affect the taste if added in small amounts. But its health benefits will still be there and very useful for the stomach and the digestive part of your body.

For beauty, you can make facial masks from curcuma and special soap that will help your skin be shiny, clear, and healthy.

9 Chamomile

It is that small spring flower that originally grows in the mountains in the mediterranean region. After collected and dried, they will be stored for usage. Like roselle, it will be put in hot boiled water for few minutes as if you are making tea. This mixture is so helpful in all year; it will freshen up the body breathing system and makes the body relaxful and calms the nerves. Many mothers put this drink in their baby's bottle because it is very healthy and will calm down her baby.

10 Roselle

This kind of herb is the flower part. It is a beautiful dark red flower that can be soaked in hot water and drinked after the water change its color to red. This drink taste good and delicious without adding sugar or anything else.
Roselle is very healthy and useful. It helps in strengthen and fastening the blood cycle of your body and regulates heart beats.

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11 Cardamom
12 Dill
13 Basil
14 Lemon Balm
15 Lavender
16 Ginger
17 Tulsi
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