Most Annoying Things in Splatoon 2

I love this game, but there are some annoyances that are absolutely worth making a Top Ten List about.
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1 Incompetent teammates
2 Squidbaggers

You never think it's that bad until it happens, and then you hate it.

3 Unstable connection

This should be #1. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! Right now I'm on level 81 and I would have been 5 levels after if this idiotic screen of death wouldn't appear.

Yes I agree. But paying to play online just kinda sucks the fun. Nintendo if your reading this please make a change because I love switch but switch online just ruins this

Come on Nintendo! If you are going to make us pay for online play now, I should be able to expect a stable connection!

I could play Single Player but I have no reason to do so because I completed every level with every weapon.

4 Laggy players

Especially laggy rollers.

This is so bad!

5 Being against a really good sniper

Sniper matchups usually depend on your weapon and your movement skill. If you aren't good at dealing with snipers, try to do something else while staying out of their line of sight. Once you have a significant numbers advantage, you can then overwhelm them by going in with a teammate. Just be careful not to get charger PTSD.

I think japan people hack the game cause its not a coincidence that there instantly good. no its cause they hack

I only beaten one of those thing ONCE! And I'm on level 36!

You're pretty much guaranteed to lose if there is a really good sniper on the opposing team

6 People who only choose a Splatfest side because Marina is on that side

Only Marina's team gets the points for most votes EVERY Splatfest. The Splatfests are rigged, but Pearl's team suddenly wins at the end of the Splatfest.

The least popular side is usually the winner, so do not see why everyone goes for Marina

7 Squid Parties on regular battles

Go play a different game

8 When you’re doing really well one round but you lose anyway because of bad teammates

very true. I mean really they should match us with people our level in stead of having us matched with level 1, 2, , etc. I mean come ON. I hate having them on my team because they lose ALL THE TIME. and its anoying when a level 1 does not even know how to shoot

Oh, you went 22 splats and 9 inkjets in rainmaker? Welp, sucks to be you, 'cause your team had 2 chargers and a disconnect.

9 Instant death when superjumping to a teammate

Literally the equivalent to puppy guarding is getting splatted by an opponent who knows you're coming. I friggin' hate that!

If you die from that, that's your fault for not paying attention to the map. Never jump to a teammate surrounded by enemy ink. Unless you have a Splashdown.

It's supposed to happen, but It's still annoying. Use stealth jump.

10 Pearl and Marina's unskippable intro comes up every single time you boot up the game

Okay, Pearl and Marina are awesome, but the fact I can't skip the map announcements is so annoying. I just want to play some single player games.

The moment I hated the most in Splatoon 1, of course they have to reintroduce it in Splatoon 2 and Animal Crossing. Really Nintendo, it would have be more tolerable if this part is optional and not at every single boot. -_-

I don't care about the current battle stages, Marina. Just speed it up.
We can speed up Sheldon's speech, so why not turn this on for the intro, too? It's that easy!
- Anonymous

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11 Bad Salmon Run coworkers

Bad salmon run coworkers are so irritating. I hate it when I have to respawn everyone

Oh wow...this is so true! Once I was playing salmon run,I had a really bad teammate that loved to squidbag, if that wasn't enough...he would distract people when they are busy collecting golden eggs, and he even lets the salmonids splat him! worst of all...thanks to his efforts...I'm ALL THE WAY BACK TO APPRENTICE! Honestly I could go on!

12 Teammates who won’t carry their weight in Ranked Battles
13 Being really far away from an explosion that kills you anyway

It's darn stupid.

14 Some weapons have an unfair advantage over others

I swear, every time I get splatted by someone, it's either by a roller or a bloblobber. Chill out on the weapons, man.

15 N’Zap users everywhere

It's probably the most popular weapon, and even I use it a bunch. Be happy that kensa rapid blasters aren't this popular, because since S- rank, those things have literally become my sleep paralysis demons. If it bothers you that much, just use LITERALLY anything with longer range than it.

Yeah I never make it to safety without even ONE blob of ink from an N-zap 89...the thing is if your team has no n-zap 89s but the opposing team has all members with an N-zap 89...your screwed

16 You can only play Salmon Run at certain times

Oh, you wanna play salmon run? nope, 'cause it's not open 'till midnight on tuesday. And, when it opens it'll be every version of E-liter 4k in the weapon rotation for the 4th time this week.

17 Activating the Inkjet is suicide

Using the ballpoint splatling w/ the inkjet, you have to have great reflexes if you want to stay in the air. And when you land, you have a backlining weapon in the front lines, so...

Whenever I activate this Special Weapon, Brush mains always take me down as SOON as I do it.

You've got to move way more or lure you enemies. Being the target isn't always a bad thing.

Not to mention that Sloshers have an incredibly easy advantage over them

18 There is practically no way to win against an entire team of Roller-type weapons

Unless you also have a roller team, or can defeat 4 rollers surrounding you without a problem, pray you can win because this type of team is usually a living hell.

Well, as long as I have my Dark Tetra Dualies, rollers are no match for me.

19 Chargers on Turf Wars

It's impossible to ink a lot of turf if there is a good sniper on the other team, and half of my losses in Turf Wars are from having incompetent sniper wannabes on my team.

20 Weapons with excessive range
21 Being against someone who's really good with the Splat Roller

Rollers in general are a great advantage when on your team, but when you're up against someone good with the roller, well, that is whole other story.

I'm a lot better with it now, so haha.

I love rollers

22 Blasters

Every time someone with a regular Blaster (the slow-shooting kind) gets me while I TRY to escape from them.

23 Almost every Turf War match has a teammate that disconnects

Especially as soon as the game starts. This happened to me yesterday and I was frustrated about that.

24 Splashdown kinda sucks
25 Bad drawing posts
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