Top 10 My Candy Love Boys

My Candy Love (or Amour Sucré) is an online flirting game for girls made by Chinomiko. There is also a manga adaptation in France. Vote for your favourite boy.
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1 Kentin

Kentin, or Ken for short, was very different at the beginning of the game. He was insecure and socially awkward and his appearance was quite different. However, after an altercation with Amber his father sent him off to military school and BAM! He was changed forever. He gained quite a bit of confidence in himself and an extreme makeover. But, he still is a very sweet and romantic guy, and now has the confidence to actually speak to girls. He is protective and overall kind. Kentin is looking for a girl he can lavish with all the love he has in his heart, and one that won't mind it when he takes charge.

2 Castiel

Castiel is misunderstood with his hard outer shell, but can be caring on the inside. And he doesn't like it when someone could be hurt or in trouble. He can be a bit hard to get along with at times and is prone to anger, but can be very romantic when given the chance. He plays electric guitar and is very sarcastic. He's in a band with Lysander and a fan of rock but he doesn't want someone who claims to be too much into it, or it'll seem like they're trying too hard. Castiel likes girls who can stand up for themselves and take a joke. He doesn't like girls who are too rude, yet doesn't like girls who are too nice. Because of this it makes it even harder to win over his heart, but put in the effort and it is most definitely worth it. He's a dog person and owns a Belgian Shepherd named Demon. Nathaniel and Castiel seem to share a rivalry, which is why Castiel does not like Nathaniel.

3 Nathaniel

Nathaniel is dependable and easy to get along with. He can seem insecure at times, but he is confident overall. He likes girls who are serious. He loves cats and strongly dislikes Castiel. He can be described as uptight, although he can be very kind and sweet as well. He can seem a tad irritable because of his home life and tends to prefer staying at school late to work or go into the neighborhood to feed stray cats, despite it sometimes getting him in trouble. When speaking to him, don't be obnoxious and rude, but don't be too easy-going and laid back either. He wants someone who is serious, reasonable, kind, and professional. Nathaniel's personality makes a change later, and he is much more laid-back and social. He seems to have gained much more confidence in himself.

4 Armin

Armin is Alexy's twin brother, they both transfer to Sweet Amoris High a little after you do. Armin is pretty nice, although shy, he's very open if you give him the chance. Armin is incredibly slow to anger and is pretty easy-going. He loves playing video games and is a total nerd, you'll find him using Pokemon allusions from time to time. According to the special Halloween episode 2012 he really gets into his games, even going as far as dressing up like the character when he plays. He doesn't enjoy the outdoors and isn't very active, preferring to lounge around inside. Armin is looking for a girl who is willing to just go with the flow, and shares his love for video games.

5 Lysander

Lysander is mysterious, calm, and has his own style which he's very comfortable with. He isn't very talkative, which doesn't make him easy to get to know but he is still kind. Except if you are getting into his business, or being mean. His head is often in the clouds, and he can never remember much. He loves rock music and is in a band with Castiel. Lysander wants a girl who is honest but not nosy, nice but not clingy. His older brother is Leigh, the clothing shop owner, and like his brother he has an interest in fashion.

6 Dakota (Dake)

Dakota, or Dake for short, is a surfer boy from Australia. As you can assume, he loves the beach and the outdoors. Dakota's two loves are animals and beautiful woman. He is quite a flirt, and may come on too strong, but he is simply confident with himself and spontaneous. He is a lot of fun, he will make a woman very happy one day if she can overlook his flirtatious ways. He doesn't seem to have anything that truly annoys him, even when you are rude he is still his easy-going, cheeky self.

7 Alexy

Alexy is a cheerful and energetic boy. He joins the school together with his twin brother Armin. Your Candy is one of the first students he meets upon his arrival, and they become close friends very quickly. He isn't datable in the game, due to the fact that he prefers boys.

8 Jade

Jade is a rather lighthearted and friendly guy, but doesn't fail to show his strong will and hard-working nature when it comes to gardening. He doesn't easily get angry, however it immediately upsets him when he sees the school's garden in a bad state. It is also said that he dislikes pollution and when people don't pay any attention to such, so he might act a bit abrupt when it comes to such matters.

9 Dimitry

Dimitry is supposedly the second easiest guy in the game to speak to, however this is down to subjective opinion (the first being Ken which is evidently proven) he also is a sweet, caring man cursed by failing to save Mary's life. He's lonely, but he is unwilling to let go of the memory of Mary.

10 Leigh

Leigh is a mature and kind person who is very thankful to those who help him, but he sometimes has problems showing his feelings. He also has a talent in fashion and loves it very much. He is the owner of the Clothes Shop and is also Lysander's older brother by two years. He isn't really datable in the game, since he is Rosalya's boyfriend.

The Contenders
11 Dajan

Dajan attends a special school for athletes, but he ocassionally participates in sports events with other schools. His dream is to become a professional basketball player.

12 Viktor

Viktor is described as mature for his age and travels the world in preparation to succeed his father, a rich business man. He's loyal and strong, though a bit mysterious. He seems to be carrying a heavy secret. He only shows up in the manga series, and he does not appear in the game.

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