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1 Angry Birds Star Wars II

The greatest of the Angry Birds games. You can fling the pigs to pop the birds, there are a ton of pigs and birds to fling, cool boss fights, and great graphics. You also gotta love how it unintentionally explains why Luke and Anakin were the chosen ones through R2-D2.

Beautiful interactive scenery. A lot of playable characters, all of them with special powers (often unique in the game series). A complete pigs side. A special chapter (but not the entire game, such as Angry Birds 2) where you can choose what units to buy and launch. No annoying hearts limits - for me, this is the acme of the Angry Birds series!

2 Angry Birds Epic

I love this game! One of my favorite Angry Birds games ever. There is such a huge variety of mechanics that are super easy to learn, even if you are 5 years old. They don't throw everything at me all at once but spread the mechanics across the game, keeping us engaged and wanting more. All of this in a simple mobile Angry Birds game!

I am happy to see this at #2. I completely see why Star Wars II is #1, though.

Angry Birds Epic shares a completely different world of duels with live fights. I never expected this RPG game to hit the Play Store. It has a different means where the player duels in matches instead of the same slingshot mechanism.

With the ability to craft armor and weapons and to brew potions, this game really is worth it for those RPG-interested players.

3 Angry Birds

This is an absolutely deserving title to be the first Angry Birds game. Its level design is rather creative, leading to levels that are memorable in both good and bad ways. Also, it's just the original game, but it aged well, so I kinda have to put it here.

The original is the best. Simplistic yet challenging, it's the game that started it all.

Original is always the best. It's a shame it was deleted from the app store.

4 Angry Birds Space

As cool as all the planet's gravity mechanics were, the best part were those wacky special levels in this Golden Egg planet or whatever it was called. Each of those levels were so cool, experimental, and original.

The gravity mechanics of Angry Birds Space are really cool and well executed. The game has good graphics and a good menu theme. Also, there are great boss fights.

Also, my dad hates this game because he finds the gravity mechanics unintuitive, despite the fact you see where your bird is going.

5 Angry Birds Go

Whoever just first commented, my second best! Starting with Angry Birds Star Wars, in-game currency came. I love in-game currency! Same with Angry Birds Epic!

My first favorite Angry Birds game. Amazing! Especially the old version! My favorite Angry Birds game - so much fun! I still play the old version. I have 1.0.1 because I liked the old better than the new.

Classic racing game but with Angry Birds. In other words, perfection.

6 Angry Birds Transformers

This is the best Angry Birds game for me!

7 Angry Birds Rio

This game features Blu and Jewel from the movie.

8 Angry Birds 2

This game is near perfect, but there are a few things keeping it from being perfect. Angry Birds 2 unfortunately contains a lot of microtransactions, which are shoved down your throat, and the stupid lives system. However, the game has great graphics, fun gameplay, and also hats.

The title is actually perfect as this is what a sequel to Angry Birds should be. It's not just more of the original. It's strategic in a whole new way, and the updated designs are fantastic. Suffers a bit from the curse of modern-day mobile games, but overall really amazing.

9 Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars II is very good, but this one is a classic too. It's not too much, and it's a nice 6-chapter journey through the originals. This was a significant improvement over the last Angry Birds collaboration, which was Rio. As fun as Rio was, it can't beat this.

Lots of people say that Star Wars II is better, and believe me, there are some parts that it does do better. But the original Angry Birds Star Wars managed to fit every major Original Trilogy scene in. Although there are fewer characters, none of them are clones of other characters.

Plus, this game is great at combining the gameplay style of a classic Angry Birds game and Angry Birds Space's gravity system. Plus, it offers a decent challenge, unlike Star Wars 2, which stays mostly easy.

10 Bad Piggies

Absolutely incredible. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before and should be on the top of this list. Best Angry Birds game ever made.

Well, everyone thought Bad Piggies is the opposite of Angry Birds, where the pigs use a slingshot. But it is meant for those who have ideas for aiming targets and reaching them by some contraption! I wanted to find this game in the top 5 of this list.

Bad Piggies lets you either create ridiculous vehicles or complete the levels. I'm not sure which is more fun, though.

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11 Angry Birds Seasons

My 3rd favorite Angry Birds game! The music themes are so good, and the levels are amazing. I did Hammier Things and Pig Days first, and now I follow the line of the different seasons as a journey through all of them. Currently at Summer Picnic while posting this comment.

But the bad thing is that you have to pay for the older seasons until Ham Dunk. You don't need to pay for any more seasons after that - the rest are free.

Come on, this is obviously the best of the Angry Birds games. The best parts of the game are the variety of levels and the fact that this game still uses the original Angry Birds designs that were remade in 2012, like Hal and the Pigs.

Though the update with having to unlock levels through coins is just plain garbage, it's still the best Angry Birds game.

12 Angry Birds Reloaded

This reimagining of the 1st Angry Birds game doesn't sound like much until you realize that they made new cutscenes, remastered some of Angry Birds Seasons, and are straight up remaking Angry Birds Space.

Too bad it's stuck on Apple Arcade, which means I can't play it. I hope it comes to the Switch.

A mix of the original games and the two Angry Birds movies. Perfect chemistry.

13 Angry Birds Friends

Fun fact: This is the only game before Transformers that Rovio didn't initially remove. Yup, all the others were gone except this, and this was simply because Rovio was in bed with Facebook (sorry, META). It's still a good game. Love all the tournament stuff. Still has its flaws, though.

Basically Seasons but with the ability to play against friends, and it's updated on a consistent (monthly, I think) basis. Really solid in my opinion.

14 Angry Birds Stella

I had a dream that this game got a sequel. Unfortunately, it was a dream, and I was sad. Make it happen, Rovio!

One of the most underrated... this cast deserves another game in the spotlight.

15 Angry Bird Fight
16 Angry Birds Action
17 Angry Birds Trilogy
18 Angry Birds HD
19 Angry Birds Evolution

Love it! After eight years of Angry Birds, they made the best action game. Angry Birds Evolution definitely deserves it!

20 Angry Birds Chrome
21 Angry Birds Dream Blast
22 Angry Birds Classic
23 Angry Birds Nibblers

Ok, sorry to be that one guy, but Nibblers is a different, non-Angry Birds game. It's a pretty good one, though.

24 Angry Birds Stella POP!

Angry Birds Pop is the best game of the series. It is awesome and beyond all marking or grading.

25 Angry Birds Match
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