Best Fall Guys Seasons

Fall Guys is an adorably chaotic multiplayer game that combines whimsical, physics-based gameplay with battle royale-style competition. As a bean-shaped contestant in a wacky, colorful game show, players navigate a variety of hilarious and challenging obstacle courses, with each season introducing new themes, levels, and costumes to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

The game's charm comes from its inventive twists on the familiar battle royale genre. Who knew watching a bunch of jelly bean-like characters stumble, bounce, and dive their way through absurd obstacle courses could be so entertaining? And it's not just about the laughs. There's a unique thrill that comes with outmaneuvering other players to snag that coveted crown, or surviving a tricky level by the skin of your teeth.

With numerous seasons under its belt, each bringing its own unique theme, challenges, and costumes to the table, identifying the best Fall Guys seasons is no walk in the park. Your favorites could be based on anything - the thrilling complexity of the new levels, the creativity of the themes, the funky and delightful costumes, or even the fun memories and experiences you had playing in that season.

When you're selecting your top seasons, consider not only the popular ones, the ones that garnered universal acclaim and fanfare. Think about the underdogs, the seasons that, for whatever reason, resonated with you on a personal level. It could be the season that got you your first crown, or the one where you laughed the hardest at the absurd fails and unexpected victories. After all, the beauty of Fall Guys lies in its ability to surprise and delight, season after season.
The Top Ten
1 Ultimate Knockout Ultimate Knockout, the pioneering season, was brought to life with inspirations from beloved game shows such as Takeshi's Castle, Wipeout, and It's a Knockout. This season boasted 25 different rounds and introduced the 40-tier fame path, also known as the season pass, along with a variety of cosmetics.
2 Jungle Adventure Jungle Adventure brought the wild spirit of the jungle to Fall Guys. This season, laden with a lush, jungle theme, featured seven rounds, new modes in the form of Duos and Trios, unique variations, timed events, and a range of jungle-inspired cosmetics.
3 Medieval Knockout Medieval Knockout transported players back in time to the Middle Ages. With a medieval theme, the season included five rounds, novel variations, and a host of cosmetics. Special features included the introduction of nicknames and nameplates and different gaming modes termed as "shows".
4 Winter Knockout Winter Knockout painted a wintry landscape with its eight festive rounds. In this winter-themed season, players were treated to a range of themed cosmetics, a new crown rank system, unique variations, and exciting show formats.
5 4041 The 4041 season, marrying the future with a retro vibe, came with nine innovative rounds. The season introduced the squad mode and Crown Shards along with daily challenges and a range of fresh cosmetics. The fame path for this season was expanded to 50 tiers from the original 40.
6 Satellite Scramble Satellite Scramble was a space-themed adventure featuring eight exciting rounds. This cosmic season saw variations, unique events, and a host of new cosmetics. The fame pass for this season was significantly increased to 200 tiers and round-based fame points were boosted. This season also saw important bug fixes.
7 Free For All Free For All saw Fall Guys embracing a sports stadium theme with seven engaging rounds. This season marked the shift to a free-to-play model and the introduction of Show Bucks. The season pass was expanded to 100 tiers, 50 of which were free and 50 were paid. This season also saw a unique collaboration round with Sega called "Bean Hill Zone".
8 Party Spectacular Party Spectacular was a vibrant mix of party and circus elements with six new rounds. This season allowed linking an Epic Games Account for cross-platform progression, introduced a show called 'Sweet Thieves', implemented skill-based matchmaking, and established Lobbies & Friends Lists. Custom names for PC players were another added feature.
9 Creative Construction Sunken Secrets took players underwater with an Atlantis-themed season comprising five rounds. This season introduced a Time Attack show, special events, and a dive slide ability. Players could now preview celebrations in the shop and unlock costumes through Marathon challenges. Certain rounds were 'unvaulted', while others were 'vaulted'. The lobby count for Solo Show was also decreased.
10 Sunken Secrets Creative Construction, a digital/low-poly-themed season, promised an array of 50 new rounds over the course of the season. It introduced the Fall Guys Creative level editor and split the season pass into three 40-tier 'fame passes'. This season saw the removal of marathon challenges and revisions to daily and weekly challenges, alongside the introduction of new cosmetics and events.
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