Tetrahedron's Top Ten Favorite MegaMan Zero Characters

A list to show off my favorite MegaMan Zero characters I admire and like.
The Top Ten
1 Fighting Fefnir

If you asked me what my favorite member of the Four Guardians in the MMZ series was long ago, it would have still been Fighting Fefnir. The only difference is that now, I like him as my favorite MMZ character instead of just my favorite Guardian x3

What's not to like about the coolest Guardian who's awesome, is down to earth, and loves a good battle? Not to mention, I really LOVE his handcannons! x3

2 Omega Zero

Before (2020 which was when I first became a Brony), I really had a thing for Omega Zero and literally, really loved him a lot! I could tell, since I drew him a lot in the past! I just honestly love sadistic characters, and boy oh boy is Omega sadistic! He wouldn't threaten to slice you up in a moment or kill you in mere seconds.

I also love how he's the original body of Zero, and I personally find the O-Saber cooler than the Z-Saber, especially the reddish/pinkish color to it! Overall, I still like Omega Zero a lot out of all the MMZ characters, to this day!

3 Copy X

Another case of a character that follows a corrupt morality path just like Omega Zero above; I've recently started to appreciate Copy X more than before recently! The leader of Neo-Arcadia and the Four Guardians (Fighting Fefnir, Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan, and Hidden Phantom) is arguably one of the most corrupt since he didn't overgo the several years of morality testing that the original X went through, and that's why I personally like Copy X a lot, especially with his hatred to all other reploids, but his soft side for the humans!

I wouldn't lie, I would want to become close to Copy X if I was with him, after all, I am human x3

4 Zero

Despite my liking for the evil and sadistic characters more, I still admire Zero and how he kept fighting for a better future for all reploids and humans. He was willing to do anything, whether it be dealing with the threats himself (which takes lots of guts!), or putting himself in more danger to try and ensure the safety of everyone.

5 Elpizo

I always felt bad for Elpizo when he changed mentally when his troops were, y'know, LITERALLY FREAKING MURDERED and he had to retreat back to the resistance base. I feel bad for him ;-; Elpizo is one of the kind of characters who just deserves a big hug honestly!

6 Ciel

Ciel is a sensitive character you can't help but feel bad for... She always just stays usually in the resistance base where it's safe and has to send Zero off to stop the threats, lots of times, not to mention, she always feels insecure after and always hopes Zero will be okay and will come back in one piece. You find out in MMZ4 that she even possibly had feelings for Zero.

After knowing that, I see Ciel in a different way now instead of neutrally. She reminds us that it's okay to be a sensitive person. We all have emotions and insecurities, but that's what makes us human, since we aren't perfect. And whenever we're with friends and/or loved ones, they bring out the best in us x3

7 Sage Harpuia

Sage Harpuia is the leader of the Four Guardians. I never really looked at him interestingly, much like Ciel, but there are some things I do like about him. For one, he has the spirit of a true leader and always wants the best of his fellow buddies/Guardians.

Much like the others, he is also loyal (although only to Copy X), which is another good trait. Not to mention, Sage Harpuia is able to fly! I've always loved characters that can fly!

8 Hidden Phantom

I never really ended up liking that much ninja-like characters, but Hidden Phantom is one of the few that I like x3 Just like the other Guardians, he is loyal to Copy X, but moreso than the others! His attacks are also pretty cool, especially when he flies/hovers on a ninja star he throws out!

I'd say that he has a deep and complex personality much like ninjas in general!

9 Fairy Leviathan

I had to choose someone to put in the semi-final spot of my list, so I chose Fairy Leviathan. I guess I could say I like her ice attacks, especially the ice serpent attack (which I HATE as one of Leganchor's attacks in MMZX because of how annoying it is), and the weapon she wields is pretty cool!

10 Cubit Foxtar (Mega Man Zero 3)

I didn't really know who to put last in my list, so I chose a random Mutos Reploid, aka, one of the bosses from the MMZ games, MMZ3 specifically, Cubit Foxtar. Out of all the Mutos Reploids in the Zero games, Cubit Foxtar's one is always memorable for me!

Not to mention, his level takes place in a factory... Which if you all know me well... Reminds me of a certain grimdark fic from the MLP fandom that I'm obsessed with~