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1 Riot

People always said he verified Bloodbath and all, he really did, but, what about the other achievements? Riot is the best player to exist, he changed the entire history with straight flying, making 144hz popular in the community, and making the BEST rivalry with Cyclic, also a very skilled Korean Player. Riot is the best player in history, even if Sunix might beat Riot at skill probably, Riot is the game changer to GD History, reforming it and all. Best/Greatest player to ever exist.

At his time he was a god. No player could even get close to his skill level he just dominated until he got finger pains. If he didn’t have finger pains then I guarantee he would be a top player today.

What can I say he changed GD history with Cyclic just because he's skill isn't as great as some players nowadays doesn't mean that this guy isn't a legend

Notable Achievements: Bloodbath, Red World Rebirth, 96% on Sonic Wave, Cataclysm, Ice Carbon Diablo X, Crimson Clutter, A Bizarre Phantasm and Retention

This guy is an pretty good player and a good straight flyer, but I do not think that he is the number ONE player. Just because he verified bloodbath doesn’t make him number one. Personally, I think knobbleboy is the number one player

2 Sunix

Sunix is hands-down the best player in GD, not because of just Sonic Wave, but AfterCataBath, which is a mix of Cataclysm, Bloodbath and Aftermath, ALL except one are on the demon list. UwU I noticed that AfterCataBath has ABC in capitals lol

He is one of the best, or THE best of all time. You can see him destroying demons left and right. Right now, if Riot was to play, he would need to go back to his glory days, once that happens, it could be a really good rival between Riot and Sunix being the best of all. Making him top 3 best.

He dared to verify Sonic wave ... what more can I say about his achievements? Ah yes Bloodbath was also passed and was one of the first to pass AfterCataBath ...

He is the best player! He beat Bloodlust with only around 5K but Knobbelboy (the verifier of Bloodlust) beat it with 121K attempts. He is much better than Riot. Not for because Riot is quit and other players get better and better, since the old times when Riot plays he was better Riot because he beat Sonic Wave and that was Sunix biggest achievement and Riot's biggest achievemt was the verification of Bloodbath that are easier than Sonic Wave.

3 Cyclic

Just because Cyclic is a hacker doesn't really mean he's bad, he changed GD history with Riot and although his skill isn't as good as we all thought in 1.9 doesn't mean he's bad, its not about skill but how you change the game entirely which makes you a legend

Cyclic, what more can I say? He is the best example of "You can still be famous if you hack" and the best mentor for it as well, good job Cy!

Might be hacking, but he made the best Rivalry in history with Riot. He even made the original Sonic Wave to be one of the best demons of all time. He regained his title and is one of the best people of all time to be remembered, hacked, stopped, skilled, *Demolished.*

Just because you hacked doesn't mean your bad. Cyclic is an example of exactly that. He is responsible for at least 4 Extreme demons which are extremely popular. He made geometry dash a much better game and also changed it for the better.

4 Knobbelboy

Well what can I say the verifier of Bloodlust himself which is now #12 on the demons list that took him 1.5 years to verify and was in #1 demons list for 382 days but what about his other achievements

Notable Achievements: Bloodlust, Astral Divinity, Fusion Z, Bloodbath, Athanatos, SINGULARITY and Artificial Ideology

Not one of the Originals/OG's, but he is still one of the best of all time. He has beaten Bloodlust, made God Eater as one of the best Solo-Creations, and one of the best Art Work and design, but he made so many more, he is like Krazyman50 Building. Krazyman50 and Knobbleboy can be rivals and the best Creators of all time, not to mention the skill they both have as well!

Knobbelboy is a good player at the game, having beaten a few extreme demons and even verifying bloodlust, an extremely hard bloodbath remake that was the hardest demon for over a year. He is also a really good creator, having made many great levels.

He verified a level that was probably the longest 1 spot. And it took him 1 year, and he still didn't stop him verifying Ragnarok and go(copyright )

5 Krazyman50

Lemme just say something here, this guy has verified Heartbeat, Black Blizzard, XO, Conical Depression, Phobos, AND Falling Up, all of which were extreme demons. (Falling Up is an insane now, but it was extreme before.) That is not one, not two, not three, not even four or five, but SIX extreme demons. This guy is a god at verifying his own extreme demons in his own right.

Krazyman50, the best creator of all time, or the 2nd best behind Knobbelboy, doesn't really matter. He is the one that reformed some part of GD with his decorations and style and all. You can even expect both Knobbelboy and Krazyman50 to make a collab and be the hardest demon ever. Krazyman50 is one of the best, and he will be in the years to come.

He is my FAVORITE creator and player of all time! I saw him verify XO and Black Blizzard and Hi.(which is an easy insane dual based level.) So I have 4 words for u krazy. YOU, ARE, THE, BEST!

Maybe not the best player, but he definitely a very skilled creator. My favorite levels from him are Black Blizzard, a extreme timing demon, and hi, a level that's mostly a duel. I show respect to him

6 Surv

My hero! He's so good! He was the first to beat Phobos and Conical Depression! He's beaten every extreme demon there is!

Better than Riot
Riot was just more popular and changed the Geometry Dash community

He supposedly beat every demon and does deserve top 3

He is the best, actually, is better than riot

7 Zobros

Look, this guy has been an idol to guys like Sunix, Cyclic, and more, and even made once unknown players like Superpizzaluigi famous.

He started the hole Nine Circles Craze and Sonic Wave wouldn't have been created without him. Nor Down Bass, SW infinity, fairydust, etc. He changed the game and helped make Cyclic and Sunix famous.

Zobros made things like The Ultimate Demon Mix and Forsaken Neon. He's really good at creating and playing!

I just want to say that he is a great player and started the whole nine circles thing

8 Trusta

Okay, lemme just say, Noobas, thank you very much for making TrusTa famous for Sakupen Hell, TrusTa also verified Yatagarasu, both were at one point known as impossible.

Verified Yatagarasu when it was almost considered impossible. He verified Sakupen Hell as well, which was then a Top 2 demon

You know what I have to say about him? WOW. He verified Yatagarasu. Which is a very hard hell themed demon. He also has other successful projects like WOW. He's one of the best and he's just very skilled!

Hand me my bullet-proof armor, I'll need it for his insane amount of nerf guns. He should redo Yatagarasu but with no nerfs. Otherwise, he's okay. I still think Sunix and SrGuillester are better.

9 Technical49

Technical 49 is a god at gd he is way bette at gd as he has beat countless extreme demons like zodiac and tartarus. which are two of the worlds hardest demons

Tech is an extremely skilled player with a variety of accomplishments, with his hardest being zodiac by some people. Zodiac is the 2nd hardest level that’s rated in the game, behind Tartarus

It's either between Sunix and Technical49 for the best player in the game. Technical was the first person to beat Zodiac, the #1 demon, He verified Ragnarok By Knobbelboy. And he verifed Ouroboros, By Viprin and more. He has lots of skill and talent which is why I respect him

Has literally beaten 100 extreme demons by now.. probably one of the most consistent top players and has also beaten zodiac and bloodlust, 2 of the hardest demons in the game

10 nSwish

I see what this guy do and is just amazing. Beats already 30 or 40 extreme demons from the Main list and beat, right now, those remaining demons in just two days. For me this is the real best player in the world (sorry for bad english)

An Absolute god. No one can do what he did. He has beaten the top 50 and only 2-3 more extremes from beating the top 75. Even now, he is almost beating main list extremes almost daily.

nSwish, what more can I say than TOP SEVEN-FIVE BEATEN! Ah, yes, nSwish is responsible for verifying at least a fourth of the demon list, including the #1 demon itself, The Golden.

Actualy is the best player in the game
The Golden by Bo
Tartarus by Dolphy
Zodiac by Bianox
Kenos by Bianox
Crimson Planet by Wooshi
Renevant by nikroplays
Cognition by Endlevel
Thiking Space by Atomic
Bloodlust by Knnobelboy
Calculador Core by Walroose
And very more:

The Contenders
11 Combined

Combi is extremely skilled in the game and deserves to be higher. He is usually inactive, but he can do great feats. He was the previous verifier of kenos, an extreme remake of sakupen hell. He got 97% twice on it, which is an impressive but sad achievement. He then dropped the level, but beat it later when he wasn’t verifying anymore.

I don't know why but the list is way off, combined should be higher with a bunch of others. To name a few, Hotball1, Wooshi999, Technical, Waivve, and more.

He is verifying Cosmic Cyclone and verified the update to Digital Descent in 2 months!

He should be number 2

12 Andromeda

Andromeda was an amazing 1.9 god. He hacked, but rebeat all his achievements legit so it doesn't matter. Really good player, helped shape the community.

What can I say? P O L T E R G E I S T ! Yeah really, he did verify Poltergeist, and some other hard demons too.

he hacked, but still changed the gd community a lot

13 Dolphy

I know he is the best player as he verified Tartarus! He has also beaten
Crimson Planet
and many more top extreme demons

Dolphy verified Tartarus, a really old extreme demon by Rito and others. Like Technical, his skill level is amazing.

I don't see many videos of him but I know he is one of the best players in the world

Verified the worlds hardest level Tartarus. It's enough for me to put vote him.

14 Npesta

Npesta is responsible for 3 extremely hard demons, Deimos by EndLevel, (Which used to be #4 on the list, now it is 12 I think.) Kenos which is by Npesta himself, and another level by himself, the classic Roulette.

What can I say? He's so good. Verified Deimos, #4 on the demons list. Verified wow by trusta, and verifed Kenos. And the most funny about him, his reaction when he ebats certain types of demons. He's so funny!

Verified kenos and a lot of others, plays minecraft (epic gamer confirmed) and brought us a meme. True legend.

Npesta verified Kenos, the hardest wave level. He is a wave master!

15 Enlil

Sorry to say this but both Cyclic, Riot, and several other of the top ten geometry dash players are hackers but that doesn't mean they aren't good. It just comes down to who is the better hacker and Enlil takes it. He beat every level riot beat with less attempts overall

He is famous for beating Cataclysm. But he should actually be famous for this.
He had actually managed to beat The Hell Zone with no hacking.
Some people say that he beat Sonic Wave without hacking and I think so too.

Enlil Is Cyclic, He had change the name for a little period, and later is back Cyclic

He has beaten some ultra insane demons!

16 Michigun

He is best cause he quit 2 years ago still is in the top 3 players!
I mean How!?
Everybody loves him and in every extreme demon you can see his name with 3 spikes.
He has change the history of geometry dash
Really best player ever

Top star grinder for a very long time, really popular and skilled. He did this all on mobile, which is amazing.

Michigun is the number 1 best player in the world according to G Dash itself

That's according to the # of stars he grinded. And he's not even #1 in stars anymore. He quit a long time ago and he is outdated.

Known as the triple spike master, I still love this guy

17 Dorami

Dorami, is a SPAM GOD. And a good player in general. Verified The yandere, A megacollab. And he beaten levels like artifice. Go Dora the explorer!

I just Think dorami is the best player in Geometry Dash! since he has beaten levels that are 48 minutes long and even the challenges! The triangle space ship bits! They are so small! And I don't think others can do it but I definitely think Dorami has mastered the skill!

Dorami is my fan and don't want them to quit since it will just broke my heart completely

Popular player with some good content. He verified The Yandere, which was once a top ten demon!

18 Quasar

He was #2 to beat extreme demon bloodbath and should at least be in top ten if not five

Second person to beat BloodBath, he does deserve at least 6th

Better then riot riots just more known and popular

Second Person to beath the infamous Bloodbath

19 Creepy Dash

Creepy dash is a beast and I hope that he will not give up on GD and I love his creepy skeletons level.

He's really good

20 SrGuillester

Beat red world rebirth, cataclysm really early, he beat both silent club and silent clubstep, he verified hatred, the list goes on and on...

Kinda like Sunix; beats a lot of levels in a short period of time.

Beating extreme demons crazy fast

He beat so many extreme demons

21 Guitar Styles Heroes

He beat deadlocked in 666-669 attempts! That's insane

Lol, he's not even that good. He hasn't completed any "real" extreme demons, and now that he has heart problems, he's retiring.

His name is guitarherostyles and he is extremely skilled

Beated really good demons and is the best on spain.

Lol Typos

22 Sandstorm

Was a 60 hertz god back in the day. Beat Cataclysm, ICDX, but quit because Bloodbath was too difficult. Should be top 15.

Kid was whipping cataclysm at the same time of riot, cyclic, and Giron.

A 12 year old demolishing demons like it was nothing

Wow the first kid to reach top 20

23 SoulsTRK

Fourth and last (so far) to beat Bloodbath, dude's good!

awesome player!

I love souls

24 Atomic
25 Wooshi999

Beaten or made progress on almost every top 50 and is the best player whose only real competition currently is noctafly.

He beat Blade of Justice in less than a day, and Blade of Justice is even harder than Bloodbath!

Blade of justice 2 hours done

Beat almost every top 20

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