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1 Listen to the players

If they listened to us, the bacons wouldn't be dead. I hate it how no one gets banned for bad stuff. I know this group that was get spammed HARD by a scammer. Reported him many times but he stills stands. YET I GET BANNED FOR 1 DAY SINCE I RAGED. They really don't care what we think AT ALL.

I think that's literally everything in this list. technically? I don't know but that one is the thing that roblox really needs to do. they can't just make their own updates that people dislike even though they don't know that their players like it or not!

2 Try to make the community more logical

The community is very toxic, I even admit I might be a bit toxic sometimes, we need to put an end to this!

3 Give starters at least 100 Robux when they start

Nice idea, but this could lead to many problems. For a start, Roblox will be clogged with unused accounts. Why? This is because savvy people and hackers will create even more bot accounts and just donate all the robux to a main account. Regarding this, a usual bot hack can attempt to create about 50 accounts per second (but only a few get created due to usernames already taken). This can get you at most 5000 robux PER SECOND. This will also, believe it or not, make the robux-cash transfers collapse BIG TIME. If you don't know this, Robloxians with at least 30,000 robux can transfer their virtual currency into REAL MONEY! At minimum- 100K robux can get you around $100; at most 80M robux can give you almost $200,000! This is the main reason why people make popular games on roblox! Think of stickmasterluke and crazy rich robloxians! So, 100 robux could ruin the Roblox community! I know! Mind blowing!

4 Add more ways to keep your account secure

Yeah. I think that ROBLOX just doesn't understand how big a problem hacking is and think everything is fine. IT ISN'T FINE. People get hacked so much. What makes me really angry is the fact the hackers never get banned unless they do something worse.

Cough! Secret question. Cough! I payed so much money on my cousin's account and now it's hacked, she can't get in her account...

5 Add more ways to earn Robux

I kinda think this should be something your able to do. It's always money for robux, and free robux are scams. I feel bad for people who've been tricked by those scams.

So 1 dollar equals 80 robux. So buying a dominus would cost over more than 4,000 dollar. Like who would buy that much robux for a hat.Also there are few way to make robux more fair. First is a strike, where everybody sudden stop playing roblox to make the delevoper change the system or roblox would not be popular anymore. The other is the mods and delevopers changing(not going in to deep in that). Finally, one last way is that President Trump sued roblox(Jk, just an joke). My name on roblox is werwereop.

6 Stop spammers

I like this since playing with spammers sucks.

7 All people to make their own gear, hats, and faces and sell them

But then inappropriate items would be more common and we don't want kids seeing really bad outfits and then think that's normal for people to wear or something.

Sigh... Wish I could make a Doge sword to murder everyone, that would be nice... Whenever people get murdered by the Doge sword pictures of Doge spam their screen, then when the Robloxian tries to speak it will be replaced by "Wow! " until they get killed again (This may sound like a hacking gear, but it isn't) (They only stop saying Wow! If they get killed by something other then the Doge sword.)

8 Fix their errors

they never fixed their errors, every time I try to join a game then I'll get the error: Failed to connect to the Game. (ID = 17: Connection attempt failed).

By fix their errors I mean errors like"You have lost the connection to the game" and "Error id 17"

9 Remove devex
10 Find a way to stop ODers

I hate ODers, I see them everywhere, I do what I can, if it is free admin, destroy them using gears, if it is a rp game, push them apart.

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11 Make prices lower

I like this because sometimes I like to see how much stuff cost and sometimes it costs like 1000s of robux for something maybe not common but it's SO expensive.

I also think that we could refund items if we don't want them anymore or if we accidentally bought it.

The dominus. Just why does it have to be over a million dollars?! It's special but really doesn't have to be so much robux.

12 Allow users to sell their own outfits from the 'Outfits' tab on the character customization page

See if you made an outfit and you wanted to show people your style and you want people to dress like you? You go to character then the 'outfits' tab and you click that outfit and you sell it for the amount the items cost or for because members, you sell it what price you want. The maximum you can sell it is up to 10000 robux and the minimum is free. You do keep your items, you just sell a copy of your look.

13 Give starters a look of their avatars before they register

They should definitely have people test the outfits before they buy them! You can buy one of the most expensive thing on the catalog and then try I on but not like it!

14 Bring back old Roblox

ROBLOX isn't the same. they changed it in awful ways. Bring back oof, easter egg hunts, bacons, non blinking faces, guests, tiks, player points. My opinion but I think it would really improve the site.

I have played it as a guest before, in 2010's version of it, there's a feature that allows you to become a guest before playing a game and not needing to create a account, so Roblox has to remove that feature in late 2017, there are no one playing as a guest on that game website anymore now.

Roblox hasn't been bringing back the old Version of Itself that's it I had enough of Roblox not banning Online Daters and I'm not going to play it ever again because of the Community Itself being so rude!

15 Make changing usernames free

You see, 1000 robux can make this cash half-a year to have enough money and literally it's a shame that I don't have robux. So why does it need robux to change usernames? Like why? Because all of a sudden you can only change the display name which is also cool because you know can change your username into a cool but is it enough to just change your username? Are kidding 1000 robux is expensive they make it free instead. Becauseif they don't change usernames roblox players can detect usernames at the option( top left when playing a server). Why would they do this? I thought it so fun to play games instead of usernames! Why is this so unfair dude!

16 Shut down Meep City

I think it would be very good since roleplay sucks and I think it's boring and to think about it it's like a rip-off of adopt me.

No! I use this game to test my outfits so I don't waste robux like last time! N-0

I hate this game. Please shut it down.

17 Let you have more than 200 friends

I want more communication in roblox community i mean 100 friends? thats too little. And imagine the half of them are offline atleast i still have over a hundred more if you add another hundred to 100.

18 Delete the website

It should be deleted. Being lied to by the devs, getting scammed, getting hacked, oh, and don't even get me started on the community...

They terminated me. I terminate their website.

Yes, we want It Blocked and Deleted.

19 Make player points a currency

I think this useful because I've gotten bunches of player points and I really don't see what I can do with them or how many I have.

Absolutely a brilliant idea! However I know a few games that give heaps of player points so people would just afk farm on those games

Definitely true. Right now Player Points are useless.

20 Add emojis in chat
21 Allow people to trade player points for Robux

That would be epic but a little to OP because Work At A Pizza Place gives like 50,000 points so yeah

That would actually be quite fun so like every game you get a badge you get points

22 Have a Robux lottery (5 Robux per ticket)

But some people don't have robux.

23 Add 'Shoes' to the catalog

Trolls with foot fetish would request this.

24 Remove tags
25 Delete the murder games

I think this idea is stupid because murder games include stuff like arsenal or killing games which would completely suck.

Why can't roblox do sommething where games are rated, like movies. Take a kid friendly game, for example, adopt me. All ages. Say a game with horror. pg-13. See what I mean?

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