Top 10 Most Shocking Moments of All Time

A moment in time that was shocking to and affected the entire world.
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1 9/11

I have lived in New York my entire life, and I was 12 when this happened. My dad worked in the World Trade Center on the 28th floor. Sometimes I would go to his work on Bring Your Son to Work Day, and I always loved going up the elevator.

I was on the school bus on my way to school when I heard it. There was a bunch of screaming in the bus, and I looked in the direction of the explosion and saw it. The World Trade Center was attacked. I gawked in horror as I ran out of the bus and towards the tower that had been hit. My dad was in there. I would never forget watching as the tower lit like a torch. Then the second plane hit.

The rest of the event was a blur, but the worst part was a day later when I heard the four worst things any child could ever hear: "Your dad is dead."

RIP, Dad. I love you.

2 Mass suicide of 909 people in Jonestown, Guyana

Also known as the Jonestown Massacre.

3 Death of Michael Jackson

Love you, MJ. Michael Jackson's death is one of the most shocking moments of all time. You are the best singer and dancer forever. No one can match you. You have 49 million fans on Facebook. Best forever. You are the best singer of all time.

Hi Michael Sir, I'm Zawad. Just wanted to let you know how much we all miss you and how much we all love you. I'm writing this in 2018, which means that people may come and go, but your fans will never die.

I feel like I lost the most important thing in my life when he died, but his music lives on! King of Pop!

4 The Indian Ocean tsunami

The deadliest tsunami in history and the eighth deadliest earthquake in history. The tsunami killed over 200,000 people (over 130,000 in Indonesia alone), caused a train wreck in Sri Lanka (the deadliest in history), caused an economic crisis, and much more.

Nothing compares to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who died in the said tsunami incident. What worsens the incident is that it happened right after Christmas.

I think this event is probably the scariest. Loads of people died, and I just feel so bad.

5 Freddie Mercury's death of AIDS

I wasn't there that day, but the minute my brother told me that I would never be able to meet him, I broke down. It's true. Only the good die young.

Freddie, we all miss you.

AIDS is one of, if not the worst, diseases out there. There is no cure as of 2020, and it has killed so many people.

Unique! What an absolute legend. Would have loved and paid anything to see him perform live.

6 Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear bombing

Does anyone remember Sadako Sasaki? A thousand paper cranes? The Hiroshima Nuclear Bombing happened when she was two. She was around eleven when she got cancer and died.

Terrible, but the result of not bombing these cities would have been a mainland invasion of Tokyo, which would have cost five times more lives.

Why did it ever need to happen? It was almost needless. In 9/11, thousands were killed, but hundreds of thousands of innocents were killed here. It was horrible.

7 The Columbine High School shootings

This is so sad. I was upset while the shooting was on, watching these teenagers and one teacher dying.

They committed suicide to escape trials, but they can't escape hell!

School sucks, but this makes school suck 5,000 times more!

8 Lennon assassination

Greatest man ever and greatest musician ever. He wrote Imagine, which really made people think about how great the world could be. Peace and love!

9 The day Bush was re-elected

Before, some could argue that we didn't know enough about him when we elected him the first time. Now, it appears as if we do know, and we elected him anyway!

It snowed in Texas that day. Hell literally froze over.

Bad. And America has gone downhill ever since...

10 JFK assassination

Seriously, why was there a lack of security around the parade? How did he even manage to get close to JFK?

How could this happen in the most advanced nation, the United States of America? It was as if it happened in a Third World country.

This is such a famous assassination that there's even a film about it!

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11 Owen Hart falls to his death at Over the Edge

Such a great wrestler who had so much potential just wasted. RIP Owen Hart.

12 Death of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's death was indeed very shocking! Loved his fighting!

Really shocking news for everyone in the whole world.

13 Manson and his clan committing the Tate-LaBianca murders
14 Heath Ledger's death
15 Steve Irwin's death

This moment shocked me the most. I think I was maybe a bit young and unaffected to be shocked by 9/11 at the time, living in Australia. This is the most shocking, remember, not the worst event. I doubt WWII shocked any of you here. You grew up knowing it happened. No shock.

He died shooting a stingray documentary.

An amazing hero and warrior who changed the world in a good way and not a bad one.

16 Guns N' Roses & Metallica tour - Montreal stadium riot

What happened was that James Hetfield got second-degree and third-degree burns on his body because of the pyrotechnics in the show. Metallica did not continue with James. Then, Guns N' Roses came up late, and in 50 or more minutes, Axl's throat started to hurt, so Guns N' Roses had to leave early. That started the riot.

That was in 1992. I remember it like yesterday. I was there when James Hetfield got burned, but I left when Guns N' Roses came. I think I had something else to do. But when I heard about the riots, I was really surprised. It's tragic for a live concert performance.

17 The death of pro wrestler Eddie Guerrero

Yes, that moment really shocked me. I didn't feel well when I heard about it. He was a great man, and he had great energy, but his addiction to drugs got the best of him even though he was off them for several years.

Also, the death of Chris Benoit and the whole story with his family is very sad.

18 Michael Jackson accused of sexual abuse

Michael Jackson is innocent! The media is disgusting, cruel, and fake because they wanted his money. Also, the media and entertainment industry can be racist!

More shocking than modern accusations. Thanks to the MeToo movement, accusations are now unsurprising.

2005: LE GASP
2018: Oh great, yet another celebrity affected by the Weinstein effect.

19 The Chernobyl disaster

What the hell is wrong with Earth? Who cares about one famous person's death? It's about the world.

20 Kurt Cobain's death
21 The sinking of the Titanic

This is one of 3 reasons why I don't like the ocean, but other than that, I love the ocean so much!

It was indeed something unbelievable.

This is why I hate the ocean so much. It's devastating to see that so many innocent people had to die in such a painful way :'(

22 Chris Benoit's death
23 Japan's tsunami
24 7 July 2005 London bombings
25 Death of Tupac Shakur

The man was ahead of his time, almost prophetic. If he had continued to live a long life, he would have achieved so much more.

Arguably one of the greatest rappers who ever did it!

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