Top 10 Best Currencies in the World

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1 Indian Rupee

India is a country of youth, with a positive mindset, ready to take the next step of advancement. It is a skilled brain hub and equally gifted with natural resources. The combination of these factors creates hope and the opportunity to grow and surpass fast-developing nations.

For India, it does not matter who has been and who will remain the superpower for eternity. It does not matter who will use their powers to threaten and destroy other nations. Indians, wherever they stay in the world, will contribute to the human community irrespective of their geographical location, carrying forward humanity to the next generation. This is enough to boost the morale of the nation to carry strong economic policies.

The country's economy is already open and offers a wide opportunity to investors worldwide. With the largest consumer base in the world, highly skilled manpower, a high storage of raw material sources, and huge technology and infrastructure support, the country is a hope for the next-gen business hub, unlike the paper superpowers facing bankruptcy charges.

2 Great British Pound

The pound is the best currency. It is set at a great value compared to many other currencies. Unlike many other countries in Europe, the UK takes pride in their identity by having a unique and different coin. I personally love its uniqueness.

The pound is also easy to use if you're a foreigner, especially from countries that use the Euro or the Dollar, as it's relatively the same in value. The British pound is the best currency.

In value, the Sterling Pound is only ranked sixth, but of the ones valued higher, it is much more widely accepted. Its only real competition is the US Dollar and the Euro. The Euro, well, we all know the problems there have been during the economic crisis in recent times. This leaves the US Dollar from the country that potentially has the most power behind its currency. The US Dollar is what the world measures against, so it is the benchmark.

Maybe it's just me, but personally, the notes feel and look like toy money, like Monopoly money. As for this list, frankly, it's more a popularity contest rather than a real ranking, and the top will always be a numbers game. Let's be honest, the Indian population is pretty big. I'm surprised GBP is second, but possibly to the wrong country.

3 U.S. Dollar

Why is India on top? The United States is the largest economic entity on the planet. Other countries have a lot of confidence in the US. Many countries hold their gold in the United States. People know that the US will be a superpower until the planet is destroyed, which is why we will always have the strongest currency.

This should be number one on the chart because it is powerful, and you can buy anything with it! That is why we are the richest country in the world by nominal GDP. In the United States, we will never run out of it because they always create new money with it! So great!

4 Australian Dollar

Australia should be on top, not India. Who in the world made this list? We all know India does not have the best economy in the world. Australia has always been stable and has never done anything to jeopardize their economy in any way, shape, or form. Last time I checked, a third-world country can never have a better economy than a first-world country. That's a fact.

It is very unique as it has different sized notes and colors. We don't use notes for all dollars, unlike the Americans, and we use plastic notes instead of paper, which has a shorter life. Therefore, the Australian dollar is the best.

5 Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwait is at the top in reality. It's funny to see India on this list.

The Kuwaiti Dinar is the best currency in the world because it is the highest-valued currency in the world. One KD is equivalent to 3.5 US Dollars.

Kuwait's currency is the best currency. Payment is high, and the cost of living is low.

6 Euro

The Euro is an amazing currency, formed basically overnight, and is now the third strongest currency in the world. In addition, many countries use it, and the countries that use it are the best in the world. There are many designs on the coins for each country. The United States' 50 state quarters are no match for these designs!

This should be higher.

1. The Euro is worth more than the US dollar.

2. It's used in about 19 countries.

3. Instead of politicians, it has famous buildings and structures, making it pretty. Also, American dollars all look the same. They have the same color and you can't tell them apart.

7 Japanese Yen

I respect the choice of the wonderful Yen and personally love Japan. It is the greatest currency and hopefully will be spread around the world.

Yen >. Dollar because Japanese people are very nationalistic. Despite the higher cost of living, there are no beggars here because they are very industrious.

8 Turkish Lira

The fast-growing economy. Do I have to say anything else?

Because the Turkish Lira and Turkey are growing. Turkey is the leader of the Middle East and most of Europe.

Because Turkey is part of Europe and bridges Europe and Asia.

9 Russian Ruble
10 Mexican Peso

I'm so proud to be Mexican, and if you look into the current exchange rates, it's a must-have. In the mid-term, you will gain from the interest rate and peso appreciation.

Mexico is one of the largest and fastest-growing developing countries in the world. It's the best in Latin America. Proud to be Mexican.

The Contenders
11 Canadian Dollar

It's to the point and useful. Our currency often outperforms the United States Dollar, which is why we spend a lot of our money there. In any case, whenever you go to a foreign country, the leftover currency, like coins, always makes for good souvenirs.

The only thing I don't like about Canadian bills is that when new, they tend to stick together due to static attraction, being made from plastic. More than once, a cashier has handed me back a twenty that was stuck to another.

Canadians can be trusted, at least. Love the loonie and toonie. They make it easy to save money because it adds up quickly.

12 Iraqi Dinar
13 Chinese Renminbi

China is booming now, obviously. You can see an extremely strong trend in its currency as well. I am pretty confident about how this currency will perform later on. Accordingly, the Chinese RMB has appreciated against the USD and Euro significantly during the past five years. On top of that, the Chinese currency is significantly undervalued against what it should deserve, honestly speaking. The market will adjust itself sooner or later, regardless of the Chinese government's fierce control on the fixed exchange rate policy.

14 Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong is known all over the world, so let's vote because a lot of people went there for work and have the money. They went back to their countries and exchanged theirs for their own currency. It's a big help!

Besides its status as one of the leading international financial centers, this city, which is home to 7 million people, has some of the best living conditions in the world.

Hong Kong is an international financial center, and Hong Kong Dollars are exchanged in most financial centers around the world.

15 Singapore Dollar

After separation from Malaysia, Singapore has succeeded in many ways. I'm proud of the country. It never imposed race or religion like Pakistan or the Middle East. It's a harmonious country to live in.

Singapore's 20-dollar note is one of the coolest notes I have ever seen.

Best currency in Southeast Asia, better than Ringgit, Rupiah, and Baht.

16 Malaysian Ringgit

Currency rate will increase in the future.

It should grow... it should happen.

17 South Korean Won
18 Pakistani Rupee

A currency which, Insha'Allah, will become the best in the world!

It is the best currency for dealing. If you want to earn more, you must stock money in the Pakistani Rupee.

Love Pakistan, my life and death.

Now, Pakistan is making their currency more powerful. In April 2013, 1 USD was equal to 110.36 PKR. In April 2014, 1 USD was equal to 95.01 PKR. So, I feel in 2015 it will be 77 PKR.

19 Indonesian Rupiah
20 Norwegian Krone

A country with no debt, a small population, and lots of oil, where the majority of the people are educated and speak English. There is no waste or corruption in this beautifully run government.

Norway has one of the most powerful economies and has one of the lowest corruption rates in the world. That makes their currency one of the best in the world.

Deserves to be higher up on this list!

21 Brazilian Real

Brazil is the 7th best economy in the world and the 7th richest country, having overtaken the UK.

22 Nepali Rupee

The currency with the best design and print quality is the Nepali Rupee. Its stylish look in denominations of NRs 50, 100, 500, and 1000 makes it the world's most beautiful currency. In the currency, you can find various animals of rare groups (endangered species).

Nepali currency is well and vastly decorated, with incredible designs. Very beautiful.

23 Swiss Franc

The Franc is the currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also legal tender in the Italian exclave of Campione d'Italia. The Swiss Franc is one of the most important reserve currencies in the world!

24 Philippine Peso

The Philippine Peso is potentially one of the best in Asia due to its booming and fast-growing economy that dominates the economy of entire Asia and the whole world. According to the 2012 International Monetary Fund statistics, it is also one of the emerging markets in the world. The country is more abundant in agricultural products, transforming mainly into manufacturing and services, which create more income.

This only shows that we are starting to see some changes in our country. I hope we can achieve higher than this in the succeeding years. The only thing we need to do right now is to be part of the improvement of our economy to enable us to appreciate it.

25 South African Rand

Rather take a long walk to a greater economy than sprint because a strong economy, one that will stay strong forever, is not rushed but built one step at a time. That is what South Africa is doing. Its currency might not be the richest in the world for now, but tomorrow it shall be.

The Rand is one of the most underrated currencies in the world. South Africa is a developing country with a strong financial services infrastructure and is considered an economic powerhouse of Africa.

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