Top 10 Best States in the United States

The United States boasts an incredible diversity of landscapes, economies, and lifestyles, meaning there's truly something for everyone. Whether you're drawn to the bustling metropolises of the East Coast, the sun-soaked beaches of the South, the rugged mountains of the West, or the charming heartland of the Midwest, each region offers a unique flavor and appeal.
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1 California Known for its diverse landscape, California offers everything from beaches to mountains. The state is a major hub for technology and entertainment industries.

I'm from California, and I love my state. While I do agree that it might be very expensive and that we may have a lot of crime, doesn't every other state or country have problems too? Let me tell you about all the places we have: Universal Studios, Great America, Redwood Wine, and many other destinations.

North, Central, and South California are so different and diverse that they feel like three separate states. Unlike most states that have split up, we haven't yet. There is discussion about separating the state, but unlike most states, we'd rather try to keep our state whole and not divide it into separate states. Each region and area has something to offer.

We have a lot of great universities and teams. While most other states might have only snow most of the time, like New York, or just a desert, like Texas, or just simply a forest, like Maine, our state has everything you can think of. Oh, and one more thing: you won't see alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and other dangerous creatures on the streets like you might in Florida.

2 New York Home to New York City, this state is a global center for finance, culture, and media. The scenic Adirondack and Catskill Mountains offer a contrast to the bustling metropolis.

Florida is the center of art, talent, development, and presidential leadership. Yes, it has many rules, road signs, and tolls, but these contribute to the organization of the state. There is unassailable law and order, and crimes are dealt with immediately. Its towns, neighborhoods, and cities are kept safe, and people are not worried. At least, I'm not worried.

It might lag in tourism when you compare it to other states, but that is one flaw. There are literally thousands of shops, entertainment venues, and fast-food restaurants to keep people happy. New York, you're a winner!

3 Florida Famous for its warm climate and numerous theme parks, Florida is a popular tourist destination. The state also features the unique Everglades ecosystem.

It is the last state for earthquake risk. There are no volcanoes, no tornadoes, just a hurricane now and then. So, it is one of the best states for natural disasters. The weather is good all year round, it has the best roads in perfect condition, and it's a peninsula so you have beaches everywhere.

It's fun. You have Walt Disney World and the Orlando Magic (NBA) in Orlando. Miami is great, with sports teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. You have South Beach across the bridge and the Keys to the south, as well as the Everglades. It's not the most expensive state to live in, and there's no state income tax. Miami has great and modern architecture, culture, and good food. In my opinion, it is the best state to live in and visit.

4 Texas As the second-largest state, Texas boasts a variety of landscapes from deserts to pine forests. It is a leader in energy production, particularly oil and natural gas.

Ah, Texas. By far the best state - not to brag, but the weather is nicer and definitely more interesting than in other states. That's mostly because of the immense size and diverse biomes of the state. The people are very friendly, friendlier than most.

The food is great. For example, I could drive down the street and get some of the best steak you've ever had or the best Tex-Mex you've ever had. The economy is booming and has been for the past thirty years! And not to mention the immense state pride. You could fly 100 Texas flags in your yard and no one would bat an eye. That's what I love about this great state. And it deserves to be none less than #1.

5 Hawaii Comprising eight main islands, Hawaii is renowned for its stunning beaches and volcanic landscapes. It has a unique blend of native Hawaiian culture and modern influences.

Hawaii is a go-to place if you like urbanized beaches and adequate landscapes, but if you've lived there your whole life, you know the cons of the state. I may have been taught to be kind-hearted in Hawaii, but the traffic can deteriorate one's patience by a long shot. If you can't handle racist jokes adequately, then it's a bad idea to go to Hawaii. If you have the patience, kindness, money, and ability to take racist jokes lightly, then it's an undoubtedly good place to visit.

I have only been to the Big Island once for just a week, but I think this is the coolest state. I think it's so cool that I am considering living there. A minimum of 75 degrees every day. From what I hear, it does not get over 90 degrees there either, so it's just a nice temperature all year round.

Beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, beautiful ocean, beautiful blue skies - what's not to love besides the high cost of things over there?

6 Colorado Renowned for its Rocky Mountains, Colorado is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Denver, the state capital, is known for its vibrant cultural scene.

Colorado is a gem, one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you like big cities, Denver has everything you need. However, it's the rest of the state that truly defines Colorado. The state boasts huge, geologically diverse mountains covered in lush forests and rivers. Activities like fishing and rafting are incredible, as are hiking and climbing.

In addition to mountains, the state has deep canyons, massive sand dunes, large lakes, red rock formations, and deserts. The weather is also exceptional, featuring all four seasons and abundant sunshine throughout the year. Colorado is truly a beautiful and vastly underrated place.

7 Washington Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is known for its rainy climate and lush green forests. Seattle, the largest city, is a major tech industry hub.

I live here and take great pride in it. I don't think a lot of people see the true natural beauty of it. It's full of fresh air, rivers, and a mixture of almost every terrain, which is pretty uncommon for the US.

Yeah, we don't have the bright, sunny, white-sand beaches of California or Florida, but we have other special qualities. We're pretty open-minded about things, we're accepting, and to me, pretty cool. We have the Cascades, Olympics, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Baker, three of the most famous mountains/volcanoes around here. We've got a lot of trees, lakes, rivers, and mountains.

I love it here. I wish more people liked Washington as much as I do. But I cannot control them. It's their decision. But it's still something I wish.

8 Massachusetts Steeped in American history, Massachusetts is home to numerous historic sites from the colonial era. It is also a center for higher education with institutions like Harvard and MIT.

Born and raised in Boston, I can say that Massachusetts is the epicenter of United States history, education, and medical research. It has the highest density of hospitals and colleges in the Boston-Cambridge area. The state is also home to four historic sports teams: the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots. The oldest among them plays in arguably the greatest stadium in America, Fenway Park.

Massachusetts offers a great combination of city life in Eastern Mass and country landscapes in Western Mass.

Massachusetts is a beautiful state with great parks. My favorite part about it is the national seashore. The weather is great in the summer, and the beaches are wonderful. Going boating was the experience of a lifetime. You have to try it.

I live in Ohio, so it was fun to visit. I hope you take my advice and check it out. Don't forget about the Celtics, Bruins, and Boston Red Sox. There are so many things to do and check out. It's also a nice place to get a summer house. Have fun!

9 Pennsylvania Rich in American history, Pennsylvania is home to significant sites such as Independence Hall. The state has a varied landscape from cities to farmlands.

The Keystone State has been home to the nation's capital (Philadelphia six times, Lancaster, & York), the birthplace of the nation, the first true state for religious freedom, and the first place of protest against slavery in the U.S.A. Some of the biggest manufacturers reside in the state (U.S. Steel, Heinz, Hershey).

It is also home to many of the country's first and/or oldest institutions, such as a bank, fire department, university, art museum, zoo, library system, and medical school, among many others. The geographical makeup of the state is also very diverse, as are the people and animals that inhabit it. Pennsylvania is indeed a very underrated state.

10 Virginia Rich in colonial history, Virginia is home to many historical sites and landmarks. The state has a diverse economy including technology, agriculture, and military installations.

I have lived in VA my whole life and have been to most states in the US. Although places like Florida and California are great vacation spots, I think Virginia is the best for living. It has all four seasons, beautiful landforms and views, and no state can beat its historical landmarks. Virginia is also an amazing spot for families, kids, and pets.

Virginia has something for everyone: oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, mountains, and gorgeous rolling valleys. Although Virginia has the top three richest counties in the country (Loudoun, Fairfax, and Great Falls), which are very expensive, it is so worth it with all the great things that come with living in Virginia. This is just my opinion. Don't get me wrong. I have many favorite states in the US for vacationing, but I just think Virginia is the best for living.

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11 North Carolina This state features a mix of coastal plains and mountainous regions. The Research Triangle is a significant center for tech and biotech industries.

When you live here, you can go to the beach on Friday and go hiking and camping in the mountains the next day. We have great people and food. In terms of education, we have some of the top contenders, and our school teams are just outright amazing.

We offer beautiful scenery for those who love nature, as well as downright gorgeous towns and cities. We have one of the largest military bases in the country, which provides a sense of security that many other states can't compete with. We have battlefields that demonstrate our willingness to stand for what we believe in, and landmarks that showcase our state's ingenuity and creativity.

We are also where NASCAR racing truly sprang its roots. We are a state that holds hard work and dedication to heart. I don't care what others say. We are better than any other state.

12 Ohio Known for its industrial heritage, Ohio has a diverse economy including manufacturing and agriculture. The state features a mix of urban and rural areas.

The state has perfect weather to offer those who have experienced harsh winters in Northern Europe, dust in the deserts of the Persian Gulf, and high levels of humidity in summertime in Istanbul. The green landscape, accompanied by birds singing along the way, will absolutely make your day.

If you are an art lover, Cincy is the place to be in terms of the number of museums it has. There is always a good chance of exploring world culture in summer festivals. Moreover, you can take a journey back in time at the Medieval Festival in the fall. If you want to socialize, there are plenty of bars to choose from where you can mingle with the nice and friendly people of the city.

13 Tennessee Known for its vibrant music scene, particularly in Nashville, Tennessee is a cultural hub for country and blues music. The state also features the scenic Great Smoky Mountains.

Tennessee is a wonderful place to live. It snows just a bit during the winter. I used to live in Tennessee, but now I'm in Florida. It's not so fun here. It's way too hot.

I've lived in Florida for nine years. Don't ask. I'm a child. I really miss Tennessee, my birthplace.

Tennessee is really a beautiful state. There are eight states that border Tennessee, and it seems like Tennessee has a little of each state within it. The Smoky Mountains are in the east, Nashville, known as the "music state," is there too, and Memphis has the Mississippi River and jazz, among many other things throughout the state. It is beautiful!

14 Maine Famous for its rugged coastline and maritime history, Maine is a popular destination for seafood, especially lobster. The state is also known for its scenic natural landscapes.

Growing up in Maine and visiting all the states in New England, I can safely say that Maine is one of a kind. We are the vacation state, we are the lobster state, and we sure as heck are welcoming people. Maine's scenery is so beautiful that there's not a spot where you won't see some beautiful natural masterpiece.

There are tons of lakes, and they are beautiful. We may not have many large cities, but we have Portland and Bangor, which are huge, fantastic cities. We also have beautiful small towns and cities like Old Town and Orono. We have everything here. Maine is one of a kind, and that's that.

15 Minnesota Known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesota offers abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are cultural and economic hubs.

We can have just as much fun up north as down south. Minnesota is so beautiful with all the farms, the lakes, and the Mississippi - no one can top that. I don't think anyone would even want to live in California. Sure, it's warm, but wouldn't you miss having snow and wood stoves instead of a heater? I know I would.

I bet some people down south couldn't survive a week outside in the winter time in Minnesota. Nobody realizes how fun living here can be. This year, there was still snow in April. Wow! Sometimes the winters can be long here. Now, I hope you've changed your mind about Minnesota.

16 Illinois Dominated by Chicago, its largest city, Illinois is a major economic and cultural center. The state has a strong agricultural sector in its rural areas.

I have lived in Illinois my entire life, and more specifically, in Chicago. Usually, when people say where they're from, they mention a certain state. However, Chicagoans say they are from Chicago. Chicago has several different nicknames, such as the city of broad shoulders, although it's worth noting that Chicago is not the original birthplace of rap.

The Windy City is the most well-known nickname, which comes from the weather. Chicago is very diverse and boasts many different cool buildings and landmarks. For these various reasons, and the fact that it is one of the most popular cities in the U.S., Chicago is even on the world map. If you make a trip to Illinois, Chi-town is the place to be!

17 Arizona Famous for the Grand Canyon, Arizona offers a dramatic desert landscape. The state has a warm climate and is known for its southwestern culture.

I live in Bisbee, Arizona, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Bisbee is an incredibly fun and amazing place to live, filled with happy, friendly people. Arizona is a safe state with no major weather problems. It's a good place for gardening. Just apply water, and roses, grapes, nuts, and most fruit trees will all grow well. The dry air promotes healthy living, and taxes are low, depending on the location.

There are many wonderful hiking areas in beautiful mountain parks. Rain every day during the summer cools everything off. The warm, sunny winters are like a long, cool spring, and chilly winter nights make sitting by a cozy fire the best. Plus, it's great weather for sleeping.

18 Michigan Bordered by the Great Lakes, Michigan has a significant maritime heritage. Detroit, its largest city, is famously known as the heart of the American automotive industry.

Amazing state for pretty much all seasons. We have the Great Lakes and are the only state with two land masses bringing us together as one. The only state that actually looks like something: a mitten. Sometimes called the Wolverine State, even though there are no more wolverines in the state. Great golf courses and excellent for hunting and fishing.

When people think of Michigan, they think of Detroit and the crime, but that's not who we are. We have some of the most amazing views in the country and some of the nicest people.

Home of Faygo, Ford, Coney Islands, and General Mills Cereal. Kid Rock, Eminem, Madonna, and more came from here. You can cross right over to Canada from Detroit. Amazing colleges such as the University of Michigan and Michigan State. Home of the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, and Pistons. Besides Detroit and Flint, it's a relatively clean and safe state. The perfect place for a nice, relaxing weekend in cities like Traverse City.

19 New Hampshire Known for its picturesque landscapes, New Hampshire features the White Mountains and numerous lakes. The state is also noted for its significant role in presidential primaries.

I love this state! I drove more than three hours from my house to spend one night in a Nashua hotel, and it was an amazing experience. I did more in that one weekend than I did in the entire year of 2014.

It felt like an adventure and was worth every second and every bit of energy I used, because it was that awesome. It has so much to do, especially in winter. You can go skiing or snowboarding, which I do all the time. I would move here if I got the chance.

This state is amazing. It should be higher on the list, but it gets overlooked for trivial reasons like "politics" and "property taxes." Wonderful hiking, mountains, fishing, and winter activities like skiing and snowmobiling are available.

There are great schools and job opportunities too. If you love a calm, relaxing life with uncrowded amenities and opportunities, this is a great place for you.

20 Maryland With a diverse geography ranging from beaches to mountains, Maryland has a significant maritime industry. The state is known for its historical sites and proximity to Washington, D.C.

I grew up in Maryland for the majority of my life and have found it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had. As many have already said, each of the four seasons is distinct and well-defined. They do vary depending on your location within the state, but in general, here are the seasons of Maryland:

Spring - Spring is quite windy and still fairly chilly. The remnants of winter are still present, and it's not uncommon to see someone out in spring weather wearing heavy layers. Toward the end of the season, however, it can turn almost as warm as summer. Rain is also a very prominent feature of spring, as it is in all seasons in Maryland.

Summer - Humidity is a consistent factor in all of Maryland's seasons. Unlike in California, where summer is dry and can become increasingly hot, with wildfires being almost common, Maryland's summer features thunder and lightning. Are you looking for a place where you're drenched in lukewarm rain while thunder crackles in the background? A place where the air is thick from humidity and rain, where unexpected changes in temperature occur almost every day, and where I once experienced hail in July? Yeah, Maryland is that unpredictable. It can't decide which season it is half the time.

Autumn - This is, by far, my absolute favorite season in Maryland. Yes, rain is still present, but now it's actually cold. The air is brisk, and the spring breeze returns. If you haven't guessed, I love cold, wet weather. Crazy, right? Looking at you, Cali! The leaves on the trees turn all shades of warm colors, creating a beautiful display of foliage at every corner. Scarlet, gold, amber, chartreuse, tangerine, plain old red, maple, pumpkin - wait, pumpkin! Pumpkin patches, pumpkin pies, pumpkin air fresheners - PUMPKIN. It's fantastic.

Winter - Winter is one of the more intense seasons, right alongside summer. Snowfall can range from several inches to a full-blown blizzard. Regardless, the temperatures are... more

21 Oregon Characterized by its diverse landscapes, Oregon ranges from the Pacific coastline to dense forests and high deserts. Portland is known for its progressive culture and environmental focus.

I have lived in Oregon all my life, and let me just say, it is not only the best geographically, but also socially. Every time I have moved - even in strange areas - my neighbors and the people I've met have been amazing! They're nice and always know the balance between humor and seriousness.

But we can't talk about Oregon without mentioning Mt. Hood! I have skied down Mt. Hood many times. Just looking at the mountain itself is relaxing, let alone skiing down it! I thought Oregon would be higher up on this list. I guess voters haven't visited this great state. Bye now!

22 Vermont Renowned for its maple syrup and stunning fall foliage, Vermont has a strong agricultural tradition. The state is also known for its progressive politics and outdoor recreation.

Four distinct and gorgeous seasons, a laid-back attitude, fantastic maple syrup, quaint and rustic settings, a small population spread out among cute historic towns and villages - Vermont is clean and one of the most eco-friendly and aware spots in the country. The people are generally very accepting of everyone, and the state is a wonderful place to raise kids and have a family. Crime is quite low compared to other states, the school systems are top-ranked, and Vermont is consistently ranked as the smartest state in the country. The environment is fantastic! I am a huge fan of Vermont!

23 Alaska The largest state by area, Alaska is known for its vast wilderness and stunning natural beauty. It offers unique wildlife viewing opportunities and is a major destination for adventure tourism.

Alaska is amazing, and I lived there for four years. I would move back to live there for the rest of my life. You are freer there to do whatever kind of activities you enjoy. There's more fun to be had, both in the summer and especially in the winter.

The animals there are cooler and better than in other states, and there's a wider variety of animals and wildlife. You also have the Northern Lights and really cold winters, which are a lot of fun.

There might not be as wide a variety of things to do there as in Texas and California, but that doesn't mean it's not a great state! Alaska boasts the most beautiful natural environment of any U.S. state. We have everything from cougars to Arctic foxes, grizzly bears, moose, seals, and even polar bears! Did you hear that? Let me rephrase it: POLAR BEARS!

Oh, and did I mention the Northern Lights? Despite having all of this natural beauty, we still have cities like Anchorage. Alaska is my favorite U.S. state by far. (I'm not saying I don't like any other state. Alaska is just my favorite.)

24 Georgia Known for its peaches and southern charm, Georgia has a diverse economy including agriculture and manufacturing. Atlanta, the capital, is a major cultural and economic center.

Georgia never receives the credit it deserves! We are home to Coca-Cola, which is America's favorite drink, if not the world's. Delta's hub is in Atlanta, and that airport isn't the busiest for no reason. What cracks me up is how people claim Florida is so much better. Yet everyone forgets that unless you've won the lottery or can afford it, you won't be going to the beach or all the "great attractions" every day. Florida may be perfect for a vacation, but for living? Not so much. Not to mention their controversial laws - do the names Zimmerman and Casey Anthony ring a bell?

Additionally, Georgia has its own beaches. They might not be as renowned as those in Florida or California, but a beach is a beach, right? Notable figures like the Carnegies, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts also thought our beaches were special. We have Atlanta, often considered the capital of the South and even dubbed the Hollywood of the South. We boast some of the most beautiful mountains - the Appalachian Mountains, to be exact. And let's not forget our "Little Grand Canyon," Providence Canyon State Park. While we may not be California, we share more similarities with it than with Florida. So don't let Hollywood fool you. If Florida were really so great, half the state wouldn't be moving to Georgia!

25 Utah Renowned for its unique rock formations and national parks, Utah is a favorite destination for outdoor activities. Salt Lake City is the state's cultural and economic center.

The people are good out here. Overall, it has everything within driving distance. Snow, rivers, lakes, hunting, and lots of work opportunities. I've been here for two years and am now running my own business.

It's hard work, but it's working out. Salt Lake City has many things to see, and everything around it is unbelievable. Come see for yourself. This place is great.

I was born at TMC in Arizona, but then my dad got a job in SLC as a manager for the hospital. My brother, my dad, my mom, and I have been here for a while. This house is as old as I am. We moved here when I was 0.75 years old, and we were the first to move into this newly built house in the small town of Kaysville.

There is so much to do here: lots of winter snow and miles and miles of mountains. I've adapted to the land, knowing that the Wasatch Range is to the west, the Mexican Range is to the east, and the Denver Mountain Range is to the south. Best state ever.

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