Best Levels on Halo: Reach

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1 The Pillar of Autumn

WOW this is the most epic and longest level I've ever played!

It starts off with the pelican getting damaged so Carter tells Six and Emile to get off. They then walk down the cliff and attack the Covenant and then have a awesome drive with the mongoose. Then they get off, destroy the wraith then go into a cave. They exit the cave but a scarab is in the way so Carter commits suicide to destroy the scarab. After another about 20 mins of fighting they finally reach the facility but Emile dies from a elite so Six has to use the gun to destroy the corvette.

It's the most epic ending to a video game with 2 main characters die and Six ends up dying on lone wolf.

This is a very long mission and there is non-stop action!


You drive mongooses and kill every covenant species in the game!


It is also very hard especially during the end but that is when it it the best!


2 Long Night of Solace

I liked fighting up in space in the sabres cause I was flying up side down taking out banshees and seraphs then loved the attack on the corvette my saddest part is when Goerge dies inside R.I.P goerge

Move up the beach and secure the launch facility. Take the battle to the Covenant Super Carrier.

3 The Package

I love how the level starts of in an ashy, hot, magma environment and finishes with you fighting in the snow underground. Driving the tank is also really fun especially when you fight those mini-wraith and turrets. Then there is when you need to defend Halsey's lab where your teammates actually are helpful.

This level is also really important to the plot. To find out that you are suppose to escort cortana to MC which way a fantastic way of putting both characters into the storyline. Lastly the big explosion underground is also pretty sweet

Once I found out how to drive a banshee in this mission I played it over and over again.

Your orders are to destroy Sword Base... Or are they?

4 Tip of The Spear

Two massive armies clash! Time to go to war against the Covenant.

5 ONI: Sword Base

Covenant are attacking a vital ONI base. Drive the bastards off.

6 Nightfall

A great level that you play with the highly talented sniper Jun. I love how the level starts off being silent and stealthy to an all out fight with the covennant at night. The scenary also looks amazing and it's a lot of fun running away and trying to kill the hunormous Guettas. I would like to see one of them fight a Hunter! I also likes how you needed to be tactical and use a lot of strategy.

Move in behind enemy lines and evaluate the opposition.

7 New Alexandria

I love the Easter egg where you can fly pelican or, my favorite Halo vehicle, a, the-the-the, PHANTOM. And the uniqueness of having to destroy jammers while at the same time helping memorable characters like Johnson and Buck, and then the awesome cutscene where the Covenant glass the planet and that haxor Kat gets shot in the head by that Field Marshall and then they have to get in the bunker, loved it! Overall, this level's great.

A really great level that is easily better than Night Fall and the Package- and better than everything but Long Night of Solstice.

This level should be higher up the list! This is why I rock at using a falcon!

I love this, it should be first. I wish you could use the Falcons with frontal guns in forge though

8 Winter Contingency

There's a disturbance on the frontier.

Am I the only one who likes this?

9 Exodus

All is not lost. Evacuate civilians from an occupied city.

10 Lone Wolf
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11 Noble Actual
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