Top 10 Ways Fallout New Vegas is Better Than Fallout 3

These are the top ten reasons why Fallout New Vegas is better than Fallout 3. Some people prefer Fallout 3 over Fallout New Vegas but that's just your opinion. If you agree with me feel free to add another reason or vote on reasons already added.
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1 More Choices

Fallout New Vegas at the very least gives you three choices to pick in various quests and speech trees. This means no one playthrough is ever the same. Fallout 3 only really had two choices that were often either "be the good guy" or "be the bad guy."

Wait! So many endings where Fallout 3 had almost none.

Fallout 3 saw in black and white, Fallout New Vegas saw all different shades of grey.

2 More and Better Factions

The faction system in New Vegas is really interesting. It means if you make one bad decision with one faction, only your reputation with that faction would be affected. Being bad to one faction doesn't mean you're considered an ass throughout all the wasteland.

Agreed with everything on the list, but Factions are the biggest reason for me. I love being chased to death by Caesar's Legion and I also love always doing the dirty job for the Powder Gangers and the Boomers.

Fallout 3:
Brotherhood good.
Enclave bad.

Fallout New Vegas:
Has their ups and downs, and it's up to you to choose what's really best.

3 Better Karma System

Choices aren't all bad or all good and only affect certain parts of the wasteland and factions. This allows you to choose to be more than a heavenly saint or son of Satan.

4 Companion System

The companion system in New Vegas was much more advanced and gave you more options than just trading or telling a companion to follow you or go away. This meant you could become closer with your companions and control their attack style more closely.

5 Better and More Interesting Quests

I felt the quests in New Vegas were more varied and had more interesting stories behind them. As well as that, like I said earlier, the choices had more of an impact.

6 Hardcore Mode

For the veteran players, it adds much more challenge and realism that make it almost an entirely different game in terms of strategy.

7 Better DLC

The DLC in New Vegas is more than just a bigger level cap and new location. They had an awesome story like Old World Blues, tried new ideas like Dead Money, and added more to the original story and a finality like Lonesome Road.

8 Better Ending

The Ending in Fallout 3 only really changed depending on your final decision while Fallout New Vegas can have dozens of different endings depending on your choices throughout the game.

9 More Surprises and Random Events

Especially if you chose the Wild Wasteland perk.

10 Casino Games

Gave New Vegas some character.

The Contenders
11 More Unique Weapons
12 Doesn't Force You to Fight the "Bad Guys"
13 The Brotherhood of Steel is Recognizable

Instead of just being the Followers in power armor like in Fallout 3.

14 More Lore Friendly

Very few lore-butchering retcons, and no things put back in just for brand recognition.

15 First Time You Can "Join" the Enclave
16 Good Developments and Changes in Returning Factions

The NCR went from a diplomatic country to being symbolic of American imperialism.

17 Weapon Modifications
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