Best Hitman: Blood Money Weapons

As we take a look at the top ten murder weapons in Hitman: Blood Money, fell free to comment and vote.
The Top Ten
1 Fiber Wire

The Fiber Wire can be considered Agent 47's trademark tool, and is the most efficient and discrete method of silently strangling a mark

2 Silver Baller (AMT Hardballer)

This weapon is a Hitman classic. It doesn't rely on getting round the back, as the fiber wire does, it can be silenced to not arouse suspicion, my all time favourite.

The Silverballer is the signature weapon of Agent 47 and a powerful weapon at that! It is a weapon that can be customized

3 The Poison Syringe

In Hitman, it can be used to poison drinks and foods, adding another way to silently kill a target without arousing suspicion, as long as you are not seen while you are using this weapon, it will take a few seconds to kill the target as well, but if you rush, their time will be shortened.
It is possible that it gives off the impression that the victim suffered a heart attack, though the kills with it are not listed as accidents when it is used.

4 SLP.40 Silenced Model

SLP.40.S is a silenced variant of the SLP.40 semi-automatic pistol, which is the most commonly encountered weapon in Hitman: Blood Money. However, unlike the standard version, the silenced model can only be found on two characters: Angelina Mason, in The Murder of Crows, and Hendrik Schmutz in A House of Cards. The silenced model SLP.40 is possibly one of the best weapons in the game that can be collected. This is due, of course, to its suppressor, and the large amount of ammo available for it. It is definitely worth picking up from one of the two people who carry it. Stealing it from Schmutz is easier, as a few minutes into the level, he will go up to his room on the 7th floor, and that's the best time to strike.

5 MP5 (SMG Tactical)

A customizable MP5 is available under the name "SMG Tactical" and can be fitted with a silencer, butt stocks and grips. There is also an uncustomizable version used by players and NPCs, simply known as MP5

6 Kitchen Knife

The Kitchen Knife is a melee weapon that appears in the Hitman games. It can be used for close-quarter combat and stealth kills. In Hitman: Blood Money it can also be used as a throwing weapon.

7 W2000 Rifle

The W2000 Sniper is Agent 47's sniper rifle of choice and can be used appropriately in almost all of the missions in Blood Money. It is a weapon that can be customized

8 RU-AP Mine (Bomb)

RU-AP mine, which is an acronym for "Radiocontrolled Undetectable Anti-Personnel" mine. It is less powerful, but more discreet. It can used to stage 'accidents' such as a falling chandelier. They can also be hidden in briefcases, food (such as cake), or in toolboxes. It can also be planted onto a wall, to be detonated when a target walks by.
47 can only carry one per mission, unless the upgrade has been purchased, granting a second mine.

9 Desert Eagle (Deagal)

Desert Eagle is a bulky, yet fast and powerfully accurate pistol. It has the most knockdown power of any of the pistols; one or two shots is all it takes to eliminate an enemy. However, at long range, the Deagle lacks stopping power and accuracy. Plus, its loud gunshot sound makes it unsuitable for stealth.

10 Custom M1911

The gun has a black finish with engraved ivory grips, in a reverse two-tone pattern along with red coloured three dot sights. This firearm is the most accurate handgun in Hitman: Blood Money with the shots hitting the very center of the crosshairs without any spread.

The Contenders
11 Baseball Bat
12 M4 (Assault Rifle)

This weapon is one of the five 'personal' weapons in the game. The player automatically receives it after the training mission, Death of a Showman.
It starts off as a regular M4 but can be massively upgraded. For a list of customizable upgrades, see M4 upgrades.
This is one of the weapons that its name will not be seen in newspapers. If you use it, in newspaper report, it will be known as "Assault Rifle". This is a useful weapon when you don't want to be a stealthy killer but a mass murderer!

13 .40 Cal S Handgun
14 Hammer

If you already completed all missions with SA, now it's time to use hammer for fun, kill all guards or kill everyone in The Curtains Down, use NPC's blood like a bait to kill another one

15 The Homing Briefcase
16 MP9

I love this weapon. Its easy to use and does a lot of damage and sprays loads of bullets.

17 WA2000 Sniper Rifle
18 The Coin
19 Nail Gun

Most powerful and efficient weapon in-game.
It has a large ammo pool, is fully automatic and silenced, with no recoil.

20 NewsPaper
21 Water and Electricity
22 Sieger 300 Ghost
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