Top 10 Best Types of Buffets

Buffets are meals with a variety of dishes at restaurants where people go to and serve themselves. There are buffets of many different cultures or specific food kinds. Not all restaurants have these but many of them do and they are mostly served as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Buffets are usually on certain days or on fixed time intervals and have a fixed price for people, regardless of how many servings of the buffet they ate.
The Top Ten
1 Chinese Buffet

Used to be a Chinese buffet restaurant in my locality. It was so exquisite and diverse that was keen to go whenever the situation called. I badly miss it.

Chinese Buffets typically serve chicken, eggrolls, vegetables, noodles, corn, etc. They're typically had with steamed or fried rice and at the end of these meals, they usually have fortune cookies.

This type of buffet has many varieties as you can have endless possibilities of putting something on your plate.

Usually my family and I go to these type of buffets and they are really good.

2 Mexican Buffet

Mexican Buffets usually serve meats, rice, salads, cheese, beans, and other taco fillings.

3 Indian Buffet
4 Italian Buffet

Italian Buffets are in different varieties. The Pizza Buffet is a form of Italian buffet. But other Italian buffets can consist of other foods as well(such as lasagnas, salads, etc).

I love Italy! Italy, Italian, Italy, Italian. I love the sound, and the food is divine.

5 Japanese Buffet

I love sushi, rice, and miso soup. That got my vote.

Japanese Buffets usually serve different forms of sushis, rice, and soups, karaage, curry, ramen.

Japanese cuisine is probably my favorite.

This is my vote.

6 Pizza Buffet

I didn't know that these existed, which is probably a good thing because I'd never leave

7 Dessert Buffet

Excellent, so long as you find a good place.

8 Meat Buffet
9 Seafood Buffet
10 Pasta Buffet

Pasta Buffets serve different kind of pastas, noodles, etc. For example, they serve spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and cheese pasta, chicken alfredo pasta, etc. Some even have different toppings sorted into different containers where people can take and put into one.

This is perfect.

The Contenders
11 Vietnamese Buffet

Vietnamese Buffets typically serve noodles, vegetables, steamed rice, yellow rice, etc. There are also soups served at Vietnamese buffets.

12 Malaysian Buffet
13 Fruit Buffet
14 Global Buffet

Which is most of the buffets in huge casinos.

15 Korean Buffet

I think I have tried it there before and it was good.

16 Caribbean Buffet
17 South Indian Buffet
18 Chocolate Buffet
19 Aboriginal Buffet
20 Thanksgiving Buffet
21 Breakfast Buffet
22 Mongolian BBQ Buffet
23 Canadian Buffet
24 American Buffet
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