Top 10 Worst Things About Zombie Games

Have you ever played a zombie game and suddenly found yourself screaming at the top of your lungs out of anger? If you're like me, you probably get mad within the first five minutes. It's not entirely your fault if you get mad at the game. The zombie video game formula, commonly used in zombie games, is flawed. Weather these elements were ment to make a game challenging or annoying, they just make it unfun. These are the top ten reasons zombie games piss you off. These are two dishonorable choices I couldn't fit in the list. Breakable weapons (cause that's fun) and screen obstruction.
The Top Ten
1 Screaming zombies
2 Zombie hordes

Do you know what's worse than one zombie? Tons of zombies. I understand that in most zombie stories a lot of people have to die in order to make a 'zombie apocalypse'. That's not why this is up here. It's up here because hordes of zombies count for a lot of cheep dearhs. It's understandable that enough zombies can kill anyone quickly, but sometimes it's uncalled for. And, of course, what zombie game is complete without some random piont in the story where you're caught in the middle of a zombie horde having to do some stupid objective. At least games like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, And Dying light give you a fighting chance against a lot of zombies.

3 Explosive zombies

Do you want to talk about a bunch of cheap death bull? TOO BAD! I'm too pissed to stop now! Explosive zombies are the biggest, cheapest, and most annoying way to die in any video game. These are probably meant to change your tactics from melee to ranged, but end up being a bunch of trolls. They're usually portrayed as slow moving, oversized bodies with organs or chunks of meat bubbling outside of their skin. The reason why I hate these guys so much is because no matter how you kill them, they will explode. Doesn't sound too bad, but if you're stuck in small area with one, you're screwed. What if, in Minecraft, every time you kill a creeper, they explode, not even dropping loot. You wouldn't be playing survival mode that often now would ya. What makes these guys even worse is where they're placed on the map. I have died countless times because the butt-sucking developers thought it'd clever to place an exploding zombie behind every door you need to go through.

4 Rapid attacks

Most people react to something in about a half a second, so why do developers think it's a good idea for zombies to hit you five times before you can even react!? In T.V. and movies, zombies often try to run and bite people. In video games, they try to hit you like an angry little kid flailing his arms. Why? Because that won't get annoying at all. I don't know about you guys, but when a zombie hits me about three or four times before I can get it off of me, I'll be spurting, "What! " out of sudden hatred. Also, in most games, this takes about a quarter of your health.

5 Zombies slow you down

Who thought this was a good idea! One of the most distinct features in Left 4 Dead 2 was that common zombies would slow down your character once they hit you. Maybe Valve thought this was an innovative feature to challenge the player but I just find annoying. It hinders your pace of level progression which causes you to fight through more hordes of zombies. It also forces you to fight even when you just want to get away from them. Even worse is that other knock-off inde-zombie games have used this stupid feature to make their games suck.

6 Grabbing & biting

Usually the alternative to rapidly attacking the player, slower zombies will more likely pin you in a lock which usually results in a quick time event to tap a button or rapidly tap a button to get it off of you. This isn't as annoying as being hit a lot, but can really effect your survival. Most likely, when a zombie grabs you they'll probably bite you too which means your character is infected. What's really annoying about it is if you're fighting a group of zombies and one grabs you. Because not only are you trying to push one zombie away from you, you're also being hit by every other zombie.

7 Non-zombie enemies

As if fighting zombies wasn't enough, now I have to worrie about my enviroment, too! This isn't too bad, but some games really take advantage of it. If I'm supposed to get a sniper out of a building you could at least stop sicking zombies on me until I'm done. How do feel about fighting a bear while a bunch of zombies are distracting you. The developers could have zombies distract THE BEAR, but nope! They prefer to distract you. Hands down, the worst hazards are the kind that can instikill you like lava or a cliff side. They seem easily avoidable, but when your feild of vision is crouded by a bunch of zombies, you'll be scratching your head at how you didn't see that pit of spikes. Two games that come to mind is How to Survive and Dying Light.

8 Zombie projectiles

Just like other hazards, some games take advantage of it. Dr. Ned's dlc campaign and even worse, (90% of Zombie Apocalypse! ) have way too many zombie projectiles flying around. In Zombie Apocalypse, there are three different types of zombies that shoot projectiles. You have old ladies that throw knives, sheriffs that shoot shotguns, and pregnant ladies that give birth to bats (no joke, bats shoot out of her vagina). And guess what? Each projectile instakills. Just try, try to avoid all that while trying to kill about a thousand zombies. There isn't too much that that boils my piss in Borderlands. Sledge, Baron Flint, but their not zombies. No, the zombie that wipes a smile off my face every time I play Dr. Ned's Island is the defiler. Defilers are bald zombies with beer-guts who love to vomit all over you. Any time they see you, they'll run up to you. Once they get about five feet from you, they will release any bit of fluids in their stomach all over you. This doesn't just hurt you, it significantly slows you down, And covers your screen with brown and green liquids. And if you try to run away from them, they'll puke a ball of vomit that will most likely break your shield. The best way to approach them is to kill them before they can vomit.

9 Obstacles that zombies can pass through and you can't

Let's say you're trying to get on top of a building. So you go through five flights of stairs and dozens of zombies. You get to the top to find out that zombies are climbing up the walls like they're arachnic parkour experts. If you try that, you'll fall and break a leg. That's understandable for level based games like Left 4 Dead, but not for open explorative sandboxes. The fudge Dead Island. Throw me a bone, or rope to climb stuff.

10 Fast zombies

I don't care what the circumstances are, I think fast zombies are a cheep way to make a game more challenging. Not only that, but I think it's a cheep way to add drama in movies. Fast zombies are a travesty to the zombie genre. I'm not saying that you can't make good movies and games with fast zombies, I love Left 4 Dead and Zombieland. Just don't expect me to take the thought seriously that a withering corpse being eaten away by parasites can run as fast, or faster, than a fully able, living human being.

The Contenders
11 Bulletproof zombies
12 Zombified animals

I know that the animals are not immune to a zombie plague, but finding yourself fighting zombie dogs, cats, rats, lions, cheetahs, spiders, lizards, bears, cockroaches, wolves, crows... all along with zombie people. Give me a minigun and infinite ammo. I'll blow up my console.

13 Zombies spawning as fast or faster than you can kill them
14 Degrading Items

Everyone knows crowbars and sledgehammers and massive pipe wrenches are made of flower stems and Christmas ornaments. They clearly need to be completely rebuilt after hitting a human skull twice. They weren't made for smashing, prying, hammering, breaking, and lifting excessive weight and rusted hardware or anything.

15 Juggernaut zombies

Because every tiny town and secluded island just happens to be home to the most densely populated giant families.
8 feet tall? Done. 350 pounds? Got it. Having a regular human skeleton and tissue layer that is somehow more impervious to damage than a main battle tank? Of course.

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