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United States Marine Corps

The United States Marines are by far the most feared fighting force in the world as a whole. I have witnessed Marine units in action first hand and even the weakest among them flawlessly overcame situations that make normal men want to dig in and hide. These guys call fox holes "fight holes" for good reason. An organization that hasn't trained to preform a successful retreat is dangerous one but, the Marines I've met don't seem to want it any other way. I have heard many mistakenly refer to them as "dumb Marines" after seeing them perform unexplainable acts of heroism. I still can't understand the Marines. Like a pit on a bull, they are relentlessly persuasive to anyone watching on CNN. I doubt there exists a dictator alive that didn't cold sweat while viewing US Marines prepare for the invasion of Iraq via Kuwait. I recall their 3rd Light Armour Recon overcame obstacles and Iraqi forces so furiously and were so far out in front an Army pilot aproaching from their rear mistook them ...more

America has never ever won a war without the help of the British army, just remember that when you big yourself up to be something you are not. You have all the cash and equipment money can buy but even your best soldiers come behind every unit in the British army

To be a Marine is to be part a brotherhood that is older than this nation itself. Marines are faithful, loyal, and committed to each other, and their duty to their country. If anyone could be a Marine it wouldn't be the Marines. The training is tough, it teaches you to be committed, not only to your brothers and duty, but also to yourself. The Training is a lot tougher than people think. You have to Earn the right to be called a marine and were the eagle anchor and globe symbol of the Marines. SEMPER FI

Once a marine, always a marine. Semper fidelis. I don't expect people from the US's other branches to understand, let alone other countries. Unless of course your country has had the misfortune to square off with US Marines. Then you understand completely. It's not just the brotherhood, love of country, or even the intense training. From my own personal experiences, I was instilled beyond the point of arrogance that we were simply the best there was. And we are. That's the truth of it. Any true marine would rather die than retreat, die than surrender. As a marine your life does not matter. The thought of letting down anyone that earned that eagle globe & anchor before I did was my biggest fear. Marines don't die. They go to hell and regroup.

U.S. Army

The US ARMY the most powerful branch of the United States military and The most powerful branch in the Whole world. Coming second is the Airforce, then the Navy. The others are just sub branches. Checking in each of these branches, each one of them have a significant number of US Army soldiers, meaning without the Army, none of these branches exist. Another PLUS is that the US Army is the ORIGINAL and ONLY military branch that owns and will always own all the other branches. Another plus, before any of the branches is always the US Army. Another Plus, all the other branches "were given birth" by the ARMY. The United States Army is the oldest branch of the Unites States Armed Forces. The United States Army was established by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775. The Navy and Marines were formed later in 1775 then the Coast Guard in 1915 and finally the Air Force in 1947.

While I believe that the U.S Marines would win against the U.S Army 1 on 1 , I think the entire branch of the Army could beat the entire branch of Marines.

The U.S ARMY is the strongest branch. That's for all I know. Stronger, Intelligent and well equipped Defence Branch in the World.

The U.S ARMY is the strongest branch. Why exactly? They have the most in numbers, best equipment, gear, weaponry, special forces etc. Marines may be the most feared, but also die too easily because they are not as smart as the Army when it comes to combat. Don't get me wrong, Marines are a great branch and are the most feared, but are no where near as strong as the Army. When there is a situation that outnumbers the Marines, the Army is called in because they are capable of getting it done. In the end, we all serve the same country.

British Army

Best in the world. Any unit in the British army could kick the US Marines ass.

Although not a massive army with 100's of thousands of troops, but the most well trained in all walks of a military career, whether its from logistics to field craft to shooting or discipline, or I could just take the easy way out and say The SAS which every other special forces around the world, yes including navy seals, training is based on the SAS, people don't think about this because the SAS's missions are rarely available to the public, you wonder why? Because there just that good. I can't comment on The Royal Navy or the RAF, but the army is easily the best, train hard fight easy.

Who is better trained than the British army? We are talking about the PARAS, SAS, Pathfinders, Gurkhas. These are the most feared troops and the best trained. It just lacks the numbers. The British army with 1 million men are unstoppable.

Due to our crap governments the British Army may no longer be the best in the world but the British Soldier certainly is still the best.

French Foreign Legion

Nothing to loose, Everything to prove. Toughest mofo I ever met on the field.

Legionnaires are the toughest soldiers I've had the pleasure to exchange stories with

Tough but what the hell's up with their uniforms like that orange butchers apron or whatever and they carry an axe they have bad uniforms but are good fighters

Some of the toughest trained soldiers. Have been in almost every major and minor conflict around the globe. In the Battle of Camaron, 65 foreign legion soldiers were attacked by 3000 Mexican troops. Almost all of the legionaires died but the legionaires also killed 190 and wounded 300+ Mexican republic troops. The Mexican Major, Major Campos said after the battle, "Is this all of them? Is this all of the men who are left? " Then, in amazement, he exclaimed, "These are not men! They are demons! "

U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy is the greatest military force in the world for a myriad of reasons.

1. America's first string. Whenever America wants to flex on another nation, what do we do? Park a carrier strike group outside their borders and remind them that that individual strike group has more firepower than their entire nation does (except Russia China or India), and that we have a dozen more just like it. Also, America's first line of defense. Any major power needs to cross an ocean to get to us. And our navy will never allow that to happen.

2. America's last ace in the hole. Our nuclear subs can survive armageddon and retaliate even if America is completely destroyed. Each nuclear missile carrying sub is the 3rd greatest nuclear force in the world after the US and Russia just by itself, and cary enough bombs to destroy the world.

3. The Navy Seals are America's finest operators bar none.

4. The USMC isn't actually its own branch. It's a subsection of the US navy. ...more

The US Navy has the second largest air force in the world. It is by far the most advanced Navy in the world. They have taken part in every war the US has fought, including ones the Army hasn't (Barbary War). They are the second largest branch, and the second oldest. During World War 2, the US Navy pulled all of the weight in the Pacific. They fought and won huge Naval battles against a foe that was suicidal in their passion for victory. They made it possible for the Marines and Army to land on islands, and eliminated bunkers, etc. when the Army and Marines could not, by use of accurate and powerful gunfire, and by use of a large amount of exceptional pilots. By doing so, the Navy made it possible for the USAAF to drop the atomic bombs on Japan and win the war. In Europe, they made it possible for Operation Torch and D Day to happen. After the Army troops had landed, the Navy continued to provide supporting fire to them by destroying tanks, artillery, and bunkers that the Army could ...more

This is as good as it gets. They go anywhere do anything and will kill anybody. It doesn't matter if your in the air, land or sea you are as good as dead. When they show up just minus well lye on the ground. They are as tough as it gets. Out numbered, don't matter. They are specifically picked out for the best. They have the most firepower and are trained the best. You can't get any better than this. They will beat any of the worlds special forces. They know their surroundings and know the tactics. They come knockin, better start running, because their are going to be some rolling heads.

You guys are crazy to put the U.S Navy at number 5. The number one reason why America is rated the #1 military force in the world is our navy. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. During world war two we quickly found out that if you control the sea you control the world.

Technology these days makes ground troops like marines and army almost useless, besides for gaining control to set up a U.S airforce base(second strongest military power in the world). Even then our special forces are more than enough to handle that situation. Between the airforce and the navy bombing and destroying everything in their path, there is little reason to send in ground troops besides showing the enemy civilian population mercy.

Just look at the ending of world war 2. We tried our best to end the game with ground troops in japan but realized quickly that we are just throwing our U.S lives away every time for barely any net gain. Much more profitable to hold a ...more

Australian Army

The Australian Army is one of the most experienced military in the world because of their mateship, now I've never seen another country which actually has mateship anywhere near as strong as the Australians, no army will ever come close to the Australian Army and for that reason I believe it should be much higher on the scale.

Excuse any of my bad grammar.

Give me 2 Battalions of Australians and I will conquer the globe in 6 months- Rommel to Hitler on enquiring about Australian military capability during the North Africa campaign. We are so better now even if we are small.

The Australian military as small as it is goes through one of the most rigorous training of any NATO allied army. The Australian army is required to be able to in addition to basic military training to learn how to swim unlike the US army. The mostly lack in size but can accsep soldiers from other NATO armies to join them as long as they have applied for Australian citizenship. My great great uncle was an ANZAC in World War One and fought bravely for king and country. The Australian army may not be the best army in the world but they should be higher on the list.

Australian army is far superior in skill, combat-knowledge, and leadership than any other defense force in the world. This is due to a culmination of variables. Small population to land mass, experience in multiple wars since western colonisation (always support ing allies and never been instigator) Innovative and adaptive thinking applied to weapons and equipment in battle conditions due to funding restrictions, exposure to variety of hard terrain and extreme climatic conditions, evolution of training techniques based on the last known empire - Britain, and a bond of ‘mateship’ other countries find hard to grasp the essence of, and great leadership training. This is where they excel. They don't buy into the bravado like such units as the American marines but adapt to the country in which they find themselves in. In over 30 years as a officer in the British army it was hard to find any soldier from around the world who wouldn't honestly admit that they fear most going against a ...more

U.S. Air Force

While overlooked by the Army the Air Force is a strong and necessary branch of the United States Armed Forces.

As a retired United States Airman...we take a back seat to NO ONE, even the Marines! The United States Air Force formed out of the Army, as air power was too important, and too powerful for it to not be it's own branch! In all seriousness, I'd put the USAF up against anyone! Air Force Special Operations is among the toughest training in the world! The Air Force shares a brotherhood right there with the other branches! The USAF controls two thirds of America's nuclear triad, controls ALL of America's military satellites, and military cybersecurity infrastructure, etc! We deploy much more often than people reach due to our global reach, global power doctrine! The U.S. Air Force owns and operates more aircraft than the Navy and Marine Corps combined! Just because our boot camp is only 8.5 weeks long...don't Be fooled, we can kick ass! Desert Storm is a good example of that! The Air Force didn't even need the Army or Marines...the Air Force and Navy won Desert Storm! I know...I was there! ...more

I am from an Air Force family. My father and all my uncles were are Air Force with one of my uncle's retiring a colonel. I am the only female in my family to have honorably served in the Air Force. I love the Air Force and I live in a veterans only apartment building and everyone knows that I am Air Force.

Served in the Air Force from 1955-1968. Ask any ground pounder (marines or army) if they aren't happy to see us during a battle. We're the ones they call when they need bailing out!

Canadian Army

While a lot smaller than the U.S Army they are strong and should be considered more.

It should be added that the Canadian Special Forces are among the best in the world. I believe this is because they do not join out of civilian life, but are hand picked from the CAF itself, so before they join, they are already among the best of the best. An American General commented on this saying that for the toughest missions he preferred to send in the Canadians. But, you you will never hear one thing about it, because JTF2 is kept classified, top secret.

The CF is designed after the light infantry model. The average trooper is generally more versatile than in most other militaries due to their ability to train in several different skills that are normally reserved for specialized units (ie. Airborne). This is also what makes JTF2 great because they're picking from soldiers who are very skilled. Canadian troops also have a reputation for getting the job done, which is why we pushed the farthest through on D-Day and were the only ones to reach our objective (not knocking the Brits or Americans - that entire landing was extremely difficult). It's also the reason we celebrate our biggest military victory - Vimy Ridge. Many others tried to take it, but suffered horrible losses. We were given the task and it got done. Our equipment isn't all cutting-edge, and procurement is a cluster-frak, but the troops make the best of what we have and do it well.

They've been kicking ass since 1867 and they have not stopped since

Indian Army

Indian para forces have seen it all. From densest forests to scorching dessert, from Siachen glacier to deep Indian ocean. By far one of the most versatile and deadliest forces in the world, and those black cats people are talking about, they are also known as terrorist hunter

The best there ever was or ever will be!

Indian Army is the most professional and deadliest army in the world. We are good at killing Pakistanis. Hope so we get to kill more of them

Indian army can defeat any country because it has 14 lakh soldiers

Royal Marines

Yon have to dream to get the green lid too many think they can but it not

My uncle had to run 30 miles last week and he said the training is ridiculously hard but will pay off and Royal Marines with the SAS would be unstoppable even though Britain is small it's bloody powerful! Go on Britain!

The Royal Marines are by far the best military force in the world! The coveted green beret takes 32 weeks to earn! I am only 14 now so there is still 2 years until I am allowed to earn my green lid and join the most elite fighting force ever!

I believe that they should be at the top because the ethos and training that they have has been used as an example to most of the above an some shape or form. There history is much older than most with the naval attachment and also they wash more

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Pakistan Army

Today people will judge them by Money equipment etc but their training and bravery is unbeatable they have never lost against India since independence

It's the best Army in World as it has been proven during Afghan-Russia War in which world super power was broken.

Pak Army might not be the biggest nor does it have the same amount of resources as rich countries but if they were being ranked for quality, they should have placed 1st

The best trained army, but unfortunately with low funds

US Coast Guard

The best, the bravest, and the smartest of all of the armed forces!

What happens when you have a SINGLE US Coast Guard member step aboard any US Navy vessel with orders to raise the USCG Ensign? That 1000+crew Navy Gray ship suddenly turns white with raising stripes and can now perform the duties of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. The US Coast Guard may remain small in suture but there is no other branch of the service or federal agency that can change the face of power and I mean real power like a warship with a single individual and a flag. I was attached to a Texas Narcotics division in the 80's where, with my presence alone brought city, county and state laws under federal jurisdiction. Note my presence must have requested...just one of the rules. The Navy loved it because they could then cause severe and sometimes destructive boarding's under the USCG authority with no fear of reprisal. That is a display of power my friends.

The 12th largest Naval force. The most experienced maritime law enforcement branch in the world. We enforce and train maritime law throughout the world. The only branch with boarding authority so Navy often needs our help there. Plus the best life saving people in the world.

The oldest American Maritime Service, standing watches, getting insane flight hours, saving everyone possible, and proud of their branch. Coast Guard is easily one of the most proud and hard working of the five branches. They have been in every war since America's conception.


What dumbass said they can kill seals without a sweat?

They will kill navy seals without a sweat :-(

They are tough and fearless

They beat brets in deadliest warrior

Philippine Special Forces

Best jungle fighters.

Indian Navy

They drowned me on land

Indian commandos regularly win international competition.

I love Indian army jai hind

Marine commandos (Marcos)

Special Air Service

The best say no more.


Indian Air Force

Best in the world...!



One of personal favorites! Wish the U.S. joined the Axis in 1930-40

Waffen SS were really good but still failed to project their power in many places.

Feared but failed

The ss was like the army rangers are to the us. a specialized group of highly trained and experienced soldiers who though only had one allegiance the furher himself

Komando Pasukan Khusu (Kopassus)

Released on the middle of the sea with their hands tight. No compass, no vest, just an M1911 and prayers along their minds. Just when they hit the shore, pull their soaked guns out of their holsters and blow some wind through the gun chamber, pop pop pop! Three bad guys down

Wins many battle kind of competitions


US National Guard

Better trained than most think, the us spends billions to keep this fighting force ready for combat at any point.

I think they should be up there with the Army. They leave at the drop of a hat, and are always ready to serve.

Always ready, always there. Guardsmen stand ready to deploy on a moments notice and are more capable than any reserve component in the world.

Always trained and ready

North Korean 8th Army

North Korean 8th Army('Storm Army').
Probably they receive the most extreme trainings in the world.

I regards North Korea the great for now,

Red Army

US army is overrated
The red army sacrificed lots for motherland

they are greatest ever, no doubt about it

Ww2 performance other country faced anything like it in history, forget all your special forces


Nah mate kick your arse

Drunken fookers that ran circles around British special services groups

Shows you know nothing

Bunch of drunkards

The Gurkhas

They can kill anyone with just a swing of their arm

Fearless natural killing machines.

Equipped with a Kukri blade, ready to strike! Gurkhas rule!

Fight until death

Israeli Sayeret Matkal

They have proven so many times of what they capable of though always outnumbered by the enemy.

Should be much higher

Mess with Israel and they kill you. Simple, no?

"sky daddy" told them to kill everyone and take the land it promised these nomadic desert dwellers whose patriarch wanted to eat his son - cause cannibalism was their jam back in the day... 3500 YEARS later, they're still trying to genocide the locals - and still TBD... next time, don't let the Germans catch y'all building WMDs (Fritz Haber), and lock you in gas chambers fuelled with your own crafty poisons.

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