Top 10 Best Web Based Games

Web games have always been around since the birth of the internet. These games allow you to play games programmed to be played on your browser. Whether it runs on Flash, HTML5, WebGL, or any other web development engine, any web games are allowed here. (WEB GAMES/BROWSER GAMES ONLY)
The Top Ten
1 Manyland

Manyland is a really great MMO game similar to VRChat because of the socializing aspect of it. The main building platformer gameplay is similar to Growtopia. Though it lacks player base, Manyland has a close and great community that you can always talk to and play with. Really great, I'm glad I found this game.

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2 Club Penguin

Such a legendary game and one of my all-time favorites. It had so much content that I would explore when the game was available. Definitely a top 3, gives me so many memories.

3 Pokemon Showdown

Really amazing online Pokemon game. It uses the basic gameplay of the Pokemon games (specifically the battle system) but takes away the adventure a, though it's still great. You can battle random people online with a random team of Pokemon OR your own custom team of any Pokemon! (Though there are some exceptions, like legendries) There's also more customization, like background, and profile stuff. There's even in-game chat AND chat rooms to talk about the game, or off-topic stuff!

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4 Mystera Legacy

Mystera Legacy's an amazing MMO game, it's basically RuneScape + The old Zelda games (like A Link to The Past). The perspective and basic gameplay is similar to A Link to The Past, but is an online MMO that has all these online servers and also similar gameplay to RuneScape. I loved playing this game and was kinda addicted to it but stopped when I was stuck in this underground area and I still can't get out of it, so here's a tip if you actually decide to play this because I'm talking about it: Get an escape rope or something.

5 Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is a really fun 2D online battle royale game. It has a lot of interesting and unique weapons than the ones you'd see in any other battle royale, and has fun events always worth checking out.


Though it's not too relevant anymore, it's still pretty fun, has a decent player base, quite a few modes, more customization, and great strategies for making it into top ten.


Pretty fun shooter game with a lot of competitive scene. It also has a lot of custom maps and rare items you can get which can get you to replaying it.

8 Merc Zone

Merc Zone's a fun online FPS that has simplistic graphics and fast placed combat, pretty similar to SUPERHOT.

9 Shell Shockers

This is a very strange FPS game from the same people who made Merc Zone, it's like Merc Zone but all the characters and fricking eggs. But overall, it's actually pretty fun.


Krew's a really fun and slightly competitive online multiplayer game. You can go to islands to collect resources that are transferred into money and XP to level up, and also use islands to buy stuff (better ships, items to trade at other islands at a higher cost, and perks), and when you're ready you can sail to other islands, but you gotta be careful because there could be other people riding ships, which can lead to wars on the sea. But hey, you can also get other people to join you, giving you a larger crew!

The Contenders

This game really gives DOOM or Quake vibes. You can double jump and fly around, use abilities, and go around collecting weapons and ammo to use when fighting others.


Great recreation of Fall Guys. It's definitely easier, and the maps are really cool.

14 Quest for Bacon
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