Top 10 Best Growtopia Players

In the vibrant and dynamic world of Growtopia, countless players have made their mark by showcasing extraordinary skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. These individuals have set themselves apart from the rest, earning the admiration of their fellow gamers and leaving an indelible legacy within the Growtopia community.

From builders to traders and from parkour masters to world creators, these exceptional players have demonstrated unparalleled expertise, creativity, and dedication.
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1 Fredi

Fredi's interview

@seth - Hi Fredi. Do you like to be famous?
Fredi - Yes, I love it.

@seth - What is your favorite WOTD?
Fredi - PUDDY. I also want to sponsor a PUDDY leash.

@seth - If you could become a mod, would you?
Fredi - Of course, I would.

@seth - When did you start Growtopia?
Fredi - Eight and a half years ago. I was the 17th player to download the game.

@seth - Why did you name yourself Fredi?
Fredi - I just liked that word.

@seth - Honestly, have you ever scammed someone?
Fredi - Yes and no. I ran drop games, but it wasn't a scam. Then I played it the right way. I also hosted casinos, but yes, you won items.

@seth - Where are you from?
Fredi - China. I am 16 years old.

@seth - Does any of your family or friends play Growtopia?
Fredi - Yes, my schoolmate Ludo.

@seth - What is your favorite game?
Fredi - Growtopia.

Thank you, Fredi.

2 1327

1327's interview

@seth - Hi 1327. Do you like being famous?
1327 - Yes, I do.

@seth - What's your favorite world of yours?
1327 - HAUNTEDISLAND. I want to sponsor Haunted Ripper Wings.

@seth - If you could be a mod, would you?
1327 - Yes, I would, but I haven't applied yet.

@seth - When did you start Growtopia?
1327 - Two years ago.

@seth - Why did you name yourself 1327?
1327 - Well, my dad and I loved that number.

@seth - Honestly, have you ever scammed someone?
1327 - Yes, I used to be a scammer, mostly to pros and other scammers so I could donate to noobs. But now I have donation boxes. Everyone donates. Thanks, guys!

@seth - Where are you from?
1327 - Cranbourne, Australia. It's in the city of Melbourne (The Tram City), Victoria.

@seth - Do you know any other Growtopians?
1327 - Yes, my sister Alisa1327 and my brothers Ethan1327, Matthew1327, and Caleb1327. And my friends Tim0751, Jacob999, Jacob2578, 6010, ConnorXdude, Bradley44, Anthony20, and Braden20. And my basketball team: Timing, V3ssal1us, Corey29, Rod7237, 2570, PoliceMurder.

@seth - What's your favorite game?
1327 - I like Growtopia, but I like Destiny more.

3 Techy
4 Artemis
5 Danieldd
6 Metroid30
7 Hakanss

Hakanss helped me out a lot! Thanks, Hakanss.

Best player! Also, he owns the best GT YouTube channel in my opinion.

8 seth

Seth has done very good programming, and I really enjoy playing Growtopia. He's a pro, and I've seen him in Growtopia. We chatted for a while.

You did nice programming. I love your game! Why are you not at the top?

Seth is awesome at almost everything.

9 Poseidon36
10 NoobGamer11
The Contenders
11 Cukuzz

I like Cukuzz. I met him when he did a Super Broadcast, and I did /go. He's Indonesian. I like him. I've just met him once LIVE.

12 @Angel2874
13 @JackBowe
14 VicTeM

Victem likes to hang out with new friends and help them!

15 DeathVader
16 Edvoid20
17 @hamumu
18 Brother1
20 Thicke
21 jake459
22 LOL
23 Doomcraft
24 famousekid
25 Timing
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