Top 10 Things We Want In the Elder Scrolls VI

The Top Ten
1 Throwing Knives

There were never Throwing Knives in a Elder Scrolls game; despite the fact mods were available for that.
But Throwing knives would be a incredibly cool idea for The Elder Scrolls VI.

2 Spears

Anyone who has played the 3rd Elder Scrolls will be familiar with spears, a lot of people are demanding for them to return.

3 Class Creation

Hmm. The last time I made a class in Daggerfall I completely failed at it. Also, why do you not include Daggerfall and Arena in you explanations?

Creating a class is essential for RPG games. This feature is absent in Elder Scrolls V.

4 More Open Character Creation

Elder Scrolls IV had the best character creation, it was so open to the point where you can make your character look horribly ugly, with absurd face shapes, unusual hair colors, and finishing it off with giving the character a very funny name.

5  More Interactive NPC Dialogue

In past Elder Scrolls games; you can get rumors from any NPC, play speechcraft with them; Those are absent in Elder Scrolls V. These features returning in Elder Scrolls VI will result beating it's predecessor by miles.

6 Takes Place in Hammerfell

In Elder Scrolls V, Hammerfell is a province that got mentioned constantly. That sounds like the next game will most likely take place there.

7 Main Questline that Centers Around the Dwemer

Elder Scrolls III is about The Traitorous Tribunal
Elder Scrolls IV is about The Daedra
Elder Scrolls V is about Dragons

Elder Scrolls VI should be about the Dwemer because once upon a time, Hammefell belonged to the Dwemer, and there are so many Dwemer ruins in Hammefell.

8 Reduced Fetch Quests

In Elder Scrolls V, there were so many, "Go give this dude my Sword quest". After completing that quest, the quest giver will start acting like he or she has known you for years. Reducing these quests in Elder Scrolls VI will make the game better.

9 Return of Arena

In Elder Scrolls III, and Elder Scrolls IV, you have the Arena; for those who only played Elder Scrolls V, you fight one, two, or three combantants who range from spells to bows to melee, as you win each match you rank up.

Oh, I thought you were wanting to return the first game. Dear lord, let that never happen. Those rats are really hard to kill...

10 Removal of Marriage

With Arena absent in Elder Scrolls V, it got something softer, which is called Marriage. This is a gimmick to get more people who like "The Sims", to buy Elder Scrolls V. What Marriage does is turns the NPC you made your spouse into a ATM machine.

The Contenders
11 Better Combat

Even though the combat system is fairly good. It lacked tactics and better Dodge mechanics. We need better combat.

12 More Interesting Quests and NPCs
13 More High-End Armor Sets
14 Return of the Hand to Hand Skill
15 High Rock
16 Summerset Isle
17 Black Marsh
18 Elsweyr
19 No Bugs or Glitches
20 No Microtransactions

Just take a look at todays gaming industry. AAA titles without them are rare but can be found.

21 More Dragons
22 Cheaper Add Ons
23 Valenwood
24 Infinite Leveling
25 More Equipment
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