Best Demon's Souls Bosses

While the bosses in Demon's Souls aren't necessarily as good as later games due to the clunkiness of the game. The ideas of some of the bosses can be described as nothing short of amazing.
The Top Ten
1 False/Old King Allant
2 Flamelurker

As what was hyped up to be the hardest boss in the game, disappointed doesn't even cover how I felt when I beat this guy first go. I was looking forward to struggling against him for ages in a true test of skill, and then he got beaten easily. Despite this though, the boss itself is very complex compared to most of the other fights in the gme and one of only 2 fights that I classify as aggresive in this game (The other one being the false king.)

3 Maiden Astraea & Garl Vinland

Just like with Sif, the main reason that this boss is great iss due to the emotional impact of it. At this point in the game, you have most likely killed nearly all of the Demons, so to have this person kill herself and have you question whether it is the right thing to do leaves a feeling of deep sadness and insecurity that won't go away for the rest of the game.

4 Maneaters

Imagine the bell gargoyles from DS1, now imagine that without the summons, being on a more precarious arena, and the gargoyles being scaled for endgame. This increased difficulty is the reason why the maneaters are such a good boss, as I always found the gargoyles too easy, so to have this boss in Demon's Souls was an extremely nice surprise.

5 Penetrator

As one of the only humanoid bosses in the game, the penetrator really shows how far the series has come from its early days. While he isn't a particularly unique foe to face in a souls game, as the template for all of the humanoid bosses later in the series, he is great.

6 Tower Knight

If intimidation alone was the only thinng counted in this list, this boss would easily be in the top 3 at least. It is quite unfortunate that this boss is soeasy, but what else should you expect for the intended 2nd boss in the game? As a learning tool essentially saying that the large enemies are always the easier ones, this boss is very important to the flow of the game.

The arena is great, you have multiple ways to defeat the boss, the boss looks so cool and it's very well designed as it's semi aggresive (like vangard) and semi puzzle (like phalanx)

7 Old Hero

When I first fought this guy, I thought that it was a strange fight, he would attack randomly when I was no where near him, would wander around aimlessly when not engaged and ignore me completely until I would run or attack him. Then it hit me, the boss is blind. While the boss isn't very difficult, it is a completely different fight when you try to work with the fact that the boss is blind to kill him quickly, and one of the most unique in the series at that.

8 Storm King

When I first fought this boss, I was outraged, I thought that the game was forcing me to get a bow and kill it with that, which went against my mentality of beating the souls games using only melee. After exploring and finding the storm ruler, I all of a sudden felt a rush of power destroyed the storm king. The beauty of the boss combined with the feeling of invincibilty is why I love this boss.

9 Phalanx
10 Fool's Idol

This boss can simply be described as pinwheel done right. The whole thing with the clones and attacking with magic spells is a constant. The difference is that the fool's idol has a normal amount of health so you can't kill it in a combo. The magical attacks sent out by the boss are also quite devastating if you are hit.

The Contenders
11 Dirty Colossus
12 Old Monk

This would be one of my favourite bosses if the online play for Demon's Souls wasn't laggy and didn't havve what feels like a grand total of 2 people playing. The concept of a pvp boss is awesome as it means that people who don't normally play pvp get a chance to experience it, and people who frequently play pvp have a way of doing it. Unfortunately, because of the bad online play this game has these days, the boss is never anything more than an npc that is honestly easier than certain normal enemies.

13 Vangard
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