Top 10 Reasons KFC is Better Than McDonald's

KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a brand that's synonymous with succulent fried chicken worldwide. Its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices has tantalized taste buds for decades, resulting in a unique flavor profile that's pretty tough to beat. But it's not just about the signature chicken; KFC's extensive menu boasts a variety of offerings that cater to a wide range of taste preferences.

Moreover, the KFC dining experience extends beyond just food. Whether it's the warmly lit interiors that give a cozy, sit-down restaurant vibe, or the Colonel's iconic image that adds a dash of nostalgia, these little elements contribute to KFC's charm in a way that's distinctively its own.

Now, when it comes to comparing KFC with McDonald's, several factors come into play. Yes, both are fast food giants with a global presence, but each has its own strengths and unique selling points. Maybe you prefer KFC's crispy chicken skin to a Big Mac. Or perhaps it's the sides like creamy coleslaw or fluffy biscuits that tip the scale for you. And let's not forget about customer service, overall restaurant atmosphere, and promotional deals - these factors matter, too.

So, now it's your turn to weigh in on this finger-lickin' debate. Cast your vote and let the world know why you think KFC outperforms McDonald's.
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1 KFC doesn't try to lure you in with cheap plastic toys

It's the best reason you have on this list, and it's very true. That's one of the reasons I went to McDonald's when I was a kid.

Speaking of cheap plastic toys, whenever I go to McDonald's, the toy always breaks within a minute of playing with it.

Actually, they have nothing at all, but it's better than crap.

2 KFC has better food

KFC has tasty fries and chicken. McDonald's chicken is bland, and the fries are soggy.

Their chicken tastes more like real white meat than McDonald's does!

McDonald's chips are thinly cut, while KFC's are thicker.

3 McDonald's is impure for Muslims
4 KFC has zinger burgers
5 KFC's commercials are better

McDonald's commercials are poor. They once claimed they now used fresh meat. If they are using it now, what were they using before?

6 McDonald's food has bugs

Okay, so that is disgusting. I would never want to eat things with rats and flies. Yuck!

7 KFC has healthier choices

At least they didn't bleach their kitchen to make it tastier.

8 KFC gets your order right
9 KFC doesn't say they're better than the other restaurants
10 KFC has awesome chicken
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11 KFC has better bathrooms

McDonald's has the worst bathrooms. They're really bad. I found a dead rat.

12 KFC's red is a better color
13 KFC has bigger portions
14 KFC has a better mascot
15 KFC has a better reputation

Yeah, they don't put fried rats in their buckets of chicken. Their chicken is also real.

16 KFC has special fries

KFC fries with chili are incredibly tasty. McDonald's fries are often too soggy and salty, and after a few minutes, they dry out. However, KFC's spicy fries are excellent - even if they get soggy, they still taste fantastic!

17 KFC has better prices
18 KFC has a better slogan

I am most certainly NOT "lovin' it."

19 KFC has fried chicken
20 KFC has better apple pie
21 KFC is always coming up with new foods while McDonald's always goes back to their old ideas

Their food is good, and they come up with new ideas. McDonald's relies on their old concepts. The Happy Meal is the only kids' meal at McDonald's, and KFC doesn't offer any kids' meals.

KFC's legendary tenders are so crunchy that when I bite them, they're so awesome.

22 KFC's chicken tastes like real chicken

KFC meat actually tastes like meat, unlike McDonald's, which is basically chemicals in the shape of meat.

23 KFC has better chili sauce
24 KFC delivers food
25 KFC has 5 Dollar Fill Ups
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