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Today, on May 5th of 2019. The video game Robot Wants it All has just turned two months old. It's a video game mainly consisting of the flash games in the "Robot Wants X" series, a flash game series that was released back in 2009-2011.

Many people including me grew up with these games, and just two months ago this game, including all four original games plus two new ones was released after tons of work and I've been so excited to try out the game. I have now, and here are the best Robot Wants X games. With that being said, here's the list.
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1 Robot Wants Ice Cream

I don't know, but there's something about the finale of the original four flash games of the series that just holds so much charm it easly is not only my favourite Robot Wants X games but one of my favourite flash games of all time. This one justs seems to hold so much heart and charm in my opinion that it just easly takes the #1 spot on this particular list.

This was the last of the four original flash Robot Wants games and they made it sorta epic in a way and the setting is awesome. Happy Ice Cream planet, a planet closely resembling earth as it takes place on a grassy planet but you can also explore the underground. And closer to the end to get on board on a spaceship, where the guardian of ice creams need to be defeated.

The villain plot twist that is frequently used in recent Disney movies is used here too on this guardian. Not saying who it is but it's awesome.

This one's much less linear as well. There are power-ups all over the place and you must upgrade them all as well as time goes by and it's so awesome how they did this. This game does also have the most boss battles too and they are very fun in my opinion. So this one's #1.

2 Robot Wants Fishy

The third installment in the series is Robot Wants Fishy. And it's almost as good as Robot Wants Ice Cream. If there's something this game does better than all of the other games combined, it's definitely the music. Holy gods these soundtracks are amazing. It has the most soundtracks out of all Robot Wants games and the best songs are "The Surface" (my favourite), "Processing Station", "Crystal Caverns" and who could forget the awesome boss theme? So a total of four themes I loved. And keep in mind most robot wants games only have four or less tunes so yeah this is good stuff.

The setting is awesome as well. It's basically a giant cave with different places and you travel all over them. Like Robot Wants Ice Cream, this one is a lot less linear than other games in the series as power-ups are all over the place and it really requires creativity to think of where the next necessary power-up could hide.

The boss battles are all great here like in Ice Cream as well and I love how each of them require a specific power-up you can only achieve by beating a specific boss, like you have to defeat PAL-1000 to be able to even harm Drillbaby. It's really good, it also has an optional boss battle as well, and that's great.
Robot Wants Fishy just has so much charm in it with it's beautiful and sorta creepy setting, very good music and gameplay. There are also these leafs you can find all over the game and collecting one removes five seconds from your timer, for speedrunning reasons. This game I truly love as well.

3 Robot Wants Y

Fun fact: This was originally just the banner for the website known as Technically, it's the fifth installment of the series, and I remember when I first played it. The setting and aesthetics closely resemble Robot Wants Fishy, except it's rather blue-grey around here instead of purple, and the water is yellow instead of green. I really loved it. Basically, Robot is supposed to collect the letters for "Casual Gameplay," and each letter gives you a power-up.

Man, I really loved playing this game. It's very different from the other games as it's much more puzzle-oriented and has no enemies at all, with the exception of one worm found in a secret area, and that's it. In fact, the weapon you use in this game is supposed to be used for puzzles and not for defeating enemies, which is interesting. The creator himself, Mike Hammunu, thinks this is the best Robot Wants game, and that's cool.

As I said, it was originally just a banner game for the website, and it didn't have any music back then. I really loved it, but there was one big flaw it suffered from: when you completed it, you couldn't start the game over, which was a bit sad because I loved it. Later on, this game was removed from the website, making it just a memory. It was sad.

But then Robot Wants it All came out, and Robot Wants Y was brought back to reality, so I could finally play this game again. Now, this game has a lot of names, and no one really knows which one's the true one, or at least didn't know back then. A lot of people, including me, called it Robot Wants JIG, and some called it Robot Wants Banner, but since it's called "Robot Wants Y" in Robot Wants it All, I'm sticking with that name. It's amazing. It's a close third and almost took the first spot, but I think I enjoyed Fishy and Ice Cream slightly more. Still, this is a solid 10 out of 10 as well.

4 Robot Wants Justice

Oh yes the newest game of the series, the sixth that was exclusively with the Robot Wants it All game is one of my favourites as well. The brand-new game, in fact since Robot Wants it All was released just a month ago as I'm making this list that makes this specific game super new. It certainly didn't disappoint. Brand-new gameplay. You now longer have any weapon to defend yourself against enemies and bosses. You have to either dash into them or skyrocket from under. So original in my opinion!

Speaking of dashing and skyrocketing, in this game you must collect these cards found all over the place and all of these "cards" give you a new power-up. There's a lot of exploration in this game and a lot of bosses are found in this game as well. Almost all of these power-ups are brand-new and completely were completely unknown of until this game.

And of course, this is without a doubt, the most epic game of the bunch. The music has a more epic finale theme compared to the other games and the setting takes place on a planet close to destruction with a blodd-red sky and lava. The bosses weren't really too memorable but they took a lot of skill to defeat which I really appreciate.

Since Robot wants justice, he came to this planet to save it and the aliens living there from the evil general tronk, who's basically a big orange blob but has an excellent boss fight. So Robot Wants Justice takes the #4 spot on this list.

5 Robot Wants Kitty

The very charming original released back in 2009. Without it this series would be nothing. And while it certainly has a lot of flaws, you can't deny how great it still is. It's amazing to see how this series evolved from just a simple metroidvania here to a downright epic graphics and story game in Robot Wants Justice. It's pretty amazing.

It was also the first game in the series I played which makes it a little nostalgic to me. All the colourful enemies and colourful blocks and interesting power-ups just made it so interesting and fun in my opinion. It only has one boss, which is that blue blob made of these blue octopus dudes and it's pretty hard if you ask me. There's not too much to say here other than that it's great.

6 Robot Wants Puppy

The second installment is definitely, in my opinion, the weakest of the bunch. It's very, very linear, even more so than its predecessor. I'm not complaining, though, because I also like linear games. However, it does make it a bit stale at times. The setting is just some random factory, like the original, but a lot less colorful. The enemies are also a lot less colorful.

Speaking of enemies, in order to defeat them, you don't actually shoot them. You throw your kitty, which you got in Robot Wants Kitty, and it damages the enemies. This is a very clever idea, but it quickly becomes a bit annoying. It takes some time for the enemies to vanish, and they will run all around uncontrolled. You don't want to get hit, which is a bit annoying.

On the plus side, the soundtrack is pretty great. Even though there are only two soundtracks, excluding the boss theme, one of them is amazing. It's the "Shallow Sector" theme. That's some good stuff. I also really liked the bosses a lot, especially Hoverzorg. Blocko was original as well.

So, as you can see, this is my least favorite one, but it's still a great game.

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