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1 Kingdom Hearts II

This is my second favorite game of all time and favorite KH game ever. This game just blew me away. I'm not talking about the beginning with Roxas; I'm talking about when the game REALLY begins. First off the graphics are beautiful and still are to this day. The animation is better than most games and it's overall well done. Also the controls in my opinion are perfect. The platforming is actually good and the fighting is spot on. I don't care what you people say; the difficulty was NOT too easy, it was just right. I played and beat this game on proud mode, how about you? The story was very well done. This game almost made me cry in some parts and there were plenty of plot twists. I'm still shocked at how good Disney did on the story. And finally one of the very best parts of the game if not the best part: the music. The music is absolutely beautiful. I love it, I love it, I love it. Don't hate on me for this, but I think that this game has the best soundtrack in ANY game. It's just so good and I loved every song. My favorite part had to be the final boss, and the same goes for the music there. I mean come on, Darkness of the Unknown is just awesome. I can't really recommend this to first timers since it spoils Kingdom Hearts 1 and Re Chain of Memories, plus it won't make any sense to them, but this is a phenomenal game. It definitely deserves the "Greatest Hits" title it has.

2 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The best game in the series. Aqua, Ven and Terra, at least to me, are a better trio than Sora/Riku/Kairi and Axel/Roxas/Xion because of a multitude of reasons, the most important being they ALL played a crucial role in the story itself. The story was amazingly powerful and moving for a non numbered game and brought many emotions to the surface, be it joy, sadness or the feeling of helplessness. I myself cried in multiple points during the narrative, especially during Aquas story and the Last Episode. The two main antagonists are amazing and well crafted, Xehanort portraying the perfect puppet master while Vanitas acts as the somewhat unbalanced enforcer. The gameplay is better than every other game in the series by far and flows perfectly. I just... This game is amazing and deserves the top spot.

3 Kingdom Hearts

This game has to be number 1. I mean sure, it's difficult. But this game has a better storyline, better graphics, awesome gameplay, beautiful open worlds, epic music and amazing Boss Battles (most likely Chernabog and Maleficent). This game is also emotional (that scene where Sora stabs himself on the heart and gained all other princess' hearts to bring them back is a huge highlight of the game). It's amazing that how it's gotten sequels and does better at that point on! This is the best Disney/Kingdom Hearts game ever made. It has to be number 1.

And here's my message, please bring back Chernabog to the series in a better way. That game is amazing, but DDD ruined him. So bring him to KHIII or many more.

4 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

358/2 Days probably has probably the most impactful storyline, because if you've played KH2 you know what must become of our leads and it truly feels like its own Tragedy. You really grow to sympathize and understand the characters, this is especially true for Axel, who is probably one of the more well-liked persons of the series. The situation and characters really make this game memorable and its nice to actually have the leads sit down, talk, and joke around with each other throughout the entire game.

5 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Dream Drop Distance has some of the best combat, story telling and villians. The huge focus on Xehanort is really excellent. The only issue I have with this game was the Drop System; it was more of a pain then anything- really scratched a new flawless game. Some may dislike the lack of Disney focus, but it felt like the game was more story driven then useless worlds that served only as sidequests. This game for me comes second to Birth By Sleep.

Dream Drop Distance serves as my latest top 3 favorite game in the series. I really love the new worlds, especially Symphony of Sorcery but I wish that the creators would utilize more segments into the world than just half from the movie. The outcome in the game is quite unexpected. The inclusion of the Flowmotion system really enhances the 3DS experience.

6 Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Amazing game on GBA. It has a great storyline and fairly good soundtrack. The gameplay is also just as fabulous. It has multiple worlds and great bosses. It also has 2 sides of the story which develops great characters from within 2 different perspectives. It is also twice as fun playing with different types of powers for each side. It also introduces a new game mechanic of using cards. This provides stragetic thinking for preparation and action within the actual battles. It is one of the best games in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you can lpay this game I highly advise you try it out.

7 Kingdom Hearts III

I just don't get all the hate kh3 is getting. I have been a kingdom hearts fan all my life, and I can honestly say that kingdom hearts 3 is my favorite in the series and maybe my favorite game ever. I just loved everything about this game, the combat system, the story, the Disney worlds etc., Everything about it was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

Some may complain about bad pacing (that the story isn't going anywhere until the end) or that the game is very easy, and even the lack of Final Fantasy characters. If you judge Kingdom Hearts 3 as a standalone video game, it's the most refined game in the series. This game has the largest moveset in the series, the most varied customization, the best and most explorable worlds, and some of the most epic bosses (compared to the straightforward bosses in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2).

While the visits to the Disney worlds aren't effective for Sora's goal, they are some of the best in the series for several reasons. The characters are more faithful to the source material, the stories in each world that follow the movie's story are better implemented (when comparing to the static, half-baked retellings in previous games), and some worlds offer new stories. There is more interaction between Disney characters and Kingdom Hearts villains, and there is a more solid humor that is self-aware towards the series' continuity.

The graphics are some of the best of the generation, which is saying a lot considering the large amount of style variety and the amount of polish in each one. My philosophy tells me to judge a game as a game and look past what the story offers, as it is just a bonus for someone like me who skips the cutscenes in repeated playthroughs (and in KH3's case, I really loved to watch most of them even on repeated playthroughs).

I went back to play KH2 after finishing KH3 to see how I rank it with the other games, and playing KH2 immediately after 3 opened my eyes to many issues KH2 has (less combat variety, more linear and empty worlds, and lackluster individual Disney stories). Kingdom Hearts 3 is objectively the best Kingdom Hearts game. I just hope that a DLC will add a critical mode and more post-game content.

8 Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

One of the cutscenes that really got to me wasn't in the original KH2 and was added to this version. It was quite emotional. Even though the story is hella confusing, I thought it was really interesting. I love Axel and Roxas.

A compilation of the best games in the Kingdom Hearts series and includes never before seen cut-scenes for Re:Coded.

Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep on 1 disc. The Final Mix versions, no less. How is this not #1?

9 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

I have this game and it's the best one I've played I am waiting for kingdom hearts 2.5

10 Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Hands down the best remake of a gameboy game I've ever seen. This game made the odd card-based combat style make sense �" it was fun, gave us a great look at the abilities of.Org. XIII, and it gave us great insight into Riku's struggle as well. A unique entry among the series & definitely deserves a top 5 spot in my opinion.

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11 Kingdom Hearts Coded

I thought it was good. It may be my least favorite in the franchise, but I thought the gameplay was varied, and the diolauge, controls, and graphics were all good. But the story wasn't very interesting and the platforming and camera were pretty irratating. And it's pretty dissapointing that they didn't add any new worlds

If this was the first game I played in the series, I wouldn't have played any other. Really bad...

"If this was..." was me. You know, thinking back on it, it really wasn't so bad. Try it out actually. Its just like all filler, so it's not like the kh you would expect. It's different.

12 Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
13 Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]

This game is super addictive with its pay to win system.
Its gameplay only involves swipes and taps.

14 Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance
15 Kingdom Hearts V Cast

This is not a Kingdom Hearts game. It bears the name Kingdom Hearts but that is merely a facade

16 The World Ends With You
17 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
18 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
19 KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross]
20 Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
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