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1 Manhunt

When look up "Gore" in the dictionary, Then 7 7 will equal 49. Balloons are for noobs and cherries are for pedophiles. My name is Sam. V-neck. My life as Liz. this is what this game is all about.

Nothing is as violent and brutal as this game! Still hoping for the day Rockstar release a 1080p fresh Manhunt 3...

It is nasty disgusting, brutal, sadistic and much more it should not even exist because of the violence.

This game should be #1. It's very VERY bloody and disgusting. The game that was banned in 17 countries.

2 Mortal Kombat (2011)

It is no. 1 goriest game in the world, as the sequels (I.e. Mortal Kombat X & Mortal Kombat 11) both are way too much gorier than this game. But this game is more violent, especially due to real-life graphics induced into this game. Worse, Fatalities are as gorier as ever than previous games. It even tops Manhunt & GTA games, but also has very scary scenes, far even worse than any horror movies. absolutely hate this game.

The word "fatality" should tell you everything. This is the second most goriest mortal kombat game after mortal kombat 11. Literally people ripping body parts out of each other and way too much blood. Please vote this and mk 11.

This game is WAY gorier than Manhunt 2 and Gears Of War. Rip someone's spine out. Rip their head and heart out and swap them. Dismemberment, blood, you can see their organs and bones when doing X-Ray moves. What makes it gorier is the graphics. Manhunt may have been violent, but the graphics were horrible (even for the time) and there wasn't much dismemberment. Yep, this is the goriest game of all time.

More violent than Manhunt and Manhunt 2. It's actually more gross than anything else. Please vote that this game should be number 1 on the list.

3 Gears of War

Insanely gory. When you chainsaw an enemy blood splatters all over the screen! And when you die your character drops like a ragdool covered in blood. And in GoW 2, you have to kill a worm from the inside by cutting its heart out, and it you fail you drown in worm blood!

More gruesome then Manhunt.
I also believe Madworld and Splatterhouse (2010) are very gory then anything else. However Madworld and Splaterhouse (2010) both passed in Australia rated MA15+, but both banned in Germany.

You fight against Locusts and you have every kind of weapon even a boomer shot after you kill a boomer.

The Lancer weapon defines the gore.

4 Dead Rising

Dead Rising is the goriest game of all time.

Don't believe me? You can jam a showerhead into a zombie's skull. The showerhead then somehow turns on and rains blood. Out of the zombie's head. Not to mention that you can clip off zombie limbs with a hedge clipper, cut them in half with a katana, run over them with a lawnmower, and finally jame an excavator in their stomach and...

Oh, sorry I made you turn green. I'll stop now.

Try using a katana to kill zombies. It's damn bloody and gory. Also, anyone remembers the disturbing death of Adam the psychotic clown?

Insanely gory... and fun... but for some reason I can't take it seriously. Very Gory though.

Frank gets trapped in the shopping mall and he is forced to kill zombies in the mall

5 Resident Evil 4

This game is so gory. I cannot stop playing it.

6 Mortal Kombat

FINISH HIM! If you know the code, you will witness the bloodiest ways to kill a man, ever.

This game became super popular thanks to its gore, brutal finishers and fights. MK should be no.1

7 Postal 2

How is this not number one! You can piss on people, literally take their head apart with chunks of skull, brain eyeballs, you can burn them alive, take out their organs and much more!

I beat this game over 14 times now. It's just so good. The humor is kinda childish, but I'll let it pass. Good game.

It's the bizarre violence and animal cruelty that really gets me with this game. It's banned in Australia, whoever made this is probably a sick, twisted, pedo, sadistic. enough sqid

Fear series is bloodier and funner. I don't know how yall vote these things but that's just my opinion.

8 Left 4 Dead

I think it is left 4 dead. All the zombies have a lot of blood. Boom boom boom eh eh he eh heh heheh

Best Game on my Xbox

9 Bioshock

At every corner, you are about to see blood. It was my first "dark, scary" game, and I think that's a good beginning. I just love it, it's an insane game and it is very very good, the graphics are amazing if you play it on max settings, the story was wonderful, and the gameplay was purely awesome.

The amount of blood is insane. Way more than necessary. Almost took me out of the game.

Woo blood bath in here

10 MadWorld

This just came out but it is now the goriest game ever.

Added on to the fact that whist you impale thugs' heads with signposts, two raunchy commentators are making jokes in the background. this game has no heart, and for the better.

It is a great game

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11 Dead Space

I've played this game and the second one, and both of them are gory and gruesome as hell. I played this with one of my friends and he kept cringing when someone died.

People who didn't vote for this obviously never played it in the dark. GOW is bloody, but this game is just insane.

Insane. Just watch the parts fly.

12 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
13 God of War 2

Love it! But hard

14 ZombiU
15 God of War

The most amazing game I ever played.
There are many puzzles in the game which could put ones mind in trouble.

You can pull out a cyclops'eye and rip off some dudes head! Also including blood, dismemberment and much more nasty bits!

16 BloodRayne 2
17 Corpse Party

Just because its not a 3d game doesn't make is less gorey. characters being dissected, dragged across the floor and being turned into a pile of guts (and another character taking pictures of the aftermath! ), suicide, its an amazing game but defiantly gorey.

18 Call of Duty: World at War

One of the darkest games I've ever played. You can shoot off peoples heads, legs, and arms plus shooting their chest and their ribs show! The game had a great soundtrack and sad deaths (Chernov) this game truly captures what the soldiers experienced in every kind if war

Heads falling off along with limbs and the most bloody game mode I've ever seen. "zombies"

Shotgun blast to the stomach cuts a Nazi in half. Need I say more?

I accidentally blew off my legs with a grenade!

19 Manhunt 2

If you have played the AO uncensored PC version of the game, you will know why!

20 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
21 Unreal Tournament III
22 The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
23 The Torture Game
24 Itchy & Scratchy
25 Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
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