Top 10 Most Underrated Ice Cream Flavors

I came up with this idea after having cotton candy ice cream, and it was amazing because it was "scooped from the clouds of heaven" (just a nice pun I added). These flavors on this list I recommend you to try, and tell me what you think about them! You don't have to try all of those because I get your opinion on some flavors, but good luck!

NOTE: Do research on what flavors are underrated. Because flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and even cookies n' cream do not belong here.
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1 Cotton Candy

This flavor does not have to come from the sticky and difficult-to-eat fluffy treat, because it tastes way better on ice cream and is "scooped from the clouds of heaven". I remember this was my favorite when I was little, but years later, I recently tried it and it was awesome! You should definitely try it!

I personally think its too sweet for me, but you're right- it is underrated.

2 Birthday Cake

Ok, I get it's not that much underrated as the other flavors on this list, but it has been ranked #15 on Birthday Cake, with two percent saying it's their favorite. But the one the picture is not the only flavor of Birthday Cake, but there is a blue version at Braum's, which is very good.

My favourite flavour of ice cream EVER. Surprisingly no one I know except me has even tried it.

An AWESOME flavor this ice cream is way too underrated and hated

3 Coffee

Okay, I know that some of you who have heard of coffee ice cream refuse to try it because you are a kid or you don't like the actual drink. But if you don't drink coffee or rather do it soon, then it is a better alternative for you to try, along with Starbucks Java Coffee (probably overrated). So try it if you want to but I promise you it doesn't taste that bad, and don't feel disgusted when someone reveals that you are eating coffee ice cream. But prevent having it at nighttime because it has caffeine in it, which can make you awake for longer.

4 Peanut Butter Cup

I get that it you have had Reese's before, but there is a flavor based on it that can also have original additions, such as chocolatey fudge and peanut butter (the ice cream version of it), while there are mini or chopped cups in the ice cream. It is what I would either get or Oreo's at Dairy Queen.

5 Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan consists of roasted pecans, butter, and a smooth buttery vanilla flavor. Some people have called it the most underrated ice cream flavor.

6 Coconut

Yes, there is coconut ice cream, because a lot of people like coconut and it has expanded as a flavor for various foods. So you coconut fans out there, I highly recommend it!

7 Bubble Gum

Okay, you may not have seen any bubble gum ice cream at grocery stores nor see it at restaurants like Braum's, because well... yeah it's not that much popular, but I promise you it tastes good. There are pieces that look like bubblegum, but I hope it takes like gum and not having to chew it for minutes or more, which I hope can easily break down.

OMG THIS IS SO GOOD! People should try this! I go to a place where it's pink and has marshmallows in it and yes I sound weird when saying this but tastes great with chocolate!

8 Candy Cane

It is a flavor that consists of many chopped tiny pieces of peppermint. Whether the flavor can be vanilla, strawberry, just peppermint, or maybe other flavors, it can be a great dessert during the holidays!

9 Superman

Wow, didn't know this was a flavor, and I thought the name of the ice cream is just by one or a few brands, but it is just a flavor made in Detroit, Michigan. While there are no exact flavors for the red, blue and yellow colors, it is believed to be a mix of vanilla, blue moon, and red pop-flavored ice cream.

I've actually tried this flavor, and it's really good!

Delicious. You have to try this. Now.

10 Charcoal

Believe it or not, this flavor exists. Carbon is mainly a lightweight black carbon produced by strongly heated wood. It is recommended as a flavor by health benefits and can absorb toxins in your stomach. This is deeply underrated because I'm sure how many people will be disgusted and refuse to try it. I have not tried it, but tell me what you think, whether you love it or hate it.

I can't believe this actually exists.

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11 Pumpkin

It is a flavor blended with pumpkin-related flavors, and there are people who like it or not. This ice cream flavor can also be great for Thanksgiving desert.

12 Strawberry
13 Mango
14 Banana
15 Apple Pie
16 Mint
17 Vanilla
18 Maple
19 Cookies and Cream
20 Horchata
21 Cookie Dough
22 Pistachio
23 Cookie Butter
24 Goody Goody Gum Drops
25 Lemon
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