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For those who don't, Paul Beenis aka Videogamedunkey is a game "developer" from Dunkey's classic Game Dev Tycoon video. For fans of Dunkey (and Paul Beenis) have fun discussing your favorite games made by the great Paul Beenis.
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1 Hooker F*****

Truly ahead of its time - and based on the true story of Paul Creenis' second vacation in Detroit - Hooker F***** set the industry standard for the Hooker F****** genre by combining the best of Sly Cooper and Mario 64. This game was a return to the civil society and celebration that Creenis left behind in the Kill A** F*** years. Whereas previous Paul Beenis games may have been more edgy, none were so wholesome as this. I remember when I was in 5th grade, everyday I'd come home from school to engage in ritual practice with this masterpiece, balancing my harmony with the order of the cosmos. Thank you Paul Creenis for this truly spiritual gem.

2 Kill Butt 3

Kill Butt 3 was a "masterpiece" on so many levels. The gameplay was so advanced for its time and although KB2 was one of the only games Paul Beenis games made that was a flop this turned the whole franchise upside down. KB3 in its first week sold near 70 thousand copies on the first week of release. While the number does sound small for its time it was a smash hit. Paul Creenis's KB3 was a classic that anyone should definitely play.

Kill Butt 3 was where the Kill Butt series clearly peaked, I'm not saying Kill Butt 4 was a bad game but the story and gameplay was clearly uninspired, it felt more like it should have been an expansion for KB3 if anything. I'm still holding out hope for future entries into the series to return it to its Kill Butt 3 glory if you know what I'm saying'.

3 Beaverball

Could have done without it - Creenis really went off the rails into some kind of sick, twisted animal fantasy, rather than continuing the routine work of his elders and upholding and supporting his superiors - meaning the people he was learning from, and the lineage his teachers were serving. I guess I'll never fully understand why Creenis threw out the Prima Strategy Guide when he made this game. But I loved its sequel, Beaverball : Revenge.

Like, come on? Another Paul Beenis classic. This game was awesome with incredible gameplay, extraordinary graphics for it's time and the main character is so loveable. Beaverball is a perfect game for those who enjoy nothing but fun gameplay.

4 Smiff Smiff Wild 2

While I didn't care for Wild Wild Smiff that much, Smiff Smiff Wild took everything about it and made it better introducing 3d graphics and fun action pack western gun brawling. Will Smith should be proud for having this game a part of legacy. Let's just not talk about it's sequel (Wild Smiff 3: Diff)

Smiff Smiff Wild 2 was definitely better than Wild Wild Smiff if you know what I mean ;). But the game isn't just a copy of Red Dead Redemption, it's actually the precursor and idea for Red Dead Redemption, you heard me right. This was Rockstars inspiration to get into the cowboy scene. It is definitely a masterpiece video game that you should buy right now.

5 Kill Butt 4

A very underrated gem. Though KB3 was a massive leap forward, and brought a beautiful story, with incredible gameplay and mechanics, it was still very rough around the edges. At launch, glitches were a bit of a problem, and KB4 sought to expand on KB3 and perfect everything it introduced. The story is a beautiful goodbye to the series' former lead hero, "Some Badass", and really sets him off with an emotional climax. KB4 also smoothed out and streamlined all the gameplay elements from #3, making the game a joy to play. Overall, KB4 is not nearly as big a leap as KB3, but that wasn't really a bad thing, and it ended up being one of my favorite games ever

6 Typing for F****

Using the power of the steering wheel, you can easily type your way through this emotional game. The game gets incredibly hard later on, but you shouldn't give up. The ending is worth playing for.

Despite this games' low reviews, the game is easily one of the best games made by Paul Creenis. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, yet I believe the difficulty spikes were unfair and could be ironed out.


This complex specifically orchestrated video game emphasized detail above all in order to calibrate the notion of reciprocity in the form of driving an actual car in order to type. I impressed all my friends when I invited them over to play Typing for F****. But I failed all my driving tests and they took my permit.

7 Killbutt Racing

When they said they were making another killbutt game I thought it was gonna be killbutt 3 but you know what? this is just enough to satisfy me, this game was a great competitor to mario kart because of how good it was! and it was one of the first games ever with stearing wheel support and that was revolutionary as hell! the best part is the custom tracks, the custom tracks were so fun to use and just trolling your friends with was the best part about it, so well done paul beenis games you made a masterpiece.

8 Bool's Realm 64

I think the guys at Rare learned a lot from this game, as we could obviously see when they released Banjo Kazooie the following year. Bool's Realm was the most immersive game of Creenis's repertoire. He fine tuned the story so that every aspect was deeply symbolic, from the 12 minute length of the game, to how long the tutorial lasted, to where it was set (think: medieval Zimbabwe), how many musicians were playing, what tones, notes and harmonies, the direction from which the flutes were held, how they traversed and ended. All of it.

9 Kill Ass F***

Now this game is overrated but it isn't bad. I feel there are much better Paul Beenis games however, explaining why it is low on the list.

Killbutt, but more gore. I love the brains splatting on my screen every time I kill someone.

My favorite classic Beenis game, due to the nostalgic value it holds for me. 10/10

10 Killbut 3:2

Unbelievably inspiring in every regard. During a highly controversial time in Paul Creenis' career with Kill Butt 3 taking a dramatic turn, as well as side projects being much more critically critiqued than usual, Kill Butt 3 2 does the unimaginable. Thanks to this game, the Kill Butt Franchise lasted much longer and sold better than many predicted.

An amazing title coming from a franchise where the first game flopped, there was a comeback in this franchise and you can tell with these games. The superb soundtrack, the amazing gameplay. It's an all-around amazing title that is definitely worth the price.

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11 Jar Jar Binks Dances

Mr. Beenis should've never rented this original character to George Lucas. I know that the times were though and you can't make games for free but what "The Phantom Menace" did to my beloved tragic hero is beyond the pale. This awful movie cast a long shade and destroyed any hopes for future games starring Jar Jar Binks. They turned him into a goofy caricature with no depth. Jar Jar is so much more in the game and he should've been so much more in the movie.

This game was my childhood. I always wanted a Star Wars game, and when my parents gifted me this masterpiece, I was thrilled beyond measure. I don't even have to *play* this game, I just have to watch the beloved noble hero of the George Lucas trilogy execute some slick moves.

12 Knack 2
13 Last Hope

The saddest thing about this game is that despite it being an obvious pluoy for Paul to keep his company afloat, with various things removed from the title such as any sound whatsoever, it had artistic vision that was unlike any of his other projects before. Really shows that even in his more difficult times of game development, he can still create something interesting, and it just hurts a lot to me, as it really was symbolic of his abilities as a creator. I just wish people of the time saw this despite it's shortcomings, and according to these comments, people agree with me.

14 C***F***D***S***P***

Truly one of the greatest games of it's time, Creenis delivers an incredible message with extreme attention to detail in both story and gameplay. The title is really the thing that makes it good though.

Critic reviews were positive, though fan reception of this title was a bit cold. In thise fans are wrong: This game is what Beenis is about and to deny this is to deny his legacy.

Beautiful game, remember playing this for hours as a kid. I had so much nostalgia for it. 12/10 would play again and again

15 Killbut 3 2: 2

A true sequel to an already outstanding sequel, sadly the media didn't get the grasp of it, hence the low scores. But don't let that fool you, this is a solid game.

Greatest sequel to a sequel to a sequel's sequel ever made, and that's saying something!

Upgraded version of matrix game. Got bad reviews because critics didn't understand it. 10/10

16 Kill Butt

A not-so-great start to an amazing franchise, this game is always squashed in the middle of good and bad, a lot of people play it mainly for nostalgias sakes now.

How it all began. Kill Butt was the beginning to Paul Beenis Games.

17 Super Mario Bros. 2

Game of the Year every year baby!

Paul Beenis Is literally just a mech powered by a copy of Super Mario Brothers 2

18 Beaverball: Revenge

I have to admit I was never a fan of the original Beaverball. Maybe it's just too primitive for me. This game however is a masterpiece. It takes everything Beaverball did right, makes it even better and translates it to 3D perfectly. It even added an amazing story! Whenever I have a discussion about what game series translated to 3D the best. Many people bring up Mario or Zelda yet Beaverball gets neglected. This is probably because even though it got great reviews it did not sell because it was released on a dying console. Which truly is a shame in my opinion. Beaverball: Revenge never got a sequel because Paul Beenis games went bankrupt and Paul Beenis killed himself.So I really hope a company picks up the rights to this game and remasters it so a new audience can enjoy it. #remasterBeaverballRevenge

19 Chan's Finest Hour

An absolute classic, here's an unpopular opinion any bandwagoning, hivemind fan will hate. This game was definitely better than Wild Wild Smiff. The gameplay and the story are phenomenal. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this is a masterpiece.

How hasn't anyone brought this one up? This was way better than Wild Wild Smiff!

20 Call of Duty

Every time Call of Duty is released with no changes, its an original experience every time

21 Wild Wild Smiff

Another one of the classics from Paul Beenis games, in my opinion, the game that started it all.

8/10 it has a little Will Smith for everyone.

22 S***hole Hopsital

This game perfectly describes Paul Creenis' time in the hospital, an amazing game all around.

23 Kill Butt 3 2

Not even my favorite of everything here, but it deserves a special mention; there's a reason why Final Fantasy today releases sequels to some of their games, like X-2 and 13-2: it's entirely due to with the Legendary Kill Butt franchise, and despite the third game being considered a modern classic for sure, the sequel innovated in so many regards that it is truly the best game that Paul ever released on a scale of true quality. My personal favorite is Dance Dance Mans 64, but that has mostly to do with my nostalgia for the game, and what it means to me. I wouldn't say it was his best game however, and that's where this game comes in. In regards to pure passion and quality input into a title, very few developers are willing to take a risk like Paul did with this iconic title. This truly launched Kill Butt into the mainstream eye for many, as it did me, and it really is one of those games that really changed my whole perception on what a great game can be. Nothing that he may have released after this game can alter my viewpoint on Paul as a developer, since this proved that with the right amount of time and money to be put into a game, that this man can really make a dream project come to life. I'm afraid that some of his later titles were as a result of poor management, likely on his behalf, but I wouldn't even say it's his fault. The thing is, back then, most developers were pumping out titles consistently, so I believe he was crushed under constant stress to release new AAA titles every year.

Graphics - 10

The graphics of this game are flatout incredible, even today. This game was heavily based on the appearance of Kill Butt 3, as well as it's world, however it really proved to me that this man can make something other-worldly with the right assets. The world design of this game is flatout astonishing, and it blows me away just to look at the vast landscapes that appear throughout the game.

Story/Characters - 9

Though this game's story... more

24 Dance Dance Mans 64

When Dance Dance Mans 64 was released, Beenis had finally made his dream project. However, it was panned by both audiences and critics. Coming back to the game now, you can see how it holds up today completely. The dancing mechanics are the best I've seen in any game. The boss battles and soundtrack are god-tier, rivaling games like Tarzan for PS1 and Grush. The sword level... Who could forget the sword level... Not even Red Steel is as good as the sword level. It was clear that the game was too different and ahead of it's time. It is the true definition of a cult classic, and it is a pure 10/10.

25 Buttassbitch

This one sold like hotcakes, I remember it took me days to get my first copy after Paul Beenis sold out immediately. Wish it was mentioned more, it's straight out of my childhood. It sold fantastically and for good reason: the visuals were years ahead of its time. Creenis always knows that the magic of a good video game "is in the graphics."

An amusing game from Paul Beenis, but certainly not one of this developer better games.

How is this mastapece the lowest rated game? this game is much better then classics like bools realm and jar jar binks dance which really says something about the average intelligence of the reviewer. If anything this should be number 1 and it should switch spots with hooker killer. good day ya gooofs

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