Top Ten Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Fangames

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1 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - The Contempt of Court

Not only do you get to play as after character development Miles freaking Edgeworth at the very end, (which is extremely awesome by the way), but it includes 4 of the very best, deeply interconnected fancases the Ace Attorney fangame community could ask for. Not to mention the introduction of one of the coolest (and scariest) villains in or out of the official series, Lyle Hemlock.

2 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Conflict of Interest

It was a tough choice choosing between this and The Contempt of Court for the #1 spot. But in the end, I think it just barely beats out Conflict of Interest as the best Ace Attorney fangame, which hopefully says a lot about The Contempt of Court because of just how good this fangame is. This was the first Ace Attorney fangame I ever played, and I have to say that it pretty much exceeded all my expectations.

The characters are good, almost all the cases are great, and the new main prosecutor Obadiah Williamson is amazing! The fourth case, Turnabout Consequences, is by far the best case in the entire game, even better than the finale. Not only is it incredibly dark (even by Ace Attorney standards), but it tackles a heavy character conflict not really brought up or mentioned at all in the official series. And all I have to say is, poor, poor, Pearly...

3 Ace Prosecutor Zero

A completely separate standalone fangame heavily based off the Ace Attorney format, while having you play as the prosecution for a change. Just the amount of time and effort put into this one by itself is impressive.

4 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - Turnabout Substitution

Works as a good unofficial fifth case to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney of sorts. With a fitting ominous soundtrack and subtly disturbing mystery to boot, this is one of the few Ace Attorney fangames that managed to genuinely unnerve me.

5 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials After Justice

Too bad the fourth and final case hasn't been completed yet, because Trials After Justice does a great job at recreating the original trilogy's classic charming format of searching for the truth with Maya Fey close at your side while you fight to defend your client. Not only do you get to play as her in the first case as the defense, which is both awesome and hilarious, but the new prosecutor, ex-Navy Lieutenant Luis Hawk, is a pretty great inclusion to it all as well.

I also like the third case, Turnabout Daredevil, and how both Phoenix and Luis are so innocent they can't even mention the word breasts...

6 A Turnabout To El Dorado

A single fancase set after the events of Spirit of Justice and an alternate universe from Duel Destinies. (If that even makes sense as Spirit of Justice comes after.)

7 Ruby Rose: Ace Attorney

A crossover fangame with the RWBY web series. It's actually much better than it sounds.

8 Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney - Shattered Glass

Takes place in an alternate opposite universe of sorts where Edgeworth is a rookie defense attorney instead of a prosecutor.

9 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - The Return of Ryunosuke Naruhodo
10 Hexepta: Mayor Attack

Another standalone fangame heavily based off the original Ace Attorney format.

The Contenders
11 Apollo Justice: Appeal to Truth

There are quite a few interesting characters in the game. A grown-up Sebastian is no longer a goofball, and Godot is still acting like a gigachad. In general, all the characters here are perfect.

12 Phoenix Wright: The Jakkid Series

A collection of fancases based off the infamous, so bad it's good, Ace Attorney troll fics written by the misunderstood, brilliant fanfiction author Jakkid166.

13 Turnabout Curtain
14 The Dragon's Turnabout
15 A Batty Turnabout
16 The Assistant's Turnabout
17 Turnabout in Payne and Suffering

Absolutely hilarious troll case.

18 Turnabout Bakeshop
19 Ace of Turnabouts
20 Turnabout Trickery
21 Alex Order Ace Attorney Chaotic Order
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