Greatest Military Branches in the World


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1 United States Marine Corps

The United States Marines are by far the most feared fighting force in the world as a whole. I have witnessed Marine units in action first hand and even the weakest among them flawlessly overcame situations that make normal men want to dig in and hide. These guys call fox holes "fight holes" for good reason. An organization that hasn't trained to preform a successful retreat is dangerous one but, the Marines I've met don't seem to want it any other way. I have heard many mistakenly refer to them as "dumb Marines" after seeing them perform unexplainable acts of heroism. I still can't understand the Marines. Like a pit on a bull, they are relentlessly persuasive to anyone watching on CNN. I doubt there exists a dictator alive that didn't cold sweat while viewing US Marines prepare for the invasion of Iraq via Kuwait. I recall their 3rd Light Armour Recon overcame obstacles and Iraqi forces so furiously and were so far out in front an Army pilot aproaching from their rear mistook them ...more

Once a marine, always a marine. Semper fidelis. I don't expect people from the US's other branches to understand, let alone other countries. Unless of course your country has had the misfortune to square off with US Marines. Then you understand completely. It's not just the brotherhood, love of country, or even the intense training. From my own personal experiences, I was instilled beyond the point of arrogance that we were simply the best there was. And we are. That's the truth of it. Any true marine would rather die than retreat, die than surrender. As a marine your life does not matter. The thought of letting down anyone that earned that eagle globe & anchor before I did was my biggest fear. Marines don't die. They go to hell and regroup.

To be a Marine is to be part a brotherhood that is older than this nation itself. Marines are faithful, loyal, and committed to each other, and their duty to their country. If anyone could be a Marine it wouldn't be the Marines. The training is tough, it teaches you to be committed, not only to your brothers and duty, but also to yourself. The Training is a lot tougher than people think. You have to Earn the right to be called a marine and were the eagle anchor and globe symbol of the Marines. SEMPER FI

They are trash doodoo

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2 U.S. Army

The army has every tool they need for death and complete destruction or bring democracy and peace. Helos, amphibous vehicles, ground vehicles, missiles big enough to turn the middle east into a sheet of glass, I mean honestly, the marines are part of the navy, it takes two branches to describe one. The army is the army, has been since the 1700's, and even existed before marines. Marines are badass yes but... The us army easily takes the cake for this poll.

Army cannot compete with Marines don't get me wrong the army are a bunch of great men and women but they did not take the cake against Marines the Army does less with more the Marine Corps does more with less enough said

As far as man power, this is one of the largest military branches in the world, Just look at every war the united states has ever been in, besides Vietnam (if you even count that as a war),we have won all of them, the opposing arguments talk about how well trained they are, but don't take into consideration that in order to train this many people so well, it's no easy task.

US Marines are great, but when it comes down to who the us will call when we are out manned and gunned, they will call the U.S. Army. May not be the best in the world, but we have more men and women in the US Army than the US Marines have.

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3 British Army

Although not a massive army with 100's of thousands of troops, but the most well trained in all walks of a military career, whether its from logistics to field craft to shooting or discipline, or I could just take the easy way out and say The SAS which every other special forces around the world, yes including navy seals, training is based on the SAS, people don't think about this because the SAS's missions are rarely available to the public, you wonder why? Because there just that good. I can't comment on The Royal Navy or the RAF, but the army is easily the best, train hard fight easy.

Who is better trained than the British army? We are talking about the PARAS, SAS, Pathfinders, Gurkhas. These are the most feared troops and the best trained. It just lacks the numbers. The British army with 1 million men are unstoppable. - ArdaUlay

4 French Foreign Legion

Tough but what the hell's up with their uniforms like that orange butchers apron or whatever and they carry an axe they have bad uniforms but are good fighters

Overlooked, one of the best!

5 U.S. Navy

This is as good as it gets. They go anywhere do anything and will kill anybody. It doesn't matter if your in the air, land or sea you are as good as dead. When they show up just minus well lye on the ground. They are as tough as it gets. Out numbered, don't matter. They are specifically picked out for the best. They have the most firepower and are trained the best. You can't get any better than this. They will beat any of the worlds special forces. They know their surroundings and know the tactics. They come knockin, better start running, because their are going to be some rolling heads.

The U.S. Navy controls nuclear weapons, submarines to cut off trade ways, and a massive air force able to be deployed wherever waters are present. The Navy does not just operate on water but on land as well. They have amphibious assault vehicles, transport aircraft. The Marines are ranked #1 here, but how would they be anything without a Navy to transport them everywhere? The Navy can effectively kill any island nation (i.e. Japan) by cutting off trade routes, and can crush major cities inland with cruise missiles and nuclear weapons. The Navy is the most powerful branch, but all branches contribute to its power.

You guys are crazy to put the U.S Navy at number 5. The number one reason why America is rated the #1 military force in the world is our navy. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. During world war two we quickly found out that if you control the sea you control the world.

Technology these days makes ground troops like marines and army almost useless, besides for gaining control to set up a U.S airforce base(second strongest military power in the world). Even then our special forces are more than enough to handle that situation. Between the airforce and the navy bombing and destroying everything in their path, there is little reason to send in ground troops besides showing the enemy civilian population mercy.

Just look at the ending of world war 2. We tried our best to end the game with ground troops in japan but realized quickly that we are just throwing our U.S lives away every time for barely any net gain. Much more profitable to hold a ...more

Not even close, the US Navy wins. Between the second largest AIRFORCE in the world, and the fact the MARINE CORP is technically they Navy's infantry no one comes close. Oh and let's not forget Nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, no even close kids, not even close.

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6 Australian Army
7 U.S. Air Force

The U.S Air Force has bases all over the world and is great with technology and science

Air Force is for smart people, because sometimes you need to work smarter not harder.

The most advanced and strong air power in the world, as the US were the first to fly, and are above anyone else. Literally


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8 Canadian Army

They've been kicking ass since 1867 and they have not stopped since

Canadian Army does more with less.

9 Indian Army

The best there ever was or ever will be!

Becoming more deadly for terrorists...!

A lot and lot thought it would be at the number five - rineesingh

Jai Hind!

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10 Royal Marines

The Royal Marines are by far the best military force in the world! The coveted green beret takes 32 weeks to earn! I am only 14 now so there is still 2 years until I am allowed to earn my green lid and join the most elite fighting force ever!

My uncle had to run 30 miles last week and he said the training is ridiculously hard but will pay off and Royal Marines with the SAS would be unstoppable even though Britain is small it's bloody powerful! Go on Britain!

I believe that they should be at the top because the ethos and training that they have has been used as an example to most of the above an some shape or form. There history is much older than most with the naval attachment and also they wash more

This is the best military branch in the world 50 of our British marines could kill 1000 of the us and lose about 7 men with the longest training course in the world with 35 weeks our gun skills are very impressive

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11 Spetsnaz

They will kill navy seals without a sweat :-(

They are tough and fearless

They beat brets in deadliest warrior

They have the strongest men in the world, best military/kung fu like training in the world.

12 Waffen-SS

One of personal favorites! Wish the U.S. joined the Axis in 1930-40

The ss was like the army rangers are to the us. a specialized group of highly trained and experienced soldiers who though only had one allegiance the furher himself

13 Komando Pasukan Khusu (Kopassus)
14 US Coast Guard

The 12th largest Naval force. The most experienced maritime law enforcement branch in the world. We enforce and train maritime law throughout the world. The only branch with boarding authority so Navy often needs our help there. Plus the best life saving people in the world.

The oldest American Maritime Service, standing watches, getting insane flight hours, saving everyone possible, and proud of their branch. Coast Guard is easily one of the most proud and hard working of the five branches. They have been in every war since America's conception.

This should be at least in the top 5


15 North Korean 8th Army

North Korean 8th Army('Storm Army').
Probably they receive the most extreme trainings in the world.

16 Red Army

they are greatest ever, no doubt about it

17 IRA

Nah mate kick your arse

Bunch of drunkards

18 Philippine Special Forces
19 Bundeswehr
20 Special Services Group Pakistan

It is considered to be in the top 3 elite groups in the world with a very hard training and experience it is the best but that's not all SSG also has BRAVERY which is better then having good economy...ALLAH HO AKBAR!

The best

21 Indian Air Force

Best in the world...!

22 Indian Navy

They drowned me on land

The're the best...!

23 Special Air Service
24 People's Liberation Army Ground Force

Has many soldiers, will win simply because of sheer numbers.

25 Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF)

They are the most trusted organisation in the country. They try to serve the nation by their level best.


26 US National Guard
27 British Parachute Regiment
28 Việt Kông

They beat America, France, China, and England plus they never lost a war

Most expensive military money can buy... but bone spurs wasn't there to push them over the top; so these guys 'won'.

29 Israeli Sayeret Matkal

They have proven so many times of what they capable of though always outnumbered by the enemy.

Should be much higher

"sky daddy" told them to kill everyone and take the land it promised these nomadic desert dwellers whose patriarch wanted to eat his son - cause cannibalism was their jam back in the day... 3500 YEARS later, they're still trying to genocide the locals - and still TBD... next time, don't let the Germans catch y'all building WMDs (Fritz Haber), and lock you in gas chambers fuelled with your own crafty poisons.

30 Iranian Sepah Qods

They are every where Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen and etc. Middle East's most powerful branch of Sepah can be most organised and anti-terrorism one all around the word.

31 The Gurkhas

They can kill anyone with just a swing of their arm

32 Pakistan Army

Today people will judge them by Money equipment etc but their training and bravery is unbeatable they have never lost against India since independence

33 Special Boat Service (SBS)

Better trained than anybody, the only branch that comes close is the SAS but the SBS are as well trained on land as the SAS are whereas the SAS aren't as well trained in the water as the SBS. They don't have as big a budget as the US military but they make up for it with skill and all-round hardness.

34 Guardia Civil

They are an elite military force. They should be on first place.

35 Nepali Army
36 Irish Ranger Wing
37 Carabinieri
38 Imperial Japanese Navy
39 Naval Service of the United Kingdom

UK Elite service - Less members than the SAS...enough said!

40 Māori Battalion
41 Russian Ground Forces
42 Alpini

They can operate everywhere, not only on mountain. They are specialized on mountain combat in all-weather situation, and are the best trained in the world for this.

43 Botswana Defense Force
44 Mexico Army

They are the reasons Illegals sneak across the border in fear of enlistment

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