Top Ten Bob the Builder Video Games

Bob the Builder was a cartoon series that I especially grew up with. I still watch it today at times when I feel like it. It helps me chill and go back in time in my mind and I love it. However it was actually the video games that started getting me into Bob the Builder in the first place. With that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Bob the Builder: Bob's Castle Adventure

Bob's Castle Adventure is in my opinion the best Bob the Builder video game really. Deciding between this game and Builds a Park is a tough subject. Both are among the first video games I ever played in my life, the latter one being the first, but both hold such a special place in my heart but I have to go with this one. It was the second video game I ever got and compared to Bob's Castle Adventure this one had overall better minigames which is mainly the reason it tops that one. So many awesome minigames. The maze games were definitely my favourites. So many awesome memories this one tops my list.

2 Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park

Aah yes I strongly love this one. It was the very first one I played and in fact the first video game I ever played of all time and thus it holds a very special place in my heart. Remember getting this game when I was just two years old and I loved this game so muh I can't explain it. In fact it was close to be number #1, but you see, I now think "Bob's Castle Adventure" has some better minigames here and there but you can't deny how special this game was for me.

3 Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It

After the love I had for the top two entries I got a third Bob the Builder game, and this time it was a lot simplier than the other ones. It didn't really have a story like the other two games as it was released before and was just minigames. That's not to say the minigames were bad, because they were very fun as well and I have strong memories of this one as well, even if this one's not as strong as the top two. Nothing beats those masterpieces.

I found the PC version at a store yesterday somehow it worked with Windows 8!

4 Bob the Builder: Can Do Zoo

This one's a lot different from the other PC titles and unlike those other two games, I played this one first when I was a lot older, although I don't know if you classify four or five as way older than two and three but eh it's your opinion. It has a very different art style but it's very fun. You must build a zoo and get animals by playing minigames and it's a lot of fun. The more minigames you complete, you can also build your own scenarios and it's very fun in my opinion.

5 Bob the Builder: Fix It Fun!

I never played this one. Mainly because I don't own a Gameboy Advance. I've seen this on youtube though and it seems pretty fun. The graphics are very retro and there's a lot more story in this one despite being the first one ever released. It looks pretty fun.

Played it on an emulator and it's fun.

6 Bob the Builder: Festival of Fun!

I never played this one either. It looks good though and I do own a 3DS and a Wii so I could get it, just not sure yet. I've seen it on youtube and it looks alright although the graphics are pretty disappointing in my opinion but then again graphics don't matter.

7 Bob the Builder (Ps2 Eyetoy)

A strange game released for the PS2, it requires the Eyetoy add-on to work and for some reason, Spud T-poses on the title screen.

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