Best Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Contestants

The Top Ten

1 Daniel "Danny" Veltri

His celebration alone proved why he deserved to win. His signature dish was borderline stupid- but he was one of the best chefs the show has ever had.

2 Paula da Silva

Every time I rewatch season 5 I skip the last episode so I can pretend that the rightful person won... And that's Paula.

3 Robert Hesse


4 Ji-Hyun "Ji" Cha

She was so good at cooking that Chef Ramsay had her keep her jacket in her short time in Hell's Kitchen because of her injured ankle. Definitely one of the best contestants on Season 5.

Would love to see het return at some point.

5 Andrea Heinly
6 Benjamin "Ben" Walanka


This guy should be so lower, he's clumsy - Orbitovsky

7 Giovanni Filipponi

Black jacket

8 Alicia "LA" Limtiaco
9 Carol Scott
10 Coi Burruss

The Contenders

11 Jason "J" Maxwell

He seems like a nice guy, but he just can't cook.

12 Charlie McKay
13 Seth Levine

This guy was terrible.

Butchers fillet

14 Lacey D'Angelo

Should be at the very bottom. She is one of the worst contestants in Hell's Kitchen history.

15 Colleen Cleek

She is quite frankly one of the worst HK contestants ever! All FIVE dinner service performances from her were shocking (in a bad way). - SOADtallica547

16 Wil Kocol
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