Top 10 Best Towns in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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1 Tarrey Town

The sidequest is expensive and long, (And you need to complete a previous quest to get to this one,) but it is really fun. You literally help a guy build a town, and after that, experience a wedding! This town also has my 2nd favorite town theme in the game, (My favorite theme is for Hateno Village), and the town is located in over Akkala Lake, in the Akkala Region, which is my favorite place in the game.

It's a cool town but I don't think it's the best personally. Sure, it looks nice and the side quest is hecking awesome, but to me it just feels like a smaller Hateno Village. Plus the music didn't really stand out to me either.

Need I really say anything about this place? A frigging WEDDING happened before you! This is the best side quest Zelda's ever had, in my opinion.

The music, the location, the music, the side quest, the music, the wedding, and did I mention the music?

2 Kakariko Village

As I've said on other lists, I really love the amazing Japanese vibe the place now has! This town has changed a lot in the past > COUGH COUGH Twilight Princess COUGH COUGH > So why is it a bad thing that they've changed the look and feeling of this place? It definitely isn't. Also, amazing theme. ALSO also, this place is the most important to the story.

I like kakariko music

3 Lurelin Village

Okay, first things first, this was one of the only towns that the game didn't guide you to, the only other one being Tarrey Town. Once you heard of it, it was basically just a wild goose chase around the map to find it. Also, this place doesn't have any landmarks or distinguishing features, so you couldn't just locate it quickly on the map, making it REALLY hard to get to, and that's really cool to have to work to find a town. Also, this place is just so chill! Love the Hawaiian theme going on here.

It is a really beautiful town, because it is next to the beach. When you are on the hill mountain above the shrine all you see are a bunch of cool looking lights.

I always go to Lurelin and pretend I'm Link (weird lol) -- I just pretend I'm on vacation...
Also, great way to get to Eventide: go to Lurelin, borrow the raft, cut down a few trees to get a Korok leaf, and just sail over.

I like to pretend I'm on vacation whenever I go here.

4 Korok Forest
5 Rito Village

Best theme, hard to navigate but absolutely stunning. Actually climbed my way up here the first time, still remember finally getting to the shrine, and finding a whole damn town.

Loving that Dragon Roost Remix! Also, this place is basicaly just a giant spiral staircase with little outcropping rooms on the side. Sure it's annoying that nobody here knows that you're the hero of legend, but still! DRAGON ROOST REMIX!

6 Gerudo Town

This place had my favorite sidequests out of all the towns, (not including Tarrey Town, because that place is literaly one huge sidequest), but it was also the most realistic town in the game! This place really reminded me of an actual Arabic town, with the beggers on the street, the small, carpet markets selling various goods, the literal goddess in that one random alley...

This is the best town no doubt. It has everything that you could need like a a bunch of shops, a school, and even a bar!

Awesome vibes, my favorite area of the game being the desert has my favorite town, and damn the sidequests were cool too

7 Zora's Domain

I honestly feel like this town isn't appreciated enough. Sure, it's fairly small compared to some of the other towns, but if the overall design of this place and it's music isn't beautiful to you, then I don't know what is.

How is this not number 1? The beautiful blue lights, the water flowing down the stairs, the waterfalls, the wonderful architecture, the statue of Mipha, the calming music, filled with beautiful fish humans. Really everything about the whole Vah Ruta quest was very memorable.

This place was WAY different from the original, but that doesn't make it any less cool! The architecture and music here is beautiful, and PRINCE SIDON- I mean Mipha- is gorgeous!

I can't believe people hate this town! Its beautiful. Has very cool design, the people are so cute >w< and its home to my favorite champion Mipha.

8 Hateno Village

It's a very great village, but not my favorite. Probally my third favorite, mostly because you can own a house and the shops are decent.

I never really spent that much time here, but from what I could tell, it was just an ordinaey town. Not bad, but not very special. Also, the theme never really spoke to me as it should've.

9 Goron City

The only town I actually hated in this game. The theme is god-awful, the place itself is basically just a couple caves and ugly bridges, and I hated the Goron quest the most out of all of them.

Wow, this location gets a lot of undeserved hate.

It's so underrated. I love how dorky the theme is, and the Gorons are so cute xD

10 Yiga Clan Hideout

Who does not like a good old fruit ninjas (or that's what I call them) And plus it is kind of like a secret bunker full of bananas. The boss is kind dumb though. (It's his antics)

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11 Hyrule Castle Town
12 Kara Kara Bazaar
13 Southern Mine

Does this count? Not sure, but good rocks

14 Flight Range

Wish there were more Rito hanging out here, felt a little desolate despite being next to the village and pretty good

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