Top 10 Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Which of the Brawlers in Brawl stars do you think is the best?
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1 Tara

This brawler has a great range and her super is op ,especially if the stare power is on . ant her gadgets(especially the support from another dimension)are op so add the support gadget and the stare power witch summons a shadow to attack with her super move it can take on any brawler literally!

I don't like Tara.She is my power 7 brawler while others are 10 and 9 power.I just hate Tara but the only good about her is her super and gadget.

Tara's ability is the only thing that keeps Tara at all useful right now. She had low health and low dph. Plus, as a midrange, she's stuck competing with classes like leon and pam whose dps are simply insane. Of course, if she lands all shots, she can do some incredible damage but that requires her to get close, something that can be risky with her health and lack of speed.

BUT, that doesn't mean she doesn't have strengths. She does have a decent amount of range allowing for her to farm out the health of other classes if necessary. She has piercing on her shots, allowing for her to compete against other classes for chests so that they can't get close without taking a decent amount of damage first (unless they penny, then just back off). And of course, she has her ability. Although her ability can be used at any range, it is preferable to be used at close range so that you can get in and do some quick dps, maybe even reload your ability. Her ability stuns the opponent while ...more

Tara has decent range and can do a lot of damage and can team wipe with her super. I think Tara is a very good brawler even if I don't have her yet.

2 Spike

The best brawler ever.Deserves to be top 1.His super is overpowered and he does tons of damage if he attack others VERY CLOSELY.

OMG, the way each of his attacks spirals out with more is super cool. His super is basically Lou's, just way better. It makes the opponents super slow and if they stay on the spiky circle they'll die.

Spike has a curveball ability that makes his spikes be able to hit enemies better. His super slows down enemies, giving him a chance to kill them.

He is the best damage dealer ever! The problem is the his movement speed is normal and he has low health. Also he can even hit I enemies behind a short walk with his attack and curve ball starpower!

3 Poco

He has a lot of healing. Both star powers are good, tuning fork can come in clutch and he does splash damage with attack and the super is so cracked my guy.

Good in team games, where you can quietly aid your teammates from the bushes. I've made plenty of quick saves with Poco that have lead the team to victory. The only downsides are that you have to stay away from the other team's attackers, otherwise you'll most likely die and that attacking to power up your super to heal your team is risky because Poco's attack isn't that high.

I like to use this guy a lot. His range is pretty good and his special is pretty useful, healing himself and his teammates if it hits them. This guy helped me get 1000 tokens for 3 boxes lol

I love this brawler! It's good at almost every map(for me) and is great help when your teammates are low in health and carry a lot of gems. Attack damage is pretty good, and with the new Star power(able to damage through its super) it is almost unstoppable.

4 8-bit

This is my baby. I only recently started playing so I don't have him yet (only at maybe about 1350 trophies so far). But I think he is really cute with that tiny little mouth and those big eyes. I have seen him in battles and I have tried him out myself in the training mode. I'd say he is definitely one of the most powerful characters in my opinion as it's very easy to get your super. His range is similar to Colt but maybe a little shorter. And don't get me started on his super. When he puts that little booster down he is practically unstoppable. And what's even better is that allies can use it as well. I also really like his winning and losing animation, especially his losing animation as he is trying to press the continue button on himself but it fails so he just dies. Plus he's also got some awesome skins, my favorite being of course the virus one. I'm pretty sure that virus 8-bit is one of the few characters to have a custom voice and let me just tell you that his voice lines are ...more

He is slow, not denying the obvious, but he deals so much damage! And don't even deny that his super's op. It can boost the damage of you and your team!And the gadgets and star powers are good.

He isn't exactly like his name - he doesn't send 8 bits. He sends 6 bits, though, and does A LOT of damage, especially with the Super the damage booster (He do the most damage in the entire game if he has the damage booster!)

He is cute, powerful, has a great design, he is super fun to play, his super is useful : he is one of the best brawler.

5 Crow

Crow is incredibly powerful. He may have low damage per shot but because his shots stop enemies from healing, he can easily hunt down individual targets. Additionally, he has increased movement speed and has a relatively short load time for shots allowing for him to dodge while landing a lot of damage. His utlra allows for you to escape when you are trapped while it can also be used as a finisher or simply a way to land a bit of extra damage. However, his lack of health can quickly become a weakness, ecspecially if you forget to clear bushes as most meless can 2, if not 1 shot him at point blank

Crow's toxic comes in clutch many times and keeps the enemy from healing which would deeply affect a low health brawler. he is one of the fastest brawlers out there and his super is insane. Only bad thing is his health. I honestly think his carrion crow star power is insane because he has a damage increase when brawlers are below 50% health. also in brawl ball he can shoot it up and then use his super to catch up to it. his gadgets are also insane with his shield and the ability to slow the brawlers with his toxin down.

I'm a strategic player who usually gets top 3 in Showdown. He isn't good for team games other than securing gems and revealing enemy brawlers, but extremely fun to play with in Showdown. He is your man if you just want to have an extremely fun game or torture others by staying out and range and poisoning then to death.

Crow's toxicity can kill enemies occasionally, making him good in bounty. His super can make him escape from risky situations and deal damage in return.

6 Colt

Colt is one of my favourites. He's so easy to get and he can deal an op amount of damage. Gadgets and star powers are both good, he is a very good brawler overall

You can layer on some good damage with his bullets and practically kill an opponent with the super. He is one of my mains I'm pretty decent with him. Plus his range is pretty long too.

For heist as colt's a sharpshooter he can easily attack the safe from far. Plus in my opinion sharpshooters are the BEST!

His aiming can be a pain if you're a pleb, if not then he's a beast. His damage is pretty flipping good.

7 Leon

His attack is really good, especially close up. The only problem I have with him is that his health kind of sucks, so Shelly could easily beat Leon close up. The reason I would give him no.1 is because if u have him above 4k health, his weakness to things like Rosa sneak attack actually give you a chance. Also his super is great to sneak up on things like Colt, Rico, (any low health things), and especially Piper; she is helpless in that state. Overall, I would give is attack an 8/10, because of the super, health/defense a 7/10 because his invisibility lets him get out of sticky situations and can survive a piper's shot. By the way, Him and Sandy is a deadly combo, especially in feast of famine because of double invisibility, Leon can kill anyone coming to the middle power boxes while Sandy farms them. The reason I chose Sandy even thought her attack is roughly only 1000, is because the Sandy's attack penetrates through the boxes, causing her to hit all the boxes at the same time.

Leon is op and has been nerfed (they decreased his damage and invisibility time) so many times because he was so powerful. Leon deserves number 1 or 2. His invisibility is also op and it can be used to escape or sneak up on people. He is good in every game mode especially in siege because he can turn invisible and collect the bolts. He is the best legendary in the game and he deserves a better rank in the top 10.

Leon is the best. His invisibility means that he can get moderately close. He can melt people at short range. Tara however, is TERRIBLE. Spike is not good for the current meta, and is easy to counter. Crow is just trash, apart from his super, Mortis sucks, Bull is decent, Poco is the worst, el primo is decent, pam should be in top 3.

Best assasin in my opinion. Op damage close up. And if you use super, than clone gadget, you can even kill a shelly or a bull. He is the best brawler in my opinion

8 Pam

Once you unlock her star power, she is just OP. Her damage is pretty good, but Overall, her heath is insane with the star power.

Pam could be both a support and a tank. The healing station heals allies, preventing them from dieing.

She's my favourite. I used to be best in Canada with her.

On power 9-10 pam does almost 10,000 damage with all 3 attacks close range. this can beat any brawler with the exception of frank using sponge. Her star powers are some of the best in the game, with the exception of conel ruffs's second star power field promotion.

9 Bull

He is an OK character but I have lost some showdown matches due to charging into the poison area with my super. I just wish that the charge had more control.

I will now give an overall review of the Bull brawler. I like that there is lots of gaming stratagies to use with him, so that is a 3/10. I also love close range brawlers so that is also 3/10, and of course I love his super, star power, and gadgets so my overall review is 10/10.

Bull is only good if you are in a map with bush's to hide in and wait for people to get close, or in a small map with less walls. Bull is also great with close rang maps because he does way more damage.

So much damage and health. 6000 health Bull can easily beat any character with 8000 health UNLESS somehow Barley gets that high (Barley does way too much damage at that point)!

10 Nani

2100> damage. Peep can have infinite range, too! Nani's super, or Peep, is good for siege because you can attack the siege Ike assembly turret and Peep can't ever get harmed.

Nani has the most unique and weird attack in the game, which is surprisingly good at the right distance.

Great brawler, peep is overpowered while Nani's attack does way too much damage.

Nani is cute and peep is also really cute and Nani is a good brawler

The Contenders
11 Rico

My other baby. This guy I actually have and he is just as cute as 8 bit. I like that while his range is pretty similar to Colt he can fire his shots so they bounce back off of walls allowing him to hit multiple opponents. And with the super you can do even more damage in the same way. He's also got some pretty cool skins along with that new firefly skin which is going to be available soon. And he's just really cute with his lines and what not so him and Nani are probably my two most used characters

He's good, love his powers and damage. He's good for noobies, but hard to master. He does a little less damage than colt, yet his ricoshot attribute makes him a force to be reckoned with.

He's Colt but with a much better skin, more damage and awesome ricoche bullets. The only thing about him weaker than Colt is his HP, but if you upgrade him enough it won't matter. He isn't number 1, but should be in at least top 12.

Yo he way better than stupid colt, and he ricochets. It's just his health

12 El Primo

Just combine him with Poco or Colt or Shelly and it will be the deadliest combination ever.

Seriously this guys is BEAST! I don't know why he's not the top of the list.

Good as gem collector, he just fly from a side of map to other one..

El Primo is really cool and I love playing with him.

13 Darryl

He is very great for close range, and in brawl ball, he can instantly shoot the ball and use his super to catch up with him. his super can also be used to close long distances from sharpshooters and does excellent burst damage in one shot (its really two shots but one bar)

Darryl is a very OP brawler. His super allows him to escape sticky situations and he can hide in bushs and pounce out when an enemy comes near. He is great in brawl ball because he can shoot the ball then use his super to catch back up to it. He is mostly just good if you know how to use him. His attack is just like Bull's but faster, so it deals way more damage.

Darrl is the best brawler in my opinion, he can roll in and deal massive amounts of damage. Also his super charges automatically. His star power is also way overpowered, making him almost unkillable when he uses his super and briefly after.

Has lots of health and does a lot of damage, and his rolling special attack is good for escaping battles, and doing damage to far away people.

14 Rosa

Rosa has, lots of damage and health and attacks fast I got 38 gems with her
Oh and I recommend using many brawlers as it increases chance of getting new brawler

Rosa is good but not that good.

Her super is overpowered

Definitely worth getting lots of defense pretty decent attack to

15 Mortis

Mortis, after the release of his newest power 10 ability, may be back on top! Without power 10, Mortis is lacking, not neccesairly a bad choice but not a very good choice either. He can pick up gems well, kill throwers in bounty and seige, and survive brawl ball. HOWEVER, he is relatively weak for a melee and his lack of health or range can be restrictive. His new power 10 allows for him to bypass this restriction and once more be an almighty mythic.

Mortis is a damage dealer slayer, he can kill them so easily. His super replenishes his health and deals damage, making him survive extra attacks.

Mortis just suffered a massive nerf, His range was MASSIVELY decreased, And kicking the ball takes an ammo slot. SO mortis is not the best in brawl ball. He kinda sucks overall. BUT he is my favorite brawler. So that's why I voted for him

Mortis is really good with coiled snake and combo spinner. He is also good with creepy harvest and survival shovel. His reload speed is really bad but he can dominate anyone except tanks. He is insanely op in my opinion

16 Jessie

She is another one of those really good characters. Her main attack is very similar to Nita except maybe a bit longer. Her super is also pretty good as she can have her turret handle one enemy while she goes to take on another one. The only thing I don't like is the way that she is cuddling that gun in her winning animation. It concerns me

God in my opinion. Just shoot at a crowd and BOOM.

17 Frank

Okay, this kid is op. I mean, his range is pretty awesome, his super stuns people so he can just hit them again and again 'till they die, and has anyone seen his health?! Ummmm. How is it so high all the time? I have a power 5 Frank. His health bar shows 8500. Sadly, this shows that maybe he'll be nerfed. maybe not though, since he has to pause to perform his attacks, giving his opponents plenty of time to strike.

Personally my favorite brawler, does a lot of damage, especially when you upgrade him. He's a beast at brawl ball if you know how to use him, and his super freezes opponents for like 2 seconds. He is the best.

Frank is so op. People say that when he attacks it is easy to escape FALSE he has a long and wide range and packs a huge amount of damage

Way better than primo, super is OVERPOWERED and... a tip: don't do the super while carl is doing his!
Should be in top 5.

18 Shelly

Best Brawler especially with her star power.

Her star power, bandage, is OP. If Shelly's ho is lower than 40%, she will heal up to full hp.

You are automatically dead.

Very good in showdown

19 Nita

I'd like her a little better if her range wasn't so short. I feel like I can really only get in good damage if I use her bear. And the bear can't even do much if it gets killed by someone. I'd say if she's a decent character

Nita is the best brawler I have ever used. First, I will rate the attack on the scale of 1 to 10, the super, and lastly, the skins and skills needed for playing it. Nita is a really good brawler for gem grab, she can grab as many gems and distract the others with the big baby bear. The bear overall is really overpowered, sort of like another brawler overall that you don't have to worry about. While the bear is attacking someone, Nita can run away from them if her health is low, or help the bear fight the person if her health is high. Nita is really well balanced. The only person who could really beat her in gem grab badly is Barley, who I also commented on. Overall, the attack is actually sort of mediocre, the bullets don't last long, but they recharge at a steady rate. I would give it a 4/10. But it all pays off when Nita can summon big baby bear, which usually happens in a quick rate. The super is good, especially paired up with the power ups (after power 9). I would rate the super ...more

Nita just got buffed so she can 3 shot almost half of the brawlers in the game.

Nita is the BEST brawler I have ever used and I love the cute skins!

20 Barley

I feel like I should use this guy more often. He's one of the few characters that came over walls and he's pretty annoying when I battle him. I'm just not good with his range that's all.

Barley,s normal attacks are really good, since they lob and it leaves a pool of poison. Aw man, don't even get me started on how op the special can be. Its range is so large, its super useful in any game mode. Its damage just bulldozes any other character!

"Best for Heist because people can chase you and all you have to do is run while still attacking enemy safe.

Super covers a very large area, so good in brawl ball/showdown.

21 Grom

He can throw balls that deal a lot of damage in a good range.His super is the same but more damage more range.Deserves to be higher by the way first comment!

22 Brock

Brock with his new gadget is so OP1 and can shot through walls plus he can lit counter some tanks with his long range.

Gadget is too op, especially disabling Frank supers.

23 Sandy

I think snady should be higher up on the list because his invisibility sandstorm gadget is overpowered when in head to head combat, also he attacks deal quite a lot of damage, 920 an power level 1!

Sandy can make his allies be invisible for a period of time, this is to escape risky situations.

Just really good overall, especially for gem grab.

As they always do with a new brawler, she's too OP.

24 Gene

New brawler. Shoots a single shot that explodes into a shotgun blast after traveling a certain distance. His super pulls a brawler close to him, doing damage as well. His star power allows teammates to heal health in a certain range of him.

His attack is great as if not hit, turns into little bullets. His super can grab enemies (Like Bulls) and kill them, or for the derpy Genes out there, die. He can pull an enemy from the goal to him which is great for Brawl Ball

His regular attack is a long range shot that explodes forward in a similar way of penny's attack, but doesn't hit an enemy to explode.

A Spike with Mythic rarity. Super is game changing

25 Mr. P

Mr.P should be in the 1st place . He has long range , can attack through walls and he has the highest HP in all long range brawler . His super , which is super annoying and tank for him and his teammate so much . His "Handle with care " starpower can increase his range so much .

Ok this is the best brawler hands down no exceptions turn off your device!

Good super. Great damage!

He can throw over walls

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