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Deuce is a rapper, music producer, and songwriter known for his innovative style that crosses boundaries. With his distinctive voice, infectious beats, and thought-provoking lyrics, Deuce has carved out his own niche in the music industry, providing a unique blend of rap, rock, and alternative that refuses to be boxed into a single genre. Whether you're into his pulsating rhythms, the way he plays with words like a seasoned poet, or the raw emotions that seep through every line, there's a lot to love about Deuce's music.
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1 America

This is the song that sky-rocketed Deuce onto the charts and into the iTunes libraries of many fans. Forget "Let's Get It Crackin', " this is Deuce's comeback.

Best deuce song period. Great verses, and a strong, meaningfull chorus makes this song an instant favorite!

America, I Came to Party (Rock Version), and Young from Swan Songs are the top 3 by far

2 I Came to Party

This song is great, and the rock version is so much better than the original, dubstep version from Nine Lives.

3 Nobody Likes Me

This is an excellent song. Deuce does a great job with his melodic rapping, and Ronnie Radke (of Falling In Reverse) kills his verse.

So relatable! And very good in general.

Him and Ronnie Radke made this an amazing song no song can compare to this one

4 The One

This song has an amazing chorus and some fantastic lines. All in all, "The One" is definitely a classic, and would make for a great radio single and music video.

Nice verses with a big strong hook love this one!

5 'Till I Drop

"Till I Drop" is an anthem. Plain and simple. This song embodies the whole idea behind the Nine Lives movement and is most definitely one of my favorite songs from the Nine Lives album, and Deuce in general. You can find Deuce's best rap verse on this song.

In this song Rapping is really nice. Drop

6 It's Alright It's Okay
7 Catch Me If You Can
8 Walk the Walk
9 World on Fire
10 Story of a Snitch

Very awesome. Its his revenge song from the band who kicked him off

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11 Pull Me Under
12 Gravestone

"Gravestone" is the perfect song to relax to. The structure of this song is good, with a very catchy chorus and meaningful verses. This is arguably Deuce's most well-written song on Nine Lives.

13 Bleed
14 Nightmare

This is deuce best song. The instruments and vocals are insane in this song. This and A7X nightmare are both badass

Much better then America and has stronger vocals. Should be in top 3

This song needs to at least be in the top 3..

15 Walk Alone

"Walk Alone" is an angst-filled track in which Deuce proves how great of an MC he can be. Though Deuce says he is not strictly a hip-hop artist, I believe he would do well in hip-hop alone.

The songs the people like most in the music universal. It is the song angle likes "Walk Alone" with lyrics just keep on getting the lyrics

Walk Alone is about deuce's past band members.

16 Deuce Dot Com
17 Help Me

Help Me is a catchy song, its your typical rap rock best with a nice hook and dope verses! Definitely one to check out!

"Help Me" is a well-rounded, fun and enjoyable track about Deuce's rough encounter with his past label.

18 Gone Tomorrow Here Today
19 Don't Speak Bitch

This song is never out of dated. It will be always fine in your ear

20 Let's Get It Crackin'

Even though I'm not a big fan of tracks filled with lyrics about partying and sex, "Let's Get It Crackin'" is definitely a fun and catchy song. Deuce is one of the very few artists out there who can pull off the "sex" tracks effortlessly.

This is just amazing, don't know why it's not top 10.

21 Famous
22 Bad Attitude
23 Freaky Now

I like this song very much cause this music make me refresh.

24 Do You Think About Me?

Actually, this is by far my favorite song of all time, absolutely beautiful singing. Can't say enough good things about this track

25 Thank You

Strong lyrics, should be in the top 5 at least.

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