Top Ten Worst Types of Pokemon Fans

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1 Genwunners

These guys have been the worst since Ruby and Sapphire. I can't be near one for more than a second. Sure, gen 1 had Gyarados and gen 4 had the Rotom appliances, but gen 1 had Jynx too. Every generation has good and bad pokemon.

If you look at the official ratings of all pokemon you will see the top is all Kanto pokemon because they only care about Kanto pokemon.
Gewunners say that every other reigon has bad pokemon. I know that there are still bad pokemon like Unknown, Lickilicky, and Probopass, there are still pokemon like Lucario, Excadrill, and Genecect.
Another thing is genwunners don't realize that pokemon like Muk, Parecect, and zubat.

Every single fanbase has this, including TheTopTens. I hate it when people rabidly and forcefully hate things because they are from a new generation, not from their's. Sorry fans, the old Disney cannot and probably never will come back, like Nintendo, Metal bands, the Internet, and Fanbases. They all can't accept the fact that new things can be good. The people like that will grow up playing the WiiU, meanwhile us, (in the far far future), will be playing with Nintendo JoyToys or whatever.

Yeah yeah yeah, Pokemon like mewtwo and charizard are good, but what about ones like dialga, rayquaza, victini, greninja and snivy? Those ones are way better in my opinion. In fact, they aren't actually true fans. When someone is a fan of a game, once they complete one of the games they can't wait for the sequel to come. Genwunners hate it more and more when a new gen comes out. I'm sure when gen 11 comes (I don't thinks so) genwunners will hate game freak. - spokesstuff87

2 AmourShippers

AmourShipping is dead now, don't get me wrong, but remember those times where people were so obsessed with anime Serena that they had to put up annoying fanart? Good times... (sarcasm.)

Agreed. However, for those of you saying that AmourShippers rudely take down yuri and yaoi stuff, sure, they do it rudely, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't take them down.
I dislike yuri and yaoi stuff a lot. I don't have anything against those who don't (most of 'em anyways) and I keep it that way. My personal belief is that everything should be straight, and there are those of you who will disagree with me, some to the point of religiously defending it, but still, it is just my belief. You can have yours, I'll have mine. That... and Ash x Serena does kinda suck. to be honest I like Ash and Dawn, or May, or even Misty more. Hell, I'll support a Ash x Iris. Serena is kind of a stalker. face it, she sets out on a journey just to meet ash. And she follows him for a while too. It's creepy as hell.

Amourshippers are one of the most toxic shippers I have ever seen. They liked to bashed other ships. They are worse than Pokeshippers. Just because Serena and Ash kissed doesn't mean it is a cannon. They haven't even dated. And Ash is totally oblivious about the fact Serena likes him. Also, many of them went out so far by saying rudely that the yaoi and yuri shippings suck. They like to "prove" the fact that amour is the best. I know that our own shipping is the best but it has gone too far when you are forcing people to like your own ship. I think that is being selfish.

While Amourshippers may have a sense of conceit around them, they are far from actively disrespectful of other options. If we are going by that definition then apparently stating that you like a ship means you automatically disrespect other ships by default. The 6 slot is biased and misinforming.

3 PokeShippers

I said the same thing on Amourshipping, and I'll say it again. Each shipper community has "those" fans that tend to bash on the rest. Though, as much as there's so much of "those" fans on the Amourshipping community, I find the Pokeshipping community worse. One example is this the user(I'm not naming him cause I wouldn't want to offend him.) He makes a lot of memes, but sometimes his Serena memes can be a little too much for a character, even if it's a parody. I would make Misty memes, but I wouldn't want to ignore those ship moments even as an Amourshipper myself. In fact, I would put something fun that could make everyone laugh without doing a negative parody of Misty. I'm not saying that all Pokeshippers are bad, but there are still many of them that are still biased.

I like Pokeshipping, but I also Like Advanceshipping. However, I am Primarily a Pearlshipper! Does that make me a bad person? No! It doesn't! Pokeshippers are so annoying and obnoxious and don't respect toehr people's opinions! They bash fans of shippings that involve Ash but don't involve Misty, especially if they are fans of shippings that involve Ash but don't involve Misty, but involve the Main Characters who are girls but not Misty! This is probably because Misty is a Main Character who is a girl! I like some Pokeshippers, but most Pokeshippers are obnoxious and rude!

From all the shippers they have relatively the biggest percentage of jerks. one time someone posted a deathbattle between misty vs serena. I just politely commented that misty would faint when serena reveals that she kissed ash on the lips, which is officially confirmed it was on the lips. and poster immediately starts to insult me calling me not a true pokemon fan, saying it was on the cheek. If you can't handle the others opinion and the truth that the kiss was on the lips, why do you even post a battle like that.

The problem with PokeShippers (Ash x Misty fans) is that they tend to double up as genwunners. This is what honestly makes them so annoying.

Misty is a great partner for AAsh though, but so are his other female companions, especially Dawn and Serena.

4 Charizard Fanboys

Honestly, the most annoying of the entire fanbase are those guys who relentlessly defend newer games, and completely disregard any of the games from older generations. I have no problem with liking the newest game, but don't just instantly call the older games irrelevant.

Personally, I love Charizard. He's not exactly my favorite Pokemon, but he's quite up there. Not only is he simply classic, he's a fire-breathing dragon (yes, dragon, not lizard). A simple yet badass concept. Also, I loved Ash's Charizard from the anime. But if someone is so crazy about Charizard that they spit on the other Pokemon without giving them a chance, then that's when it becomes a problem.

Charizard is my favorite Pokemon but I do not think that Charizard is the best Pokemon! Charizard is just my personal favorite Pokemon! The Charizard fanboys are the reason why Charizard gets so much hate nowadays!

I just hate Charizard, that's all
-Not because I lost battles to Charizard or something akin- I just don't like it's look because I hate dragons and dragon-like creatures(altough I love Dragonair and Altaria), also, I don't like it's tpe, fire(altough there are a few fire pokemon I like such as Ninetales and Flareon), I also hate it's special treatment and so on the list goes...

5 Serena Fans

Ok, I am ok with serena, but I don’t really like her character, she is really soft when she sees ash and is just... just... weird! Sorry if this is mean to any of you fans but I don’t really like her, but again I think Pokemon made this character to get girl’s attentions, not many girls liked Pokemon before the XY came out

She has many bad fans but her haters are even more brutal
Perfect example: this very site.
They give out many logical reasons to hate her, but if you give out just as equally much logical reasons to defend her, they just thumb down your comments without even acknowledging your very arguments whatsoever and then they practically dismiss you as asinine. I even made a list about why I hate her hatebase.

I hate Serena! She is nothing more than a Mary sue who has a stupid crush in ash, and her character is just pointless!

Besides the black & white and sun & moon companions she is the blandest companion

6 Pedophiles

They don't just ship kids with ANY adults - some ship Ash with...
HIS MUM (ikr what)
So, there was this one time when I wanted to see some cute fanart of baby Ash with his Mother which I thought would be so adorable! So I typed into Google 'Ash and his mum' and naturally I got a list of autocorrections. One of them was 'Ash and his mum lemon fanfiction'. Whoa, creepy. I'm never going near that, NEVER.

Nope. I mean, if I ship 2 characters, I make sure they are both adults.

Stop making porn of underage video game characters.

So true. People ship children with adults. lol

7 Poke tubers

The only I know that are generally terrible are Distantkingdom and Versifly. Anybody who knows them probably can guess why they suck

They're always in it for the money. I wish the community was like it was in gen 5/ early gen 6 and when patreon wasn't a thing.

They're ALWAYS comparing the games and starting generation wars. Some of them are ok, though...

Just name a poison type Verlisify and spam toxic toxic spikes and other poison type moves

8 Serena Haters
9 People who only played Pokemon Go

So my friend plays Pokemon Go more than I do because she for one actually enjoyed it and I don't (I'm lazy so what). What annoys me to no end us how she acts all proud and mighty because of this. I've been a Pokemon fan my entire life (literally my parents raised me on it) and it hurts when she acts like she's the bigger and better fan because she plays the game more. I have nothing against people enjoying the game as their first introduction to the series but I don't like it at all when this friend starts questioning that I'm a fan. Honestly she asked me to name six legendaries and because I didn't mention any from gen 1 she said I didn't know Pokemon. It's okay if you're new and enjoy the game, even if you're someone just following a trend but I draw a line when they think they actually know more than I do.

I am the lazy type but I am also really into shiny hunting. I have to like to do all these tricks and stuff. But my other friends that are "Fans" only play pokemon go and just be like oH lOoK I hAvE 6 sHiNeS aNd yOu oNlY hAvE 2 I'm way better than you. it just kinda hurts me. I don't really care of they just only play the game like I get some people are poor.

Do they cause you problem? because it seems me like you're who bullying them
Let them play whatever you want

Come at me haters

It is not that bad people it is just overrated.

10 Unova Haters

Unova is my favorite games pokemon has.
Unova haters make fun of the reigon for having a ice-cream, and garbage pokemon, but it is like making fun of pokemon for a crab
pokemon. Unova haters are bad fans.

This Gen mainly gets hated cause of designs, so here goes:
Each Generation has their "ups" and "downs" on designs. This is because Ken Sugimori changes up the style each Gen.(Take Gen 3 and 2 designs for example.) If you can't consider Unova Pokemon as "Pokemon," then what even is a "Pokemon? " Yeah, yeah, there's the "ice cream" that's more of a glacier, Vannilite, and the Pokemon with repetitive evolutions, Klink, but they're both just like Muk, Electrode, and Weezing's situation, but with a more complex design. Besides, there's Pokemon like Zoroark, Bisharp, and Hydreigon, so Unova is not totally bad.

I don't get why people hate the ice cream pokemon, the garbage pokemon, and politoed when gen one had a goo pokemon, a pokemon made of 3 of its pre evolutions, and Nicki Minaj.

I still hate you politoed. you started weather wars

All generations have their bad looking Pokemon but when Gen 5 does it, it's somehow the worst generation of all time. Which is a load of bull.

The Contenders
11 Gardevoir Fans

I presume it's about the Coomer kind. The worst kind of them all. Really. They'll try to pry in their sexual fantasies about how they "impregnate and breed them" each day and every day. Yet they don't realize that it has a 1:1 gender ratio, meaning MALES EXIST, but even some don't care and will go that "extra mile". Sick, puke, disgusting. As for the edgy fans, I'll pass. If you pollute the internet with the atrocity you call "thirty fourth rule", then you're a miserable degenerate, and belong on a cross. Get an actual job and stop taking commissions from various thirsty horny troglodytes that only know to pleasure themselves. If you are that kind of person too, then control yourself and your "feelings", and self-improve instead of cranking that Johnson. I'm out. *Drops mic*

I use Gardevoir, in Sapphire and Alpha Sapphire. I started with Sapphire, but I didn't even know what gardevoir was, I just thought it always evolved into gallade, I accidentally got it, but I'm not a fanboy.

I don't like the porn art. I only like Gardevoir because of her battle prowess potential. When I'm done training them, they usually are "goddesses for battle," as a friend of mine once said.

Really the only people who like Gardevoir are sexually frustrated nerdy virgins, which write really messed up fanfics about. Gardevoir fanpervs need to drink a cup of bleach, at least one cup a day.

12 TV Show Original Series Fanboys

They put the Original Series of the Pokemon Anime on some huge, golden, platinum pedestal and say that it is perfect but they criticize all of the other series of the Pokemon Anime as well as all of the fans of all of the other series of the Pokemon Anime because "THEY DON'T HAVE MISTY! LOLZ! "

I don't CARE about the original show, I hate the pokemon anime so much

The origional series was the worst of the entire show

Genwunners are the nicest people, said no fan ever

13 Misty Fans

What the hell man? Misty is awesome. And the only one of the female characters I've seen that actually has a back bone that she can actually back up.

May and Iris, want to have a talk with you - Stakamakataka

14 Eeeveetards

Hey guys, I know Eevee is overrated, but calm down and just enjoy Eevee like me, who doesn’t praise Eevee like it’s a god, but still likes it as a Pokémon.

What pisses me off about them is not that they try to make eevee a celebrity as a guy before said but that they use it to make an edgy animations and ruin it. They add blood, gore and sad things just to make their animation edgy.

I like eevee. but I only think its cute and fluffy. nothing else. If they added a ghost type eeveelution called Souleon, with the pokemon from my profile picture, I'd be one of those fans. I love ghost types a lot. I'll admit... I defend them religiously. Now, can I have a fun argument with a hater? I love arguing.

I dislike most of them and I think Eevee is the most overrated Pokemon.. If not, more overrated than Pikachu.

15 Perverts

If you search pokemon Serena on google images there are always perverted suggestion.

This is why I can't bring myself to use a Gardevoir on my team.

The female pokemons have this type of fans

THIS, Is why I'm scared to look up NES, Ness, & Nessa - Stakamakataka

16 Sinnoh Haters

I actually hate sinnoh for everything it brought, it changed how the games were made, the gym leaders were forgettable, team galactic was the worst evil team ever, barely memeorble characters, the region design is horrible way too much backtracking, way to many legendaries, way too many new evolutions to older pokemon, horrid looking starters (also they were all useless as well) the games ran at a slow paste that it is cripling, the bright and flashy colors of sinnoh was horrible, platinum are horrid games if you ask me, just diamond and pearl 2.0. this is my opinion, respect it please.

I swear Gen 4 get's a lot of undeserved hate just cause of the time it takes to do certain things. But let me asked you this. Which Gen brought us WiFi battles? Sinnoh. Which gen brought the physical/ special split? Sinnoh.

My favorite gen because we also got some op Pokemon such ad, Lucario, Garchomp, Rotom, etc (plus we got new eevee evos, and my to most favorite pomemon, Lucario and Leafeon) sorry for rambling.

Sinnoh brought us amazing Pokemon Darkarai, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus. Also, it brought us really good starters.

17 Pikachu Fanboys

Jeez calm down u guys. We get it. Pikachu is cute. But please just stop shoving it down out throats and let us enjoy our favorite Pokémon.

Why did Ash's Pikachu refuse to evolve in the first place? I mean seriously, Raichu would be famous for everything Pikachu is now if he chose to touch the bloody Thunderstone. But nope, they were afraid of changing their mascot because of fanboys like these. People who think that Pikachu is a fantastic battler just because of the anime, or because he has the Light Ball equipped BUG THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Not to mention that Cosplay Pikachu is pretty stupid.

Pikachu isn't even a good Pokemon. Why on Earth is it the one that gets shoved down everyones throats?

Raichu for the win

18 Gen 5 Haters

These people love to hate on the fifth generation of Pokemon. They act like genwunners claiming that Vanilluxe and Garbodor are unoriginal.

Gen 5 has like the best story! I don't know why people vote it like.

Yes I love gen 5 my home region the haters on gen 5 go way to far

If you are a unova hater you will prove to the world that 1 flaw by someone you will be super discracive

19 People who bash on new Pokémon games

Shut up about the National Dex and just let people have fun

These people give dumb reasons to hate newer Pokémon games yet I just acept them

also known as a genwunner

These are the people that usally have the most stupidest reasons like really dippin dots and a wall UGH! and those annoying people that bitch and complain on not getting the games they want like gen 4 remakes like honestly grow the F up!

20 Charizard Haters

I swear, if someone hears you say you love Charizard, they won't shut up about how "overrated" he is. Pisses me off. I should know how it feels, it's happened to me.

These guys can be just as bad as Charizard fanboys.

Lame reasons to hate Charizard they have.

Charizard haters are stupid jerks that act as if Charizard is the only Pokémon with a quad weakness

21 Fake Fans Who Only Played Pokemon Go

The haters are worse. Stop complaining about Pokemon Go. In fact, I think it's a great edition to gain more Pokemon fans.

Like when pokemon go came out the dumb noob amount sharply increased and ruined everything

Why do they exist? Why do they have to ruin everything for everybody?

Pokemon Go fans thinks old pokemon games are ugly, boring and useless

22 Iris Haters

My problem with Iris haters isn't their opinion of her. It's that they are hypocrites. They hate Iris, yet enjoy female character who are just as condescending, childish, and bratty as Iris is..I even saw a few of them saying that they wish she was seriously hurt and killed. Wishing harm on a 10 year old girl sounds creepy and I hope they never have kids.

Iris may not be pretty or sometimes annoying but her skills are awesome!
And whatever those hate are crazy

Seriously, why do people hate on Iris so much

Barry is worse

23 Kalos Haters

They're terrible, every Pokémon game deserves love! They bash the games for absolutely stupid reasons and they always act like the other games were flawless.
"The characters are bad" Oh yeah? Sure, Diantha sucked but what about Emma, Lysandre, AZ and all the others?! And the older characters aren't better at all, you're just nostalgic! Every game has its good/bad characters.
They say the ost suck but they didn't even try to listen to it!
I'm going to stop here... Those people make me crazy. How can you be so disrespectful? Be nice and everything is nice.

My first game was X and since then I have played Pearl, Platinum and Omega Ruby. I love all of those regions and don't see why people hate Kalos (Delphox for the win).

I don't like the new 3D it just doesn't have the classic Pokemon look anymore and that annoys me a lot.

Maybe it was because my first game was y, but I like kalos tons more than any other games

24 Pokemon Go Haters

Pokemon Go is the first Pokemon game (I know it's not a main series game but it is attached to the franchise) I ever played, and I still love it. It's what introduced me to the world of Pokémon. Even though I never have played the main series games because I don't have a DS I am interested in the Pokémon world because of the various designs of the Pokémon and the many interesting concepts.

Oh dear, they suck! Not because of their opinion, but because of their attitude. Say something like 'I like Pokemon Go ' and you're labelled as a bandwagoner, hipster, fake fan or even told to play Pokemon main series games. And guess what? They even tell you to kill yourself. Over liking a mobile game. Yes.

That's just one part of the fan base. On a YouTube video showing Pokemon-I choose You!, there was this person who said people should be ashamed of themselves just because you were introduced to Pokemon because of Pokemon go. And I really hate other people who act like you must know all 700 over Pokemon in existence before playing your first Pokemon game. Wow.

Linking back to the Pokemon go haters telling you to play a main series games, I came across someone who was 'Lets hope these fans don't play Pokemon Sun and Moon.'. You guys told us players to play Pokemon Main Games, yet when we are planning to, you guys complain we are bandwagoners. Oh, so because you like a ...more

@IHateDonaldTrump At least we have people like you.

Ok guys as that visitor,I don't think they suck anymore.Nor do I care about the haters anymore.

25 Pokemon Anime Fans

How can I say this? They're mostly a bunch of 7 year olds who never watched more anime and pokemon is the only thing they watched. And don't get me started on them saying Digimon ripping Pokemon off, even though ironically it is a way better anime than this garbage. Haters at least do have good reasons to dislike the anime. And sure I understand kids enjoy this but the way I see it I don't get why even adults still watch it other than nostalgia.

Ok. So now I have a huge list of haters I guess... so beware of the pokemon anime fan haters... Sure, pokemon is a good anime, but there are also tons of other good anime. But I don't like digimon. It confused the hell out of me. But Naruto, Soul Eater, Death Note, and Norigami are good.

If anything the haters are much worse.
If you say you like the anime, they insult you and shove digimon tamers down your throat. I love the pokemon anime AND the digimon tamers anime equally!

I have been neglected for liking ditto, for liking the TCG for liking sword and shield, BUT THIS, THIS IS SOME BS - Stakamakataka

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