Greatest Sri Lankan Male Singers


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1 Milton Mallawarachchi

He is the singer who sang best of love and sad songs.

Arguably the Number 1 Singer in Sri Lanka! & the King of Love Songs

Best voice... Great singer nothing like anything

We will never forget the lovely melodies

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2 Iraj

Arguably the Biggest Ponnaya in the Industry!

This guy is pure crap and greedy of money... Despite he having his personality sold to money for going 'kade' for former president

Love the raps he produce

Iraj revolutionized the hiphop music industry in Sri Lanka. He is an all in one product. He can sing, compose music and do T.V. shows. I like iraj because he got a good personality.

3 Jude Rogans

Pandit Amaradewa told that Jude Rogans is the Greatest Singer in Sri Lanka!
What else is there to say!?

What kind of a GOO PONNAYA is this?

Neyamai jude

He is briliant singer nice voice

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4 W.D. Amaradeva

He is the singer who sang best of nationality songs. He is the GOLD SIGN IN SINHALA MUSIC.

He is the number 1 singer

He's is Sri Lanka's best vocalist. There's no one who could even tough his vocal range. He is the creator of modern Sinhalese music having the capability of singing both classical ragadhari and western styles.
Following are some of his achievements:

All India Violin champion - 1955
Composed Maldivian National anthem - 1972
Composed classical and western styles of music.

5 Ajith Muthukumarana

I don't know what is the Biggest Joke out of these 2:
Jackson Anthony the 3rd Greatest singer in sri lanka or Amith Walpola the 7th Greatest singer in sri lanka. What nonsense? Both Jackson & Amith would kneel before the Singing of Ajith Muthukumarana!

What!? Ajith Muthukumarana is by Far the Greatest singer ever to walk on Sri Lankan soil & what is he doing down here!? People, he deserves the 1st Place! Have you ever heard SUDU ARALIYA MALA?

The poetic storytelling nature of Ajith Muthukumarana's lyrics combined with the brilliant musical composition by Sakura Range hails "SUDU ARALIYA MALA" as the number one Hit in Sri Lanka. Ajith's vocal resonation and voice projection is unmatched. His articulation & pronunciation of difficult Sinhala Words demonstrates the medieval Sinhala scholar within Muthukumarana. The Feeling plus the emotion he adds to the song brings a tear to the eye of even the most heartless person known. His tremolo effect is better than that of any human who have sung in Sri Lanka. What else is there to say, but to listen & Cry in-front of the Beauty of Sudu Araliya Mala!

Sudu Araliya Mala should be the National Anthem of Sri Lanka! Government authorities, please consider replacing the current boring ...more

I'm a Sri Lankan Male & I'm not Gay, but I Love Ajith Muthukumarana more than my wife.

King Of Love. Love You Man..

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6 Konganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony

Jackson is able to show a large range with his exaggerated voice. He can go from a harsher Death Metal sound, to a punk sound, to a Hip-hop sound, to a reggae sound & to a sound completely unique and Sri Lankan of his own. It would be very hard for other Sri Lankan Singers to show such range (including Iraj, Dushyanth & Randhir).

You can recognize his sound of Over-singing, and his over-exaggerated singing passion is right from his buttocks! Clearly should be the 1st.

Yo yo honey sing

There is no better singer or a vocalist or a performer in the history of srilanka than jaksan antany. I won't deny that ajith muthukumarana is a legend and is one of the greatest of all time, but he can't touch the vocal range of jaksan! But he is definitely better than this guy called sunil edirisinghe! It is nice to see amith walpala in the Top 10 as well.

To Finish my vote, My Top 3 Are:
1. Jaksan antany 2. Ajith muthukumarana 3. Amith walpala


7 Sunil Shantha

He is the singer who sang the LANKAN FIRST OWN MADE SONGS.

Pivotal musician. Should really rank higher on list. Important figure in Sri Lankan culture.

Are you kidding me? A miscarriage like iraj at second place and perhaps the founder of sinhala music and one of the best singers like Sir Sunil Shantha at seven.

8 Ivor Dennis
9 Roshan Pranandu

Number One Ponnaya in Sri Lanka!

Number one singer in Sri Lanka. Flashback is superb

Best musical band leader in srilanka... And a multi millionier


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10 Ajith Bandara

Ajith Ayya's mouth is so beautiful that we schoolgirls watched his singing during Sirasa Super Star 1st ever season & the best season in my judgement, with our school uniforms and went to night clubs that played Ajith Ayya's songs mainly. When he sings, his mouth is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Thanks for letting me add my comment too. Goodbye and Good luck Ajith Ayya. I was an 18 year old schoolgirl when you became Sirasa Superstar and now I'm a mother of 10 Kids. I became pregnant while listening to your songs in the night clubs. Thank you Ajith Ayya! I love you Ajith Ayya!

The Greatest Singer in the History of SIRASA SUPER STAR! He is even better than Priya Sooriyasena! Ajith Aiya we are always with you...
- Mawathagama Girls.

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11 Victor Rathnayake

He was the first one man singer in Sei Lanka! I heard that people that couldn't obtain tickets to his show would even break into the auditoriums!

Yes he is definitely the best singer in all of Sri Lanka. Long live the king!

I love every one of his songs! He is the King of Romance!

I love how he blends western and classical Sri Lankan music just so neither one gets overpowered but both blend beautifully!

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12 Dharmadasa Walpola

As far back as the latter part of 1950’s and 1960s dubbing Sinhala dialogue into Hindi and Tamil movies became highly popular with fully packed audience. Dharmadasa Walpola was adjudged the best play-back singer for his pre-eminent golden voice over the world acclaimed Indian singers. Pathiwatha, Veeravikrama, Ahinsaka Prayogya, Angulimala, Sudu Nangi, Ley Kandulu, Shimbo, and Anjalee are clear testimony to his masterly vocal performance.

Initially, since film industry in Sri Lanka was not equipped with technical resources, producers were compelled to go to South India in early 1950s to film their production. This prompted them to hire Indian singers at a lower charge. But Lata Walpola and Dharmadasa Walpola broke the South Indian monopoly and became indomitable duo in Sinhala Cinema.
Dharmadasa Walpola was not only the leading play-back singer but also the indisputable singer in ballet radio and stage drama music. His masterly performance of singing in Bari Sil, Kela Mal ...more

13 Amith Walpola

Are you NUTS?
Amith is a MILLION times better than Dharmadasa Walpola! Those who compare Amith to Dharmadasa are Idiots! What nonsense...

14 C.T. Fernando
15 J. A. Milton Perera

He was very good for sentimental songs. He remained on top on his own merits.
He sang from the heart.

He was one of the best sinhala cinema singers in srilanka.

16 Kasun Kalhara Jayawardhana

A perfect singer with an amazing voice. Most of the Sri Lankan singers can't sing songs in live. Their voices are crap for many reasons, so they use technology to cover their terrible singing. But Kasun has an inborn talent to sing. He don't want technology, he sings perfectly. Best singer without any arguement

Kasun is a unique singer for ever I heard, and the creation of songs amazing I can chill when I listen to his song

I like his songs, and his voice... Best singer in new generation

I love his voice and songs very much

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17 T.M. Jayarathna

He is such a talented violinist also

18 Tyronne Maddumage

Tyronne Maddumage has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard! Truly an amazing & gifted singer. He is fabulous on recordings, but to experience his vocals live is a definite must! I was completely blown away from his anthem 'Hela Viruwan visu Lanka' with all the Cricketers & I think his voice just gets better & stronger each time. He has such power & high range which in my humble opinion is unbeatable. He has the ability to carry those soaring choruses & yet convey such heart-wrenching emotion that makes my spine tingle like no-one else I ever heard. Tyronne Maddumage definitely gets my Vote!

Tyronne Maddumage is the Greatest singer in Sri Lanka! He sang the great CRICKET SONG "Hela Viruwan visu Lanka! " I Love Tyronne!

The art of Patriotic singing has two chapters - 'Before Tyronne' and 'After Tyronne'. Though Bathiya N' Santhush created Patriotic singing, it was Tyronne Maddumage who showed the Sri Lankan people its power...

Every singer bows against the Tyronne Maddumagay's Voice!

19 Damayantha Kuruppu

I was a teen when Damayantha Kuruppu began singing, but very few of his songs appealed to me: I grew up in a family of hat music lovers. Last year I found a station that played nothing but Damayantha's music, including the several takes required to make a master that satisfied him, his live concerts, and informal recordings of his in-studio and at-home jam sessions. I'm 60 years old, and I've never heard anything like Damayantha Kuruppu's voice. I still don't "like" everything he sang, but he has no equal among recorded singers. He could, and did, sing anything. When I read that the notorious folk singer, Lionel Ranwala said, "He had the voice I wish I had gotten", I listened a little harder. Musicians themselves still place Damayantha Kuruppu at the top of their lists of the most excellent singers that ever lived!


Please check 'Baila Sajje - Damayantha Kuruppu & Paul Fernando'
Damayantha Kuruppu A.K.A. baila Chakrawarthie is an Amazing Singer. Please search and study his Music. And don't forget to give the Vote too.

There is nothing better in this world to me than the voice of Damayantha Kuruppu.

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20 Sunil Edirisinghe

Best singer ever, best meaning.

The thattaya! He can sing well...

21 H. R. Jothipala

Most talent and top singers back in 80s and still can listen in 2016

Anyone can't break his records. He was the singer who sang most popular and numbers of songs. Now, most of new singers and superstars in Sri Lanka sing his songs. So, he is the king of sinhala music.

22 Dushyanth Weeraman

Dushyanth and Randhir are the Best Gay singers in Sri lanka! They should be the Top 2 without a Doubt. Dushyanth's Flip Flops on his songs are very dashing... Dushyanth we Love you!

- Royal Boys.

23 Bandara Athauda

Bandara Athauda ranked at #14 shows how little people know about Sri Lankan Music... It's pathetic and shame to the whole country to see Jude Rogans as the 1st, Ajith Muthukumarana as the 5th, Roshan Pranandu as 6th, Dushyanth Weeraman as 9th & Damith Asanka as 10th. Jackson Anthony the 3rd Greatest Singer in Sri Lanka!? What a Retard? Are you Crazy!?

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24 Asanga Priyamantha Peiris

Greatest singer in srilankan history.

Amaradeva of our Generation!

25 Damith Asanka

This man can NEVER sing!

This man can never sing? What a joke!
I say fool go & see his talents at musical shows.

This is unfair! Damith Asanka is the Best. The list should be
1. Damith Asanka
2. Ajith Muthukumarana
3. Damayantha Kuruppu
4. Keshan Shashindra
5.H.R. jothipala

26 Mithra Kapuge

The PAIYA Style is a complicated singing mechanism. Only a True Master can invent such a great style. Mithra Kapuge to me should be the 1st because of his singing style, range, facial expressions & dancing. His father also was a singer.

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27 Narada Disasekara

Narada's voice prevailed throughout generations. He has sung some beautiful songs. He blends the Sri Lankan touch to his meaningful songs, Narada who definitely includes in the same group which includes Marshall Bruce Mathers & Tupac Amaru Shakur surely gets my vote!

The only Person who can outsing Eminem & Tupac!

28 Mervin Mihindukula
29 Edward Jayakody
30 Ravindra Meegamarachchi


Several years ago, when Jackson Anthony & Dinusha Rajapathirana were trying to convince Edward Jayakody to move to Colombo, Edward agreed but only if Jackson & Dinusha promised to introduce him to Ravindra Meegamarachchi! If you don't know who Ravindra Meegamarachchi is, go to Youtube, search the Mega Hit 'Padda Padda' and Watch it!

A well deserved victory for Ravindra Meegamarachchi here at #1 on the list. He has such an insane vocal range and his songs are super powerful. His styles of singing are very versatile as well. He could sing just about anything and people all over sirilanka would dig it. Not many people could do such a thing.

The True Peoples Singer. The Military Legend. He is the Real RANAVIRU RIYAL STAR!

Edward Jayakody ranked higher than Ravindra Meegamarachchi!?
Give me a Break!

Couple of years ago, when Jackson Anthony & Dinusha Rajapathirana were trying to convince Edward Jayakody to move to Colombo, Edward agreed but only if Jackson & Dinusha promised to introduce him to Ravindra Meegamarachchi! If you don't know who Ravindra Meegamarachchi is, Go to Youtube, search the Mega Hit 'padda padda' & watch it!

31 Gunadasa Kapuge

Should be the number 1. greatest singer in Sri Lankan music history. - viduraloveanjali

32 Abeywardhana Balasooriya
33 Lionel Ranwala
34 Vijaya Kumaranatunga

He is the singer who sang good songs. He is the best actor in SRILANKA same as GAMINI FONSEKA. Both of them movie songs sang by H.R. jothipala.

The Most Beautiful Singer and the Personality & Charisma Ever! Milton, Vijaya & Clarence should be the Top 3

35 Clewz

Bajaw kamare, tuk tuk qnd hoda lamay songs are the best songs I ever listen.

36 Sanath Nandasiri
37 Chinthy

Sokari revolutionized Sinhala songs. It stands along with Mata Koththuth one by Iraj & Rambari by Lahiru as the 3 Greatest Sri Lankan Songs ever written.

Sandapini, Mal horu, Kandam desa, Machan, tharumini, Mata suraloke and Kadappuli make a new era of sinhala pop music. He is one of my favourit singer.

38 Randhir

Yet another SAMA-LINGIKA AWAJATHAKA PONNAYEK! From where do these people come from? If they cultivate some Potatoes or something they can serve the country other than hooting & ruining it!

39 M.S. Fernando

I like him very much

He is the king of byla songs in srilanka.

40 Clarence Wijewardena

He is the singer who sang best of group songs. I think about my knowledge he was the overlord of the BAND MUSIC. I think he is the best guitar player in srilanka. Now a days new bands have many brand new electrical guitars. They are more expensive. But they can't to close klarance's music. His music is so sweet and excellent.

Oh my goodness! He pioneered the use of electric guitar in Sri Lanka, wrote songs for others (Milton Mallawarachchi, W.D. Amaradeva), even some dedicated to others (Dileepa Podi Puthu) and you give him 43! Come on, at least in top 10!

41 Latha Walpola

Is latha a TRANNY? This is the best MALE singers list you perverts!

They are the most successful cinema singers in SRILANKA. ANYONE CAN'T CLOSE THEM.

42 Keshan Shashindra

Sukuruththan maththe nathin pissu pikudu, Ada set wena ape set eke bokka pirisindu, Elakora fun marisi dial katta karado, Thena admit wii balapan patta sepa sudu... THIS IS THE MOST "PONNISH" LYRICS EVER IN A SRI LANKAN SONG!

Have you ever heard Sukuruththan!? I'm talking about the Greatest song of the Lankan History Baby! YouTube it right now...

43 Mohideen Baig

I think he is the singer who sang most successful BUDDHIST SONGS.

44 Greshan Ananda
45 Priya Suriyasena

Who is one of the best love singer in srilanka.

Best singer ever in Sri Lanka.


46 Ananda Samarakoon
47 G.S.B. Rani

They are the successful singers in SRILANKA.

48 Wasantha Sandanayaka

She is the singer who sang good and meaningful songs. Oh, one thing I have to say you. Wasantha sandanayaka is the begun of H.R. jOTHIPALA. She helped jothi to sing his first song SIRIYAME SARA. So, If wasantha santhanayaka couldn't help him then There wasn't a Jothi.

49 Filty

Not filty. Fill T. His welikad and ape paththe is my favourit song. I think he is the best rapper in Sri Lanka. I like his singing style very much. But his music videos not matched with his song.

50 Mario Ananda

This Loser holds a Guitar when he sings but it's for show off! He can't play! Laugh out loud

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