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1 Riot

Hands down, Riot has been able to create and complete levels which everyone thinks is impossible- he makes the impossible, possible

It's not about skill or even levels they beaten. It's about how much they made a legend that makes them be remembered for what they did. That's why I think Riot and Cyclic are the best and greatest GD players all time. No matter what they did wrong.

Riot is god but he is going to quit sadly. #RIP Riot

Riot is very good lol #ripriot

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2 Surv

He is the best, actually, is better than riot - R3C

My hero! He's so good! He was the first to beat Phobos and Conical Depression! He's beaten every extreme demon there is!

3 Sunix

He Has Beating Many Hard Demons & Beat The Legendary Demon "Sonic Wave"

He has beaten many notable demons such as sonic wave, and has beaten bloodbath multiple times.

The absolute god of GD at this point. He is obliterating all insane and extreme demons that come his way, constantly making history with his accomplishments, and somehow consistent enough to beat Bloodbath (when it was still #1) 7 TIMES.

Catabath, sonic wave 3 times, yata, artifical ascent

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4 Zobros

Good at beating medium/hard demons - Willoben

Most certainly not better than Trusta, Surv and Sandstorm, but still great

5 Enlil

Sorry to say this but both Cyclic, Riot, and several other of the top ten geometry dash players are hackers but that doesn't mean they aren't good. It just comes down to who is the better hacker and Enlil takes it. He beat every level riot beat with less attempts overall

Riot is good but Enlil beat riot in less attempts for several of the hardest demon levels like cataclysm, hell zone, and the only level harder than bloodbath which is Sonic Wave

He is famous for beating Cataclysm. But he should actually be famous for this.
He had actually managed to beat The Hell Zone with no hacking.
Some people say that he beat Sonic Wave without hacking and I think so too.

He's a hacker, drops him down a lot, but he still did beat ABP, CC, ICDX and other extreme stuff without hacks, he just beat The Hell Zone and Sonic Wave with hacks

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6 Creepy Dash

He's really good - Pixtol

Creepy dash is a beast and I hope that he will not give up on GD and I love his creepy skeletons level.

7 Krazyman50

This has got to be some sort of a joke. How is there even competition? This guy has verified not one, not two, but THREE extreme demons (four if you count Falling Up), including Phobos and Conical Depression (which, in my opinion, is WAY underrated). He's working on Black Blizzard, and if anyone can do it, it's Krazy, no doubt. If Riot is number one because he verified Bloodbath, (which, I would like to point out, is the EIGHTH hardest demon. Phobos is seventh), then that's just messed up.

Apparently riots best, not true Krazyman50 is best! Go Krazy

Conical Depression, Phobos, and Heartbeat all verified by this beast

He beats demons like it's nothing. He verified four extreme demons (Heartbeat, Elite Z Rebirth, Conical Depression, and Phobos) and is working on Black Blizzard which is destined to be harder than Yatagarasu (just like every other upcoming extreme demon). He is also an amazing creator from Rearmed to Hi. He even adopted cancer gameplay. GG Krazyman50.

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8 Michigan

N1 on the GD TOP 100 List! He's a REČER

9 Guitar Styles Heroes

He beat deadlocked in 666-669 attempts! That's insane

He's good

10 Sandstorm

A 12 year old demolishing demons like it was nothing

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11 Quasar

Second person to beat BloodBath, he does deserve at least 6th - PedroJogaBR

12 Trusta

Trusta verified Yatagarasu! Why is he not on the top ten?!?!

13 Roadbose

The only person EVER to beat "Ice Carbon Diablo X" legitimately. - AlGalaxy

Hacker I think, plus he's unregistered and that's all he's done, beat ICDX and even that is possibly hacked, by the way Riot, Surv, Trusta, Sandstorm, Deam, Quantum... He's FAR from being the only one to beat ICDX

Um... For the person near me, he is not the only one to beat Ice Carbon Diablo X
with no hacking in normal. IIIRioTIII managed to beat it too.

14 Knobbelboy

He's pretty good at completing some demon level and I like his style in his level, like God Eater (is not out yet😞)

15 Michigun

Michigun is the number 1 best player in the world according to G Dash itself

16 SrGuillester
17 SoulsTRK

Fourth and last (so far) to beat Bloodbath, dude's good! - PedroJogaBR

18 Alexpain24

He's destroyed demons like nothing

19 Havok
20 Virpin

Pretty good guy, know him myself but if you see a biotin yt channel it is fake viprin, my friend said he never made those yt accounts

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