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1 King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

He's funny, is a penguin, his outfit, it's all perfect. Especially his TV intro! King Dedede also has the most health and damage out of the main playable characters. Plus who could not like a guy like him? AND his designs have been getting better and better. So GO DEDEDE!!

I feel like my perspective in him has cahnged a bit. Sure I still like him but I feel like I liked him more when I was first introduced to him. Looking at the characters now I actually feel like I prefer Meta Knight slightly over him but who would not love this giant penguin? I hate his new forgotten land design though...

2 Meta Knight Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash... read more

If you take away the fact that he has a very good Spanish accent in the anime I still think Meta Knight is a pretty good character. Maybe it's just because I have slowly started to grow more attached to the edgier characters. Or maybe it's just his battle in forgotten land that changed my mind a bit.

Meta Knight can be described as a wise, mysterious knight. He fights for his own good and is known to be an antihero. What I like about him is that he is dark compared to everyone else in the Kirby universe. He definitely stands out.

3 Kirby Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.

Its main character time! Kirby is just a lil puffball with a LITERAL endless stomach. This guy is the REASON this wonderful franchise exists in the first place.

Kirby is the best character in kirby because he can eat other characters then turn into them.

How is this not No. 1? The Kirby series will not be Kirby if THIS li'l puffball wasn't around! Also mass murder by eating.

4 Marx

Definitely among my top three favorite characters in Kirby. Maybe it's just because he's adorable yet really really powerful at the same time. Like you wouldn't expect this little face to be able to summon black holes.

Out of all Kirby villains of Darkness (aside from Dedede), Marx is by far the best and the main Joker of Darkness to Kirby. They should've put him in that show after the death of Nightmare. That was my only hope. Bottom line, Marx is the best Dreamland's Villain of Darkness. And he should come back.

5 Susie

I think she is one of the best characters in the franchise. She has Lots of scenes in Kirby: Planet Robobot and also she's a boss in the game. At the end she has an especial scene singing "The Noble Haltmann". Since her first appearence, she has appeared in Kirby Blowout Blast, Kirby Clash Deluxe, Kirby Battle Royale (As a cameo) and in Kirby Star Allies as a playable character. I want to see Susie in future Kirby games as a boss or playable character. I think she has a chance to enter in the next smash brothers game or maybe in ultimate as a dlc.

6 Waddle Dee Waddle Dee is a fictional character of the HAL labatory franchise Kirby. Waddle Dee is a servant of King Dedede, and has been in every single Kirby game. Waddle Dee also appears in the anime "Kirby : right back at ya!".

Waddle Dee are so cute with that very cute face and his cute everything that's all a got to say.

I love these little guys! They're super adorable and have a major role in Forgotten Land!

Cute Modest and mighty, what more could a character be?

7 Magolor Magolor is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Definitely started to like him more with the new remaster of Return to Dreamland. You honestly just got to feel bad for the guy and I have a personal headcanon that he actually didn't mean to basically try to take over popstar. I feel like it was the crown that was manipulating his mind. He's actually a good guy but he lost control when he put the crown on

He is the best consistent villain(Meta Knight and King Deedee switch back and forth) simply for two reasons. One, the fact that he commuted the most surprising and fantastic betrayal in all of video games and, because the face he caused Deedee to make once he puts on the crown. Seriously, look up his face, it's fantastic.

8 Galacta Knight

He could've just used those lasers to kill everyone. He only uses his true power on team kirby-when He does that, he is one of the strongest, if not the strongest kirby character. By the way, he wasn't killed by morpho, he survived as a developer said he would return in another world

Actually Kirby and Meta Knight both took him down individually. He was probably holding back on Meta Knight though. Just imagine if he unleashed his full power on Meta Knight.

I think he wasn't taking the heroes seriously. He can quickly switch forms and create one shot lasers. Wait, this isn't hardest bosses page...

9 Bandana Waddle Dee

Look, I'm going off the usefulness of a character, and I'm Star Allies, Bluster Bandana Waddle Dee is godly. With the tornado added to the Waddle copter, the flying spears, and overall floatiness, he's great for blasting through enemies. Not only that, he's so adorable! Look at him and tell me he's not a cutest little thing.

He's a pure wholesome boi. If I could have a Kirby character as a child it would be Bandana Waddle Dee. I mean.. he would literally make you apple juice every day. Seriously he needs to be higher up on the list.

10 Gooey

He's pure and wholesome. Needs to be higher up.

I love Gooey! He is forgetful like me!

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11 Taranza

Definitely one of my new favorite characters, even though I've known this guy since I started getting into Kirby. Like Magalor, you just got to feel really bad for him. He lost one of his best friends especially when you find out that he actually had a crush on Sectonia . Just watching him twirl that little flower of his I just feel bad for him and I hope he finds the miracle he's looking for.

Taranza is awesome. Just look at his attacks. Energy burst, the best attack. He can summon his projection of queen sectonia (which I hate her so much because she betrayed taranza).This poor guy. I think he should be one of kirby's friends. so cool and awesome.

12 Chef Kawasaki

A very helpful friend and powerful enemy.

He's just a nice chill chef and doesn't deserve to be made fun of by the cappies.

13 Kracko
14 Adeleine

Go see 10 Kirby characters that should be in Smash Ultimate if you want my opinions on Adeleine. There's a reason she's 2nd on that list.

She is sweet and loves to draw. Just like me. I like the concept of her being the only human and I would like to be her friend

I always liked Adeleine, ever since her debut in Kirby 64. She is a great healer in Star Allies.

15 Waddle Doo
16 Daroach

Daroach is the OG. And just like Dedede, it is one of Dark Matter's "chosen ones". Along with Magolor, Daroach is just so cool and shady and stuff.

The 4rth best thing in sqeaj squad. Advocates for female rights, animal rights, and UFO rights. And looks cool, has a cool theme, and has my favorite ability magnified into a huge beam. Great charecter.

I've never played Squeak Squad, but he is one of my favorite characters in Star Allies!

17 Whispy Woods

The worst, most simple and overused villain along with Dedede and Poppy Bros. At least he got replaced with a terrifying but awesome Robotic tree in KPR! ;) But hopefully will never appear in ANY future Kirby game again, for being overused and recycled over and over again.

I can't believe someone said he should NEVER be used again, I h8 whoever said that.

Whenever I beat this dude, I always feel sorry. The single tear just makes me seem horrible for attacking this dude. I'm no tree hugger, but I'd snuggle this tree any day :')

18 Knuckle Joe

How is Knuckle joe not on this list. He is cute and he's one of the best enemies/helpers in the game. He especially did good in his return.

Knuckle Joe, Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede & Meta Knight are all obese, although Kirby, Knuckle Joe & Waddle Dee are already light.

19 Tiff Tiff is a character from the Kirby franchise appearing in all 100 episodes of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Tiff is friends with Kirby and lives in Cappytown. She is voiced by Kerry Williams, who has also voiced other characters such as Nami in the 4Kids dub of One Piece as well as Casey from Pokemon... read more

It's sweet how she takes care of Kirby like an older sister with a baby brother.

She's an kind, smart, caring girl.

20 Parasol Waddle Dee

These are my favorite variants of Waddle Dees!

21 Dyna Blade
22 Nightmare

Kinda cool guy. I wish he was in more games and had an even more important role in the lore.

His Boss fight in adventure was flawless and brilliant. excellent!

23 Prince Fluff

Needs more love. He is a cute fluff and needs to make a return. My sister would never let me play as Kirby when I was little so I honestly like Fluff more for the nostalgia

I like him, he needs to appear as a regular Puffball though for the future games, and have a darker side.

I've played Epic Yarn since I was 3 so I just have connection to him.

24 Morpho Knight

was not expecting this guy to get Yet another fight in forgotten land. And he's probably just as powerful as galacta knight, I mean he is galacta knight, right?

The butterfly plot twist was so epic and it's cool how they brought back an old design to make this masterpiece.

It's a fusion of galacta knight and a butterfly. Who wouldn't like this guy?

25 Ribbon
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