Top 10 Genres Would Be Funny for Specific Music Artists

The Top Ten

1 Metal - Miley Cyrus

Imagine her singing Painkiller by Judas Priest. Her vocal chords would not be able to handle it because all she sings is trash pop music.

Maybe she'll break her vocal cords if she sings it - zxm

2 Heavy Metal - Taylor Swift

It would be funny because Dave Mustanie would actually be a better singer than she is LOL - christangrant

3 Goth Metal - Jacob Sartorius
4 Pop - Iron Maiden

I hope this never happens - LightningStrike

5 Death Metal - Mark Thomas
6 Thrash Metal - Adele Thrash Metal is a Heavy Metal subgenre developed during the early 1980s and an early precursor of Extreme Metal. Thrash Metal features a faster and more aggressive guitar work than Traditional Metal with shredding and double-bass drums and can range from melodic singing to loud shouts. more.
7 Hard Rock - Justin Bieber
8 Christian Rock - Black Sabbath

Then Black Sabbath will never be Satanic music. - DynastiNoble

9 Hip Hop - Gorgoroth
10 Opera - Babymetal

The Newcomers

? Teen Pop - Katatonia

Imagine them trying to sound like any type of pop that is bubbly and happy.

Their newest music is actually kind of poppy at least (although it certainly is not bubbly and happy). - Powell

? Shoegaze - Drake

Imagine Drake singing (I really mean droning) or rapping with a distorted guitar playing in the background. This would be hilarious. - Soulstealer

The Contenders

11 Heavy Metal - Bob Dylan
12 Black Metal - Blood On the Dance Floor
13 Black Metal - Stryper

The hit Black Metal band from the 80's, Stryper, and their hit song, 'Go to Hell with the Devil'

14 Children's music - Cannibal Corpse
15 Black Metal - Selena Gomez
16 Progressive metal - One Direction
17 Country - Green Day

Just listen to Dominated Love Slave on their Kerplunk album and you'll be in for a surprise.

18 Shoegaze - Rihanna

Oh boy, this would be atrocious. - Soulstealer

19 R&B - Black Veil Brides
20 Rap - The Beatles

LOL! It better be GOOD rap! - LightningStrike

21 Gospel - Fetty Wap

I don't think his voice would fit that well. - Powell

22 Bro Country - Kendrick Lamar
23 Folk Music - Michael Jackson
24 Novelty Dance Music - Nwa
25 Classical Music - Linkin Park
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