Top Ten Memorable Moments from Final Fantasy Tactics

With so many memorable moments in the game, it's easy to see just how memorable the game itself is. Spoilers ahead.
The Top Ten
1 The final duel against Wiegraf

Everyone who first played FFT probably reached this point and couldn't win, especially since you can save the game in back-to-back battles. Wiegraf's duel is the second battle of Riovanes Castle. It's often considered the hardest battle due to Wiegraf having multiple powerful skills at his disposal while the player only controls Ramza.

Beat the duel, and then you face Wiegraf again, this time as the demon Velius, who summons his own demons while your remaining party members join the fight.

2 The rooftop battle against Elmdor

The last battle of Riovanes Castle is another challenging fight due to some poor AI decisions by Rafa, a character who must be protected. She often rushes toward Elmdor, Lede, and Celia, the assassins with 100% status-inflicting attacks, including one that can cause instant death before you can move.

There's a reason I level up so much in FFT. I know this battle is going to be a real challenge.

3 Algus shoots Teta

This was a moment when Delita lost control. Algus, a nobleman with no regard for commoners, shoots Teta as Golagros uses her as a human shield. He then shoots Golagros as well. This moment provokes Delita to kill Algus, and explosives are set off.

It also leads to the separation of Ramza and Delita.

4 The battle against Queklain/Cuchulainn

Queklain/Cuchulainn is the first Zodiac demon fought, having apparently corrupted Cardinal Draclau of Lionel Castle with the Scorpio Stone.

This fight is memorable for being the first of its kind and for demonstrating how difficult these boss battles can be.

5 The battle at Zirekile Falls

This might seem like an unusual choice, but this battle is memorable for several reasons. First, Ramza and Delita reunite here, with Delita accompanied by Princess Ovelia/Ophelia. The three essentially work together against a group of knights.

Notably, Gafgarion betrays the group, motivated by greed. Savvy players can strip Gafgarion of his equipment before the battle to make him easier to defeat.

6 The final duel at Lionel Castle against Gafgarion

This event happens before the battle with Queklain. Ramza faces his first duel, although it's somewhat of a pseudo-duel since Ramza's allies are tied up behind a gate fighting Gafgarion's allies while the two leaders battle each other.

This is often considered one of the tougher battles early in the game.

7 The Dorter Trade City Battle

This is considered the first truly tough battle in the game due to the enemies involved. The wizards are already strong with their powerful spells, and there's an archer who sits atop a roof, sniping at enemies. Algus and Delita often attack this sniper first.

However, this battle is memorable mainly for being tough.

8 The Final Battle against Altima/Ultima

In an interesting twist, Alma avoids becoming a true host for Ultima, but the demonic archangel fights off both Ramza and Alma in a ship graveyard.

It's not the greatest final battle, but it is a worthwhile conclusion.

9 The ending
10 The end of the Beoulve legacy

This event creates a rift in the Beoulve family. Dycedarg makes a deal with the devil and acquires the Capricorn Stone while Zalbag tries to foil his plot. Zalbag is killed for it, but Dycedarg, as Adramelk/Adrammelech, is also slain. Zalbag later reappears as an undead, begging Ramza to kill him before he kills Ramza.

Although Ramza is technically a Beoulve, he is branded a heretic and is presumed dead by the end of the game as well.

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