Top 10 Reasons Why Garlic is the Best Food

Hello everyone! I know it is obvious that garlic is the best food in the world, but since no one did a list explaining why, I might as well do it. So, let's get started!
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1 It's probably the best food to mix with other food

Now I did say that garlic is amazing to eat alone, but that doesn't mean that mixing garlic with something else is a bad idea. Far from it! In fact, putting garlic into anything else, not only make that food better, but also creates a new kind of flavor you wouldn't know exist until you try it. A good comparison to see what I mean is with Bacon. Now, Bacon tastes amazing, and when you mix it with something else, it is also great. However, when I eat something mixed with bacon, with special exceptions like mayonnaise, I feel like the thing is just good, because I mixed something that I assume is good, with bacon, which is also something good. Like, we don't break new grounds. Meanwhile, when I eat something like a garlic bread, I don't feel like I am eating a bread with garlic. I feel like I am eating something else, that is amazing on its own right. That's the power of garlic flavors. And it's far from the only example of that.

2 It tastes really good

Garlic tastes so good, that when someone wants to offer me some raw garlic, I am ready to have an amazing tasting experience. You don't even need to mix it with something else. It still is really, really good.

Agreed, it tastes amazing, especially on some foods.
I used to hate it before though.

3 It is super healthy

You wanna know one of the reasons why I believe in god? It's because sometime I feel like the world is made in such a way, that us human, will have to face some challenges. One example, is how food taste compare to how good they are for you. Now, I like Broccoli, but I think most people would agree on me that chocolate tastes better. And then you start to wonder, why was the world made in such a way that the things that are good for us to not taste as good as the things that aren't as good for us? Personally, I think that's because God wants good health to be a reward for the people who eats things that aren't as good with. With garlic, it feels like you are cheating on the system. Like garlic is probably one of the healthiest food in the world, even compared to some vegetables, and yet it still tastes super good. It doesn't feel like this food is supposed to exist, yet it does. Not all people have discovered the power garlic provides though, for now, not enough people takes advantage of the system for people to notice how OP garlic is.

4 Bad breath can protect you

Now, I am sure some random people will reply that garlic's weakness is that it gives you bad breath. Well, my guy, we can turn this into a benefit. If you eat a lot of garlic, and that someone is attacking you, breath into their face, and it will make them easier to fight against, because they will be stunned by the horrible smell coming from your mouth. What about he attacks you with a gun then? Not my problem! I live in Canada, where we have more gun control, making events like these less likely to happen. Not my fault if your country doesn't control guns! And like, what do you lose in exchange? The person you are dating with finds that you have bad breath now? That's just a good deal! Like, worst case scenario, the boy/girl you are dating with, dumps you for having a bad breath, and if that happens, that just means they are terrible people you shouldn't be dating anyway! They instead should find it cool that you love garlic so much, because garlic is cool! And that is even IF you are dating someone! Who said you needed to be in a relationship to be happy with your life?

5 Mint, another top tier food, compliments garlic well

Now, let's say you somehow still find bad breath to be more a problem than a benefit, which I wonder why you would think that, especially after everything I said, you can easily get rid of it! Mint is another one of the best food on planet Earth, and it just happens to be a food that gives you good breath! And like, why you wouldn't take some mint? It is so good!

6 It protects you from Vampires

Now, I did say garlic protects from dangerous people, thanks to bad breath. However, those dangerous people, are still at the end of the day, normal people. You could learn another way to defend yourself instead. Vampires however, those are super OP beings, that wants your blood, and can't be defeated with some stupid karate moves or things like that! However, do you know what vampires hate, and can be used against them? That's right! Garlic baby! Now, I see some of you saying that vampires aren't even real, and I would understand that. But, let me give you a secret: vampires are actually real! The reason why some people never saw them, is because vampires only attacks the coolest guys in the universe, because they are jealous of them, and wants their blood. Unluckily for them, the coolest guys in the universe all love garlic, because garlic is super based!

7 Wario loves garlic

Wario is an amazing video game character, and he has the Wario Land series, the best video game franchise of all time, and guess what his favorite food is? Garlic! Not only that, but you see how much garlic can make Wario strong in his games, so you even get to see the benefits in front of your eyes!

8 It is vegan

When in the future, we won't be able to eat meat anymore to keep species alive, and other reasons like how production of meat pollutes the atmosphere and costs more, we will end up only eating vegan stuff and bugs (which actually tastes really good by the way). And while I will miss a lot of food we won't be able to eat, I will be glad to still eat garlic! After all, garlic isn't any meat, fish, milk, honey or eggs. It is just garlic. The best food in the world, no matter which time period we are in!

9 It has a nice shape

Look at that! That's some food which knows how to have some style! The curves are just at the right places!

10 It is cool

Now, some people might wonder, why I am making a list like this, when everyone knows garlic is the best food ever! Well, that's because, talking about garlic is so cool and fun, that despite all of that, I still want to make a list about it!

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11 It may improve fertility
12 It is good for the brain
13 It keeps away vampires
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