Top 10 Disgaea Humanoid Classes

This is a list of the top humanoid classes in the Disgaea series. Classes like Fighter, Beastmaster, Healer, Skull, Gunner, and Thief are humanoid classes. They are able to equip weapons such as swords, staffs, spears, guns, and bows, and can lift and throw objects and player and enemy units.
The Top Ten
1 Female Healer

The Healer is a usually essential class in RPG games, as they can restore drained HP to characters, and the

Female Healer does that as well as cancel out negative status effects using Espoir.

In later Disgaea games, the healer ends up gaining damaging spells that involve "overhealing" until it causes damage. However, in Disgaea D2, they are very powerful at both healing and attacking due to one of their Evilities, Book of Medicine, which allows them to deal damage using their Resistance stat. The RES stat is easily boosted by equipping orb items, and also boosts the strength of healing spells even without an Evility.

2 Beastmaster

They have weird outfits, but they are good for boosting monster classes like the Winged Warrior. They boost their stats by a good percentage if they stand close to an allied monster. As a result, they are a good humanoid class to supplement a large army of monsters.

3 Prism Ranger

Adding creatable Prism Ranger characters in Disgaea 4 is a good idea, as they are a well known team from the series. Six of the nine Prism Ranger colors are usable in the game as separate tiers. Unlike other classes, the tiers are not progressively more power versions of the existing classes.

4 Skull

They learn magic spells easily, which is very useful for beating the game, as these magic spells have long range and the ability to have customizable area-of-effect range. They are generally used to unlock spells for other characters to use. The Skull also has a cool design, wearing a cloak that covers the head and looks like a skull, at least in the first game. From the second game, they look more like nerds with small round glasses.

5 Mage

The Mage is a girl who is basically a clone of the Skull, but unlike the Skull which uses lots of SP to deal more damage, they use less SP when using skills than other classes.

They are so cute.

6 Thief

They are the ultimate class to have when attempting to steal items, which is basically required when progressing farther into the post-game in order to gain the best items in the game. Their chances of stealing items can reach nearly 100%, compared to other classes which can only reach 50%. In Disgaea 2, they also have skills which force an ailment to occur on an enemy, which is very useful for tactics such as forcing an enemy to sleep and then poisoning them so they get terminated without having to attack them with weapons, and not be able to eliminate player units.

7 Archer

In Disgaea 5, the Archer class has a unique skill titled Hit Force which forces attacks to hit, which is very useful for beating enemies with boosted speed stats or Evilities that reduce the accuracy of hitting them.

8 Majin

The Majin class is powerful to the point of commonly being considered overpowered in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its ports. However, they were made much weaker in the sequel games, first by them having reduced movement and having a special ability that boosts their power in Disgaea 2, and reduced Aptitudes in Disgaea 3.

9 Magic Knight

They are known for having great magical power due to their skills that only they can learn in Disgaea 2.

10 Wrestler

They are good throwers in Disgaea 5 with a whopping 6 units of throwing power, and they gain Evilities that boost their throw range even further and makes it so that performing a throw without moving does not count as an action for that turn.

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