Top 10 Best Nancy Drew PC Games

A top ten list of HerInteractive's Nancy Drew PC game series. May not be exactly accurate, because it's really hard to decide on some.
The Top Ten
1 Curse of Blackmoor Manor

I love the setting and the music. It has an intriguing story and some twists to keep you guessing. The characters are full of...well character. There are lots of puzzles that are difficult but rewarding. And it's just the perfect Nancy Drew game for fans of puzzles, creepy stories, and mysteries. If you're a fan of other Nancy Drew games and you haven't tried this one, do yourself a favor and experience The Curse of Blackmoor Manor!

Even though it's not my own personal favorite, I have to admit that it is the best one they ever made. The plot is thorough, the puzzles are challenging, and even though it all takes place in one location, it feels HUGE. Complex, shocking, and long enough to satisfy even the most insatiable sleuths. Never a dull moment in this game!

2 Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Perfect balance of everything in this game. Multiple mysteries, plenty of charachter interaction, most people were genuinely suspects throughout, inventory puzzle to gameplay puzzle ratio was spot on and just the right amount of challenging. Get to utilize the Hardy Boys. Introduction to a franchise reocurring character, multiple settings, involved mysteries. HER never quite executed another game as well as they did this one.

This game was almost #1 for me, but another game had just a tad bit more. On the upper hand, I love this game. The story is engaging, all the characters are great, the puzzles are fun, and also...the Hardy Boys! This game had a perfect balance of everything.

3 The Silent Spy

I adore this story, the emotion involved. Also there's no chores to do! You can make cookies if you need money, but I adore any and game where you don't have to organize bug frass or make endless meals for lazy people.

It was a breathtaking game! The graphics, characters and plot were great and I loved learning about Nancy's past and about what happened to her mom after all these years.

Maybe my all time favorite and game. What fun! And an intimate look into Nancy's family life.

4 Shadow at the Water's Edge

Shadow at the Water's Edge was my first Nancy Drew game I played and it was the best of all I have played. It has good suspension to it. This is one of the scariest games with Nancy Drew so far, going along with "The Curse of Blackmoor Manor". The game is unique, like how they brought the game all the way to Japan. The characters I will say do not like to give information so easily, especially Miwako. If you like suspense, some scary moments, and lots of interesting stories, this is the Nancy Drew game for you. Although I will say almost all the Nancy Drew games are awesome.

5 Danger on Deception Island

The fear factor is a bit lacking but when you start learning more about whales and starting to care.. Things become more tense. This game played a big part in my lifelong obsession with whales.

Its awesome and I love the cute whale and the end has a coll twist that no one would ever really expect. Also the puzzles to solve are really cool and pretty easy so you don't spend your whole life trying to figure them out.

I thought the whale was really cute! I had lots of fun playing this game, solving puzzles, finding clues, and building sand castles!

6 The Secret of Shadow Ranch

This is my most favorite Nancy Drew game. Not only is the setting nice and homy, the characters lovable (Dave especially), and the music beautiful - on top of all this, you find out through letters and journal entries, an amazing old love story between an outlaw and the sheriff's daughter. It just doesn't get better than this!

After playing all of the games, I thought that this one was the most young-user-friendly. I wish there was more history background involved- as many of the Nancy Drew games are-but I enjoyed the scenes as well as the minor daily routines to keep you on track.

7 Warnings at Waverly Academy

This was absolutely amazing. The characters were so dynamic and the puzzles were mostly fun. I loved the setting and the mystery. Also, Her Interactive does a great job making it feel like you are a teenage girl at boarding school when u get to recieve texts messages and listen to all of the gossip. The thing I loved most about the game was all of the side plots like when one student plagerizes and another student "steals" her roommates boyfriend. Plus the plot twist at the end was amazing.

My favorite game in the series by far: I love the realistic characters, detailed plot, setting (an all girls boarding school! ) and the incredible graphics. 10/10, would highly recommend.

8 Treasure in the Royal Tower

This was one of the first games I ever played. The characters still make me laugh, they're so funny, but the first time I played it the coolest part was actually when I got to see Prof Hotchkiss for the first time. In the beginning you only see her through a crack in the door, which makes it more mysterious. Plus anyone who orders fifty drumsticks is okay by me. And let's not forget Jaques Brunais, our resident Frenchman, or Lisa Ostrum, who was BFF for a while... But besides the great setting, and the history, and the fun puzzles (no giant nonograms here! )... Two words. Dexter. Egan.

I hope they remaster this one! I got a new computer and it doesn't work anymore!

9 Message in a Haunted Mansion

Best and scariest one ever! Music so creepy, just hearing it raises the hair on the back of my neck. At one point, my son and nephew, 11, 12 year old boys were hiding under the desk while playing. My daughter and niece played with me, the first time with many screams and hesitations to go on. The only reason I think this one doesn't win scariest is that it is one of the first ones in the series and is not played as much as Black Moor Manor although that one was scary too! I have played all of the Nancy Drew Series with my niece, we started when she was 15 with Haunted Mansion; she is 30 now and we continue to play and are so happy they will return this Spring!

10 Tomb of the Lost Queen

This is the best game. It has so much puzzles and cheracters I really didn't expect that kind of end. Misterys, puzzles, story. I really liked mummie!

The Contenders
11 Alibi in Ashes

This is one of the most unique Nancy Drew games ever. The main character is the prime suspect and has to prove herself innocent (with the help of her friends that you can play as) while trying to catch the real criminal. 10/10

It is interesting to play the Nancy Drew Characters in their point of view. Its has a different feel to it and the characters were represented in the best way.

Was good game with the way you could play as other characters. Nancy being allowed to wander the precinct was a little unrealistic but fun.

12 The Deadly Device

I absolutely adore this one! Ryan is super funny, Mason is so fun to annoy, Ellie's fun to plan with, Victor's all mysterious, and Gray really just wants to watch the walls in peace. Plus, you get to talk to the Hardy Boys! The puzzles weren't too hard, the music, though short, was perfect, dialogue was entertaining, mystery was compelling. And of course, you get to play Aggragation. (Or as I love/hate to call it, Aggravation.)

By far my favorite game! I have always loved Nikola Tesla's work; and for the game to incorporate his work into a modern setting is truly amazing!
Other than that, the characters are amazing, as they each have a completely different personality.
I have played many different Nancy Drew games, but this one took the cake!

13 Ghost of Thornton Hall

The story, the design, the characters, the atmosphere, the music...everything was perfect. This is my favorite and game. The game provides a sad, intense, but at the same time peaceful vibe (if that makes sense). There are elements to this game that keep you so intrigued on the mystery, and the addition of the ghost, Charlotte, made this game even better. The puzzles were great, and the ending was...well I'm surprised herinteractive gave you a choice to go down a dark route.

This game is the best one because the story is engaging, the characters are all deep, the villain is one THE best and most importantly of all, the horror is real because it revolves around sadness.

14 The Phantom of Venice

Amazing game, I wish it was available on Mac! Interesting characters and unique settings. Authentic-sounding music, great details, interesting plot. After playing this game and then actually going to Venice, I felt like I had already been there! Also, Scopa, the mini-game, was so much fun I would play it over and over on its own.

I absolutely love this one. The plot is so fun and exciting, awesome setting, awesome puzzles, awesome mini-games, interesting characters, this will always be my favorite.

Love it! The graphics are good. The story is interesting and you might need to think harder than usual when it comes to and games!

15 The Shattered Medallion

I really enjoyed this game, thought the characters and dialogue were so funny, entertaining and interesting (which in all honesty I don't find much in other Nancy Drew games)! The puzzles as well were fun and a great variety. Also visually very pleasing. Also Sonny Joon.

Seeing sonny joon is the only reason to play this game. now I said play do not buy

16 The Haunted Carousel

One of my favorite and games. If you like finding lots of objects this is a good game to play.

SPOILERS: treasure in this game isn't connected to the mystery at all. Miles was annoying.

My first ever nancy drew game, perhaps one of the easiest to complete.

17 Trail of the Twister
18 Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

This is one of my favorite Nancy Drew games. I've played a lot with castles, but this is the best one in that category. You can earn coins easily and buy cakes, snoop around an old lady's bag and laugh at the conversations Nancy has with the owner of the castle. Also, it includes German fairytales and fun board games. It's definitely in my top ten list.

I really like this game's plot, the whole dog thing just lured me in! At every turn in the forest area I was summoning every bit of bravery I could gather, I was deathly afraid I would be mauled by the ghost dogs! This and Blackmoor Manor were my very first and games I played.

19 White Wolf of Icicle Creek

This surprisingly is #3 on my top 10 list. I wasn't expecting it to be so high, but I had a lot of fun playing this game. The gameplay is fluid if you organize your task list, and I enjoyed most of the characters...except Chantal...only spoke to her on the phone, and it made me want to quit being her detective lol. The scenery was very beautiful, even though most of it was just wilderness and snow, and of course, the star of the game...the white wolf, Isis!

My favorite part was the cooking. My only problem was the stupid Fox and Geese game! It took me about a month to win what I needed!

20 Danger by Design

This is the best nancy drew game ever in my opinion. The setting was gorgeous, the music was great and it had lots of interesting and fun suspects. Overall it was an amazing game.

This game had a unique story and beautiful setting with interesting characters and a surprising ending. A great game all around!

21 The Captive Curse

This game has a very exciting plot and interesting charactors. It is a little bit scary at times but not too scary:) It takes place in Germany in a castle that is said to have a monster terrorizing it. You really get to walk around a lot. You can go in the woods, castle, courtyard, and rooms in the castle to explore! Even better, there are secret passage ways! I definitely recomend this and game to anyone who wants to solve a mystery that is different from all of the others!

This game was amazing. It has a great plot and the characters have really engaging dialogue and are super fun to talk to. The mystery itself is actually a pretty great mystery and the games and challenges that it has a re challenging, but also super fun. Would definitely recomend this game

22 Secret of the Scarlet Hand

This is one of the best games I have ever experienced. The history is interesting and extremely accurate, the characters, while a touch on the cheesy side, provide great depth and several intentional and unintentional laughs, and the backdrop of a museum is gorgeous to look at. The puzzles are fair and range from easy to punch-a-wall tough, and it feels like you are Nancy Drew. This is the best one of the series, and I could play it time and time again.

This is one of the very few and games that I actually enjoyed doing chores, or should I say tasks. I loved learning about the Mayans, and going through the tomb. Only pet peeve was Joanna Riggs, the most useless person in a and game I have ever dealt with.

23 Sea of Darkness

I absolutely love the emotions that were packed into this plot. Between Ned and Gunnar and Soren. Plus I loved "The Word I Couldn't Keep" and of course, Dagny Silva!

Lovely game, great number puzzles and beautiful in game artwork, fun characters and the plot runs well.

The song, "The Word I Couldn't Keep," is beautiful, and I love this game because it's centered around it!

24 The Haunting of Castle Malloy
25 The Final Scene

This one is my absolute favorite Nancy Drew game! I love the setting of the old theater and the whole Houdini and magic element! Just overall a fantastic game with a great setting and one of the few games where I've felt sorry for the bad person.

The most intense of the games (other than Shadow at the Waters Edge). The Final Scene has its flaws, but the story keeps you interested throughout, and you feel a real sense of emergency and danger (which I feel has been lacking recently).

Though short and lacking in puzzles, the story and mystery are tight. I liked the race against the clock plot, the characters and their voice acting, and it was nice to see Nancy having more agency to tell people off.

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