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1 Riot

Riot is the best Geometry Dash player. He verified Bloodbath, a level that I have been working on for 2 years and still haven't completed. He has also completed levels like Sonic Wave, Heartbeat, and Saturn V. I have only managed to complete Sonic Wave, which was quite challenging.

But his achievements include Sonic Wave and Bloodbath, which have made a significant impact on the history of Geometry Dash. Riot has truly changed the game and is the best!

People always said he verified Bloodbath and all. He really did, but what about the other achievements? Riot is the best player to exist. He changed the entire history with straight flying, making 144hz popular in the community, and creating the best rivalry with Cyclic, also a very skilled Korean player.

Riot is the best player in history. Even if Sunix might beat Riot at skill, Riot is the game changer to GD history, reforming it and all. He is the best and greatest player to ever exist.

2 Sunix

He is one of the best, or THE best of all time. You can see him destroying demons left and right. Right now, if Riot were to play, he would need to return to his glory days.

Once that happens, it could be a really good rivalry between Riot and Sunix for the title of the best. This makes him top 3 best.

He is the best player! He beat Bloodlust with only around 5,000 attempts, but Knobbelboy (the verifier of Bloodlust) beat it with 121,000 attempts. He is much better than Riot. Not because Riot quit and other players got better and better, but since the old times when Riot played, he was better.

Riot's biggest achievement was the verification of Bloodbath, which is easier than Sonic Wave, Sunix's biggest achievement.

3 Cyclic

Just because you hacked doesn't mean you're bad. Cyclic is an example of exactly that. He is responsible for at least four extreme demons which are extremely popular.

He made Geometry Dash a much better game and also changed it for the better.

Might be hacking, but he created the best rivalry in history with Riot. He even made the original Sonic Wave to be one of the best demons of all time. He regained his title and is one of the most memorable people of all time, hacked, stopped, skilled, and demolished.

Just because Cyclic is a hacker doesn't really mean he's bad. He changed GD history with Riot, and although his skill isn't as good as we all thought in 1.9, that doesn't mean he's bad.

It's not about skill but how you change the game entirely, which makes you a legend.

4 Knobbelboy

Not one of the originals or OGs, but he is still one of the best of all time. He has beaten Bloodlust, made God Eater as one of the best solo creations, and one of the best in artwork and design.

But he made so many more. He is like Krazyman50 in building. Krazyman50 and Knobbelboy can be rivals and the best creators of all time, not to mention the skill they both have as well!

Knobbelboy is a good player at the game, having beaten a few extreme demons and even verifying Bloodlust, an extremely hard Bloodbath remake that was the hardest demon for over a year.

He is also a really good creator, having made many great levels.

5 Krazyman50

This has got to be some sort of a joke. How is there even competition? This guy has verified not one, not two, but three extreme demons, including Phobos and Conical Depression, which, in my opinion, is way underrated.

He's working on Black Blizzard, and if anyone can do it, it's Krazy, no doubt. If Riot is number one because he verified Bloodbath, which I would like to point out is the eighth hardest demon while Phobos is seventh, then that's just messed up.

Krazyman50, the best creator of all time, or the second best behind Knobbelboy, doesn't really matter. He is the one that reformed some part of GD with his decorations and style. You can even expect both Knobbelboy and Krazyman50 to make a collab and create the hardest demon ever. Krazyman50 is one of the best, and he will be in the years to come.

6 Surv

My hero. He's so good. He was the first to beat Phobos and Conical Depression. He's beaten every extreme demon there is.

This guy beat a lot of hard levels, most notably for me, Bloodbath. A true legend.

Better than Riot. Riot was just more popular and changed the Geometry Dash community.

7 Zobros

Seriously, this guy is an awesome creator. He should be famous for making Nine Circles since it's now famous as there are hundreds, even maybe thousands, of Nine Circles levels around the world which all started by him.

Zobros made things like The Ultimate Demon Mix and Forsaken Neon. He's really good at creating and playing.

Look, this guy has been an idol to guys like Sunix, Cyclic, and more, and even made once unknown players like Superpizzaluigi famous.

8 Trusta

He came back recently and has been slaying extreme demons left and right. Trusta also created the GDDP, which has allowed so many people to improve at Geometry Dash. He beat Sonic Wave and Erebus within the span of about a week and has beaten many more extremes as well. Turns out, he hasn't lost his skill after all these years.

He was the verifier of Yatagarasu, which instantly makes him an amazing player. On top of that, he also beat Bloodbath (in the fewest attempts), Black Blizzard, and many other demons.

He's also one of the few really nice famous Geometry Dash players.

9 nSwish

First of all, he is known as one of the best players of all time. He is an awesome demon-slayer (his goal is to beat the entire list), and he can play decently hard challenges like Black Lung X (top 10), a challenge by Scware that he verified. What more can I say? He holds a significant place in GD history.

I see what this guy does and it's just amazing. He's beaten already 30 or 40 extreme demons from the Main list and beat those remaining demons in just two days.

For me, this is the real best player in the world. (Sorry for bad English)

10 Technical49

Technical49 was a machine in his time, and although I never really considered him at the level of the other dominant players in other periods, looking back, he was pretty good.

Tech may have lost a bit of his skill now, but what he did in the past was extraordinary. He managed to beat over 100 extremes, which is absolutely ridiculous. He beat Tartarus and Zodiac, plus he verified levels like Ouroboros, Ragnarok, Sigma, and Gamma. Mad respect to him.

It's either between Sunix and Technical49 for the best player in the game. Technical was the first person to beat Zodiac, the number one demon. He verified Ragnarok by Knobbelboy and Ouroboros by Viprin, among others. He has a lot of skill and talent, which is why I respect him.

The Contenders
11 Dolphy

He beat Tartarus, the hardest level in the game, first, which is an amazing accomplishment. He's an amazing player, mad respect.

I think he is the best player but somehow can't top Riot. He is an extremely skilled player in beating extreme demons.

People said he beat the hardest level in the game, TARTARUS, and he is also a Russian 240hz player.

I know he is the best player as he verified Tartarus. He has also beaten Zodiac, Kenos, Bloodlust, Revenant, Crimson Planet, and many more top extreme demons.

12 Andromeda
13 Combined

Combi is extremely skilled in the game and deserves to be higher. He is usually inactive, but he can achieve great feats. He was the previous verifier of Kenos, an extreme remake of Sakupen Hell.

He got 97% twice on it, which is an impressive but sad achievement. He then dropped the level but beat it later when he wasn't verifying anymore.

What an effort he put into verifying Kenos. He almost did it but not quite. Kinda like a repeat of Quasar and Bloodlust.

I don't know why, but the list is way off. Combined should be higher with a bunch of others. To name a few: Hotball1, Wooshi999, Technical, Waivve, and more.

14 Npesta

He may not be the best player in the world, but his entertainment value is what earns my vote. Npesta is one of the most entertaining streamers out there and has motivated countless people to play this game.

Not to mention that he verified Kenos, which is still number 5 on the demon list. Npesta is one of the most determined and entertaining Geometry Dash players to exist.

This guy is the BEST. He is very funny, gives out positive messages, and is very skilled at GD. He verified Kenos (ahem, reaction), Deimos, WOW, and more.

So overall, he makes very good content and makes his videos and streams more enjoyable than others.

15 Dorami

I think Dorami is the best Geometry Dash player because he has done many challenges like beating Bloodlust, which is very hard to beat. He is very good at straight flying.

He makes the best content and is super funny.

Dorami is all around the best GD player. He isn't the best at beating extreme demons, but he still excels at what he does. He isn't the best at spamming, but he still does exceptionally well. He is the best content creator of GD.

The only thing I think Dora is the best at is straight flying. He is literally the best at entertaining, coming up with challenges, and so on. The only other player that can do what he does is Riot, and then I'm biased at that point.

16 Enlil

Sorry to say this, but both Cyclic, Riot, and several other top ten Geometry Dash players are hackers, but that doesn't mean they aren't good. It just comes down to who is the better hacker, and Enlil takes it. He beat every level Riot beat with fewer attempts overall.

He is famous for beating Cataclysm, but he should actually be famous for this: he had actually managed to beat The Hell Zone without hacking.

Some people say that he beat Sonic Wave without hacking, and I think so too.

Riot is good, but Enlil beat Riot in fewer attempts for several of the hardest demon levels like Cataclysm, Hell Zone, and the only level harder than Bloodbath, which is Sonic Wave.

17 Quasar

He beat Bloodbath, which is one of his most notable achievements, but has also beaten other insanely difficult levels.

He was #2 to beat the extreme demon Bloodbath and should at least be in the top ten, if not five.

18 Creepy Dash

Creepy Dash is a beast, and I hope that he will not give up on GD. I love his Creepy Skeletons level.

19 SrGuillester

He beat Red World Rebirth and Cataclysm really early. He beat both Silent Club and Silent Clubstep. He verified Hatred. The list goes on and on.

Voted because he made and verified Nhelv, the absolute best main list extreme. I don't need to say any more.

Kinda like Sunix. He beats a lot of levels in a short period of time.

20 Guitar Styles Heroes
21 Sandstorm

This kid was whipping Cataclysm at the same time as Riot, Cyclic, and Giron.

Sandstorm was a 60 Hertz god back in the day. He beat Cataclysm and ICDX, but quit because Bloodbath was too difficult. Should be top 15.

22 SoulsTRK

Fourth and last (so far) to beat Bloodbath. This dude's good!

He beat Bloodbath. He should be in the top 10.

23 Atomic
24 Wooshi999

By a good amount, the best player around. Has beaten or made progress on just about all top 50 levels.

He beat Blade of Justice in less than a day, and Blade of Justice is even harder than Bloodbath.

He has beaten or made progress on almost every top 50 and is the best player whose only real competition currently is Noctafly.

25 Virpin

He verified Hypersonic, the best Sonic level yet!

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