Top 10 Worst Jelly Belly Flavors of All Time

Jelly Belly has a lot of amazing flavors like Tutti-Fruitti, Berry Blue, Juicy Pear, Toasted Marshmallow and many more. There's also a lot of bad Jelly Belly flavors as well. Here are some to name.
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1 Rotten Egg

This is a very good example of a rotten egg. It feels like overcooked broccoli but with the nasty sulfur blasted through the roof. If you've smelled a rotten egg or a dead snail, this bean will awaken your memories.

This literally tastes like feces. There's nothing good about a jelly bean that tastes like excrements. Absolutely appaling. Anything with the word "rotten" in a name is going to be very bad and disgusting.

Most of these are just bad flavors from the game.

2 Stinky Socks

This tastes as horrible as the Rotten Egg one only it has a slightly moldy taste to it. It tastes like garbage, mold, feces and very bad cheese. Also, to all of you who thought you got Stinky Socks and thought it was good, it was actually Tutti-Fruitti this whole time.

3 Spoiled Milk

It's an excellent thing this one got discontinued because it tastes like extremely rancid milk. It tastes like garbage and it's extremely sour in a bad way.

Absolutely terrible. I once drank spoiled milk and this bean captures the exact essences of that horrific moment.

4 Barf

A classic one that tastes like vomit. Apparently this was originally going to be pizza, but apparently the cheese was so bad it was better off being certifying it as vomit. They decided to make a few changes and then the barf bean was born. Truly disgusting.

Not much to say. Tastes like puke, makes you want to puke.

5 Moldy Cheese

It's like you're eating something that tastes extremely suspicious and has a moldy taste to it. And then a very bad taste is developing. Picture it as someone put their very stinky feet in a pile of vomit. It's basically what tastes like.

6 Stink Bug

This tastes like extremely disgusting meat, cabbage and basically feces to put it in short. It's extremely pungent and repulsive.

7 Dead Fish

It tastes like fish, but it's so strong you'll likely gonna have to spit out. It's not as horrible as Rotten Egg or Stinky Socks, but it's still really bad.

8 Old Bandage

Absolutely terrible. As someone who deals with cuts and scrapes on a regular basis, I conform that this flavor tastes like the smell of clotted blood and a very used bandage. Disgusting!

This is a new one that came out as the 6th edition of Bean Boozled. It's super bad and it tastes like very bad olives, blood, cardboard and a bit like garbage. Believe it or not, it's gross.

9 Strawberry Cheesecake

Okay this one may not be a Bean Boozled challenge flavor, but it's bad in every way. It tastes like how the Stinky Socks jelly bean should have tasted like. It tastes like sweat and stinky feet. There's little to no strawberry taste to it. It's an insult to actual jelly beans. It's worse than Buttered Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Licorice, Sizzling Cinnamon, Cappuccino and even Coconut. If you see this one, throw it away.

10 Dirty Dishwater

This one isn't nearly as bad as all the others, but it still tastes pretty bad. It has a soapy taste to it, but it tastes like dirt and carrots as well. It has a moldy flavor to it too, but at least it doesn't taste like stinky feet and vomit.

The Contenders
11 Skunk Spray
12 Earthworm
13 Earwax

I know this may sound weird but when I tried it, it wasn't THAT bad.

14 Black Licorice
15 Canned Dog Food
16 Booger

Literally just tastes like sugar and salt mixed together. Not nasty, just weird!

17 Buttered Popcorn
18 Coconut

Coconut and blueberry are the two worst ones.

19 Dirt
20 Juicy Pear

If I were to make a ranking video of all the Jelly Belly flavors, I'm pretty sure this is the one that would get the dreaded "Disappointment in the Game of Life" jingle.

21 Cinnamon

Why is this on the list? Just because it's spicy? That's bullcrap because I tired the flavour but it's not even that spicy, I love this flavur!

22 Cotton Candy
23 Toothpaste

Bruh! For whoever put this on this list, it's the only bad flavour that isn't actually bad, it should be liked dude

24 Blueberry

Blueberry and coconut are the two worst ones.

25 Cantaloupe
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