Top 10 Best Minecraft Items

This list has items like swords, bows, wood, crafting table, and any other item in Minecraft that you can think of.
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1 Wood

I noticed that there is no food on this list. I agree that wood is the number one item, but the next thing I go for is food. Usually cows.

Although I play on hard difficulty, I can't imagine why anyone would play on normal, just play creative/peaceful or hard.

Here is my top ten...

Wood (charcoal, torches, handles, crafting tables, chests, beds)
Food (apples, cows, cookies, rotten flesh)
Wool (beds)
Iron (anvil, minecarts and tracks, pistons, compass/maps, buckets, shears)
Redstone (compass, pistons, powered/detector/activator rails, repeaters)
Gold (compass, pistons, powered/detector/activator rails, repeaters)
Diamonds (portals, enchantment tables, ender chests, gold farms)
Obsidian (portals, enchantment tables, ender chests, gold farms)
Sand (glass, TNT)
Sugar Cane (paper, sugar)

2 Diamonds

Normally I vote for wood- but think about it. How much have you achieved by getting wood? It may be the most useful item in minecraft, but it's pretty easy to get. When you find diamonds, it really feels good. And games are supposed to make you feel good. This list isn't all about how useful items are.

Diamonds are the most important mid-game and end-game resource in the game. Yes, wood is the most important start resource but it soon become as common as dirt in mid-game.

It makes me feel so happy when I mine it, because I just imagine bragged about it to my friends I'm like: Yo doods guess what! FULL DIAMOND armor with sword, axe, and pickaxe baby I'm so boss! Ya!

3 Crafting Tables

Why is diamonds ahead of crafting tables?
I mean you need a crafting table to make a diamond useful
Let me list some things that you need a crafting table for
Enchantment Tables
Enchanted Golden Apples
And Last but not least, Chests

I mean, how can you make swords, pickaxes, and different stuff like diamond swords without a crafting table? If you don't have crafting tables, you have less things to make.

They're out of wood too, but without them you can't you can't craft in Minecraft, and what's Minecraft without crafting?

4 Pickaxe

Pickaxes should be in 4th above swords, you can not only use pickaxes for mining but it has some decent attack power as well, and they come in different variations, it is true however that swords come in different variations to.

Pickaxes are amazing! I sometimes make them just for fun because they are so good.

Minecraft is about mining isn't it! Well you can't mine without a picaxe! You can't get any tools at all without one! They are also a good weapon! PICAXES ARE EPIC

5 Swords

Without swords, we can't fight monster, we can fight monster with something but, slower we can kill animals for food, to defense our self, and without swords, that means it's not minecraft.

Swords are the best! Wood sword okay stone good iron great gold really useless diamond Really great explanation stays all good I love swords!

Order of swords Best to worst.
1. Gold (33 hits and boom it's gone. )
2. Wood (Same attack damage as Gold but 64 hits. )
3. Stone
4. Iron
5. Diamond.
They all help you live.


My favorite thing to do is build something huge and then explode it. It feels so good

Actually TNT isn't the most useful, iron should be before it!

I mostly use it for entertainment but still amazing item!

7 Enchantment Tables

Your armor or sword would look awesome shiny... The enchants are a good adition to the game

8 Iron

Iron is the second most important item in Minecraft. True, diamonds and TNT are nice, but iron is required for so many things. Iron is used for 29 THINGS. That is huge. And its not just useless stuff, this is redstone, doors, blocks, tools, armor, and so much more. Diamond, gold, and emerald would be unobtainable without iron. Of course you need wood to get it, but iron is so much more useful and necessary than all this other junk. Enchantment tables number 6? I doubt it.

Iron Is Great. Somebody said Diamond But The only way to get diamond is IRON! Without iron, Diamond Would Be Unminable, and it's more useful than diamond because you can make rails with it, iron golems with it and almost anything else! Diamond Is Great But Iron Helps You Get It! Iron is great.

9 Bows

This should be 1 it's the best for if your down to 1 heart because you can kill from a far distance

Power V can one shot someone dat has not armor I've done it before in battle mini games on xbox 360

It's true I would vote this but you need arrows so if it comes down to it wood needs to be 1

10 Enchanted Golden Apple

They should be higher, I mean they basically make you immortal, although just for a short time.

I've never gotten one in Survival before.

The Contenders
11 Furnace

A easy way to smelt and cook items. After all most ores are useless without a furnace.

You wouldn't be able to get resources without smelting them...

12 Chests

With out chests, you can only have 27 items that you own.

You can put stuff in chests. Lots of stuff!

13 Torch

Good for survival but crap for creative. They are NOT good for lighting up a big area, you need lava or sea lanterns for that, or glowstone, or sunlight, but torches just look ugly.

A cheap way to lighten your place. They're not a block, so they're good in mine shafts.

14 Dirt

Think about it. Want to get diamonds? You need a iron pickaxe. Want a iron pickaxe? You need a stone pickaxe. Want a Stone Pickaxe? You need a Wooden Pickaxe. Want a wooden pickaxe? You need sticks. Want sticks? You need wooden planks. Want wooden planks? You need wood. Want wood? You need a tree. Want a tree? You need a sapling? Want your sapling to grow into a tree? You need a grass block. Want a grass block? You need dirt.

Oh, and you make dirt huts and towers out of it

How is this so low down? You can't grow anything in Minecraft without dirt! How would you get a good food supply? How would you get wood? How would the world look normal?

15 Arrows

There's nothing to do with arrows unless you have a bow.

16 Eye of Ender

It's an easy way to get to the End.

17 Music Discs
18 Steak

No one had putten steak on this before now. There were almost no foods, and foods are very important :L most of the stuff you were putting on here is also hard to find so yah

19 Elytra Wings

Combined with fireworks, this would be the BEST transportation up and down and even side ways!

Such a massive help to the efficiency of the game!

Rare but fun. I use this in creative mode.

20 Spawn Egg

Especially if ya want a zoo! And it is GOLD, not butter.

21 Gold Pick-Axe

Please, make something useful out of gold, but not a pick-axe.

Make several golden pickaxes and grind through stone in a fraction of the time for cheaper

22 Diamond Sword

I like diamond swords because they are good for hunting. But the only bad thing is when the diamond swords run out of energy it might take a long time to find more diamonds. If I were you I would mark were you found your diamonds. I would not make my mine in a cave far away because you can forget were you found your diamonds. I would make a strip mine near my house so I would not loose the mine were I found the diamonds at. Oh the best place to find diamonds at is level 12,on your map on the top it should say Y,63 or 73 but when it says 12 you should turn and start mining to the side and mine four blokes and keep mining foreword untill you find diamonds. Well that's my advice about minecraft.

23 Sand

Because it's yellow. Oh AND useful in your stonecutter.

24 Shulker Box

I had to add this!?!?! What! This has made the game so much healthier!

25 Gold

"No, diamond is the best ore. I bet you sky fans, if you were in a mine and there was 64 diamonds and 64 GOLD ores, you'd go for the GOLD. That's juts DUMB" It would be smarter to mine not just the diamonds but the gold too. But seriously stop calling it butter!

Butter is the best never say its not its more then a ore it's the best minecraft ore. Also as the sky army ceast and is so cool and so majestic butter rocks.

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